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Life Sciences Dec 13
Life Sciences
Cystic fibrosis is a severe hereditary disease of the lung, for which there is currently no cure. The underlying cause of the disease is a malfunction of the chloride channel CFTR, which prevents the secretion of chloride in certain body cells.
Life Sciences Dec 13

Autophagy refers to a fundamental recycling process of cells that occurs in yeast, fungi, plants, as well as animals and humans.

Medicine Dec 4

Should a country's people be able to vote on reintroducing the death penalty? Prof. Moeckli, awardee of the ERC Consolidator Grant, will provide the scientific basis for addressing such questions.

Medicine Nov 21

Mycoplasma bacteria are one of the most common causes of bacterial pneumonia in children. It is still unclear how the disease develops.

Media Nov 8

Reading the news, posting holiday pictures, or watching cat videos on YouTube - the internet can be used for many things.

Life Sciences Dec 11
Life Sciences

Ever since its return to Switzerland around 20 years ago, the wolf has been polarizing opinion. Some see the animal as a bloodthirsty beast, while others see a wild animal worth protecting.

Event Nov 22

Vontobel Award winner Nathalie Giroud, UZH, describes in her work the behavioral and neurophysiological consequences of auditory and speech processing disorders in elderly people.

Medicine Nov 20

What began in 2012 is now entering its final stages: Europe's largest study on aging.

Astronomy Nov 6

Today, astronomers have a pretty accurate idea of how stars were formed in the recent cosmic past.

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