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Careers - Dec 11
The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has pledged to finance nine new assistant professorships at the University of Bern within the framework of the first "Eccellenza" call for proposals. At the same time, an "Eccellenza" grant was also approved, resulting in a total of approximately 16.2 million in funding flowing to Bern.
Environment - Dec 6

Four of the highly-regarded "ERC Consolidator Grants", the research prizes of the European Research Council (ERC), have been awarded to researchers at the University of Bern.

Earth Sciences - Nov 22
Earth Sciences

Most European forests are primarily used for timber production. However, woodlands also offer spaces for recreation and they store carbon but it is not clear how forests can be managed for these multiple benefits.

Innovation - Nov 15

The University of Bern is a member of The Guild, a network of research-intensive universities.

Health - Nov 7

This year's Johanna Dürmüller-Bol DBMR Research Award from the Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) at the University of Bern goes to Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg.

Health - Oct 30

Regenerative Medicine is one of the fastest growing sectors in biomedical research - replacing diseased cells, tissues or organs.

Environment - Nov 29

A new study found two types of climatic connection between the North Atlantic and Antarctica. One is a rapid atmospheric channel and the other a much slower connection through the ocean.

Business - Nov 16

The Canton of Bern Executive Council has appointed Markus Brönnimann as the new Administrative Director of the University of Bern.

Psychology - Nov 13

Researchers have developed an emotional intelligence test for the workplace that can be used to assess and predict an employee's abilities in interpersonal relations and leadership capabilities.

Environment - Nov 1

The Wyss Foundation announced yesterday that it will begin a global conservation campaign. On a related note, they also announced that they will be working on a year-long pilot project in Kenya and Peru, together with the University of Bern.

Health - Oct 24

Media releases, information for representatives of the media Media Relations (E) In collaboration with colleagues from the ETH Zurich, researchers at the University of Bern have for the first time investigated a substance found in liverwort, which resembles THC.

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