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Medicine Mar 19
Virtually all mental health disorders come with difficulties in interpersonal relations that in the long run negatively affect the progression of the disease. The associated health an social restrictions can only be marginally improved by current forms of therapy.
Life Sciences Mar 16
Life Sciences

Dogs, cows, sheep, horses, pigs, and birds - over the past 15,000 years, our ancestors domesticated dozens of wild animals to keep them as farm animals or pets.

Business Feb 22

What are the reasons a mother does or does not breastfeed? What effect does the decision have on the child, the mother, and society? Although there is a lot of scientific evidence for the health benef

Education Feb 20

The lecture halls at Irchel Campus aren't only used by young students; older people interested in academia also regularly visit the premises.

Life Sciences Feb 9
Life Sciences

The generation of new nerve cells was once thought to taper off at the end of embryonic development. However, recent research has shown that the adult brain can generate new nerve cells throughout life.

Medicine Mar 8

A trauma to the spinal cord, quickly leads to a progressive loss of nerve tissue. This not only affects the injured area, but over time affects also other parts of the spinal cord and even the brain.

Life Sciences Feb 21
Life Sciences

Proteins are among the most important biomolecules and are the key mediators of molecular communication between and within cells.

Philosophy Feb 12

During the Spring Semester, UZH is hosting six series of topical lectures that are open to interested members of the public and cover a wide range of disciplines and topics.

Media Feb 5

The Science Barometer Switzerland published in 2016 showed a clear picture: Swiss people are interested in science and research, and think they are worth supporting.

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