Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ

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ETH Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record. ETH Zurich is the study, research and work place of 18,000 people from 80 nations. About 350 professors in 16 departments teach mainly in the engineering sciences and architecture, system-oriented sciences, mathematics and natural sciences areas and carry out research that is highly valued worldwide. As an internationally oriented institution of higher education and a nationally grounded one this forward-looking task is fulfilled in service to the Swiss nation.
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Life Sciences Aug 18
Life Sciences
Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Vienna have discovered a type of bacteria that uses tiny daggers to prevent itself from being eaten by amoebae. The scientists also resolved the three-dimensional structure of the mechanism that allows the micro-daggers to be shot quickly.
Careers Aug 17

Researchers from ETH Zurich and Disney Research have developed a software that makes it easier to animate characters in the entertainment industry.

Business Aug 15

ETH spin-off Adaptricity has developed a piece of software that can be used to analyse the increasingly intelligent power grids.

Arts and Design Aug 11
Arts and Design

The ETH spin-off Bonsai Systems helps musicians to improve their movement, use of force and body position.

Life Sciences Aug 8
Life Sciences

ETH researchers have developed a new rice variety that not only has increased levels of the micronutrients iron and zinc in the grains, but also produces beta-carotene as a precursor of vitamin A&per

Environment Aug 16

Neophytes - invasive plants that are alien to the region - are a huge burden on the public purse. The ETH spin-off "In-Finitude" has set up a new online platform right on time for the growing season.

Computer Science Aug 14
Computer Science

Ingo Scholtes from the Chair of Systems Design has developed an analytical method that takes account of the chronological order of connections within networks.

Medicine Aug 10

Simone Schürle likes to get to the bottom of things. Since August, the microand nanotechnology expert has been working as Assistant Professor of Responsive Biomedical Systems at ETH Zurich to develop tiny machines for medical applications in the human body.

Computer Science Aug 7
Computer Science

Filming of spectacular action scenes is expensive and the creative possibilities are often limited. An ETH doctoral student has developed an algorithm that allows drones to implement the desired picture compositions independently.

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