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Health - Jul 22
In multiple sclerosis (MS), dysregulated immune cells periodically infiltrate the brain of afflicted patients, causing damages to neural transmission and neuronal loss. If not properly monitored and treated, the disease leads to accumulating disabilities that ultimately greatly restrict the daily life of patients.
Environment - Jul 16

The special exhibition brings together the beauty of Lake Baikal, the Sense river, the Iguazú Falls, the Ross Ice Shelf and many more places in far-flung corners of the world.

Pharmacology - Jun 24

Following a stroke, antibodies that inhibit the signaling molecule Nogo-A can help repair blood vessels in the affected brain regions.

Pharmacology - Jun 17

Certain membrane proteins specialise in transporting molecules out of cells - a problem for the efficacy of cancer medication and antibiotics. An international research team has investigated the transport mechanism of a bacterial membrane protein using an artificially produced antibody fragment.

Environment - Jun 6

The Swiss Data Cube (SDC) is an innovative technology that gathers all available satellite images from the American Landsat program and the European Sentinel 1 and 2.

Life Sciences - May 29
Life Sciences

Chimpanzees have a mainly vegetarian diet, but do occasionally eat meat. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now shown for the first time that chimpanzees also eat crabs.

Life Sciences - Jul 11

Similar to insulin in humans, plants also produce peptide hormones that orchestrate internal processes and responses, including growth, development, and immunity. One of them is RALF23, which belongs to the large family of RALF plant peptides.

Business - Jun 20

The more money there is in a lost wallet, the more likely it is to be returned to its owner, researchers from the Universities of Zurich, Michigan and Utah show in a global study.

Life Sciences - Jun 17
Life Sciences

When they graze, goats, sheep and cows often ingest bits of earth that can be damaging to their teeth.

Life Sciences - Jun 3
Life Sciences

The bigger the brain, the more intelligent a mammalian species is. Developing a large brain, though, requires a huge energy input.

Environment - May 28

The mutual dependencies of many plant species and their pollinators mean that the negative effects of climate change are exacerbated.

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