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Pedagogy - May 9
Bilingual children adapt to the needs of their communication partners better than monolingual children. According to researchers at the University of Zurich, this is because children growing up bilingually have to manage challenging communication situations more often and deal with the differing communication styles of their parents.
Social Sciences - May 2
Social Sciences

Most of the knowledge that indigenous communities in South America have about plants is not written down.

Event - Apr 27

At its 186th Dies academicus ceremony, the University of Zurich awarded honorary doctor-ates to law professor Niamh Moloney, pediatrician Johanna Nichols, computational analysis specialist Kathleen M

Physics - Apr 24

The XENON1T detector is mainly used to detect dark matter particles deep underground.

Health - Apr 23

Radioactive antibodies that target cancer cells are used for medical diagnostics with PET imaging or for targeted radioimmunotherapy.

Health - Apr 15

Researchers at the University of Zurich and from IBM Research have investigated the varying composition of cancer and immune cells in over one hundred breast tumors. They've found that aggressive tumors are often dominated by a single type of tumor cell.

Health - Apr 29

Traumatized children and children who develop multiple allergies tend to suffer in adulthood from chronic inflammatory diseases and psychiatric disorders. Researchers at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne have demonstrated this in a study in which they identified five classes of early immune-system programming.

Health - Apr 25

Three decades from now, nearly half of the Swiss population will have had some experience with cannabis use.

Environment - Apr 24

If someone in the workplace is mistreated, their colleagues may respond with empathy - or with schadenfreude. The latter emotion, according to a new study by the University of Zurich, occurs primarily in highly competitive working environments, when one person's misfortune facilitates another's goals.

Physics - Apr 19

Physicists at the University of Zurich have developed an amazingly simple device that allows heat to flow temporarily from a cold to a warm object without an external power supply.

Pharmacology - Apr 15

The University of Zurich coordinates a worldwide research project that focuses on the development of new biomarkers. The biomarkers are expected to improve safety of new drugs and to contribute to better diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases.

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