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Environment - Aug 8, 2018
Water color is getting darker in lakes across the planet. This phenomenon, known as "browning," was anticipated to cause widespread declines in fish populations. A new study by researchers from Umeň University finds that the number of fish populations impacted by browning is smaller than previously believed.
Life Sciences - Jul 2, 2018

The structure and function of a previously unknown toxin in the cholera bacteria Vibrio cholera has been discovered by scientists at Umeň University, Sweden.

Environment - Apr 23, 2018

On 25-26 April, the university is hosting a Nordic council meeting and a seminar on the theme The Nordic Universities role in the new Arctic. The invited participants are from universities in the Nordic centre's five member countries: Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

Life Sciences - Apr 16, 2018

ERC Advanced Grants - the European Union's most prestigious research funding programme - is granting Professor Oliver Billker EUR 2.5 million for a period of five years for research on the sexual biology of malaria parasites.

Health - Feb 27, 2018

People who use moist snuff 'snus' have significantly higher levels of the protein cornulin in their blood than non-snusers. This previously unknown relationship was found in a new study from Umeň University, Sweden.

Environment - Feb 16, 2018

In North America, the spread of European earthworms is a known environmental issue as it has turned out that some of these species are capable of altering entire forest ecosystems. In Sweden, we have so far had a positive approach to earthworms and no policies have been put in place to limit the spread of these worms in Swedish national parks.

Administration - Jun 11, 2018

The restoration project "Vindel River LIFE", coordinated by Umeň University, is one of totally 28 EU LIFE-funded projects that has been nominated for the EU-prize "The Life Award - Best of the Best Nature Projects".

Physics - Apr 19, 2018

Three researchers at Umeň University have been awarded EU fellowships and grants for research projects in cryo-electron microscopy, energy storage and European popular culture.

Environment - Apr 5, 2018

Many current climate studies focus solely on increases in temperature, and in doing so, the ecosystem effects caused by climate change may be misinterpreted. In a new study, Umeň researchers are emphasising that shortage of nitrogen can limit how arctic streams respond to global warming.

Health - Feb 23, 2018

By examining the cornea of the eye with a special microscope it may be possible within ten minutes to diagnose if a person with type 2 diabetes has nerve damage. This according to a study among diabetics in Skellefteň, north Sweden.

Environment - Jan 29, 2018

Since we can't exactly 'look under the hood' anymore on all the digital things we use in everyday life, how do we know what these things are actually doing? And why do they seem to know so much about us anyway? A recent Wallenberg Foundation grant of SEK 4.5 million has been awarded to Umeň Institute of Design's Heather Wiltse and Johan Redstr÷m to try to answer some of these questions.

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