Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL
Station 1, 1015 Lausanne
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL  

EPFL is one of the two federal technical schools (university) in Switzerland. Like the ETH in Zurich, it has three missions: education of students, scientific research and technology transfer. EPFL is located near Lausanne on the shores of the Lake Geneva. It has a campus of more than 10,000 people. The school stimulates collaboration between students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs. These daily interactions give rise to new and work in science, technology and architecture.


Business - Dec 13
Nexthink, an EPFL spin-off that leads the market in software for managing employees' digital experience, has just completed an $85 million fundraising round. The proceeds will be used to fuel the company's international expansion - particularly in key markets like the US.
Architecture - Dec 13

Throughout his 50-year-long career, architect Mario Botta has seen his profession undergo profound change, from the introduction of modern styles to the advent of post-modernism.

Life Sciences - Dec 11

EPFL researchers have developed a method to observe the electrical activity of neurons by analyzing the behavior of surrounding water molecules.

Computer Science - Dec 7
Computer Science

A new EU regulation that went into effect in May has prompted consumers to pay more attention to how websites use the personal data they collect.

Transport - Dec 5

The MOBiLus consortium, made up of nearly 50 organizations including EPFL, has just won major EU financing to study new approaches to urban transportation.

Astronomy - Dec 4

Yesterday evening, Astrocast - a young start-up spun out of EPFL - launched its first demonstration satellite intended to test its Internet-of-Things system.

Microtechnics - Dec 12

A research team from the University of Zurich and EPFL have developed a new drone that can retract its propeller arms in flight and make itself small to fit through narrow gaps and holes.

Transport - Dec 10

For his thesis, EPFL PhD student RaphaŽl Lamotte studied rush-hour traffic congestion.

Careers - Dec 7

Maurice Cosandey, EPFL's founder and its president from 1963 to 1978, died on Tuesday in his 101st year.

Environment - Dec 5

In a new book, EPFL researchers trace the history of La Buvette d'Evian - a former lakeside refreshment area that is also an icon of modern architecture.

Computer Science - Nov 30
Computer Science

Last fall, EPFL introduced a new continuing education program whereby participants earn a Certificate of Open Studies (COS) - the only one of its kind in Switzerland.

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