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Business - Mar 15
The Universities of Lausanne, Fribourg and Zurich launch in September 2019 a new ‘Sinergia' research consortium entitled ‘Local power structures and transnational connections. New perspectives on elites in Switzerland, 1890-2020'.
Health - Mar 8

Nicola Vannini, of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne, with researchers from EPFL, finds that supplementing diet with an analogue of vitamin B3 could improve the treatment of some blood cancers.

Environment - Mar 7

Conférence de Susannah CROCKFORD, Post-Doctoral Researcher, NARMESH Department of Literary Studies, Universiteit Gent, Belgium - de 17h15 ŕ 19h00 - Anthropole 5033 Dans le cadre du colloque de recher

Life Sciences - Feb 27
Life Sciences

A new method shows that the relationships between living species, from bacteria to plants and animals, are different from previous estimates.

Health - Feb 18

We are pleased to announce the next Mini-Symposium of the Cardiovascular and metabolism (CVM) PhD program of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, UNIL/CHUV Organizer: Alejandro Ocampo, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne Talk program: - Jerome Mertens (Neural Aging Lab

Health - Feb 15

Simon. Plummer, Stephanie Wallace, Graeme Ball, Roslyn Lloyd, Paula Schiapparelli, Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, Thomas Hartung, David Pamies A high throughput histology (micro TMA) platform waas applied for testing drugs against tumors in a novel 3D heterotypic glioblastoma brain sphere (gBS) model c

Social Sciences - Mar 7

Nouveau ouvrage aux éditions Peter Lang co-dirigé par Irene Maffi de l'Université de Lausanne. Affective and sexual intimacy are sensitive issues in the Arab World. However moments of closeness between men and women have always been possible, perhaps even more so today, thanks to the spread of mixed-gender social spaces and new communication technologies.

Life Sciences - Mar 6

The contributions of neuronal and non neuronal populations in cerebral functions are increasingly studied, but a robust and stress-limited method for cell type-specific isolation is lacking. Merienne et al.

Life Sciences - Feb 22

Christophe Dessimoz [Professor, University of Lausanne; Associate Professor, University College London; Group Leader, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics] Recipient of the ISCB Overton Prize The Overton Prize recognizes the research, education, and service accomplishments of early to mid-career scientists who are emerging leaders in computational biology and bioinformatics.

Health - Feb 15

Cameron S. McAlpine, Mŕté G. Kiss, Sara Rattik, Shun He, Anne Vassalli, Colin Valet, Atsushi Anzai, Christopher T. Chan, John E. Mindur, Florian Kahles, Wolfram C. Poller, Vanessa Frodermann, Ashley M. Fenn, Annemijn F. Gregory, Lennard Halle, Yoshiko Iwamoto, Friedrich F. Hoyer, Christoph J. Binder, Peter Libby, Mehdi Tafti, ..

Business - Feb 14

Marc-Olivier Boldi joined the Department of Operations at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne on February 1st, 2019, as a Senior Lecturer. Marc-Olivier Boldi has a general expertise in applied statistics, machine learning and data science.

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