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Health - Apr 8
The 25 research projects are the first to be announced from the recent Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Rapid Response Funding Call (COVID-19) . Additional projects, from the rolling funding call, will be announced by the Institute in the coming weeks, demonstrating the University's ability to expand its research to address this vital area.
Health - Apr 8

New research has found if healthcare inequalities in the most deprived areas of England were reduced, this could help save the NHS around £28.8 million each year in hip fracture treatment costs.

History - Apr 8

The exciting new method Europe and Africa. Archaeological pottery has been used to date archaeological sites for more than a century, and from the Roman period onwards can offer quite precise dating.

Health - Apr 7

The University of Bristol and spin-out company Imophoron have announced they are ready to test COVID-19 vaccine candidates in a pre-clinical programme.

Earth Sciences - Apr 3

Soil erosion can have a devastating impact across the globe and a serious threat for modern agriculture. The increased demand for agriculture has led to forests and natural grasslands being converted to farm fields and pastures.

Environment - Apr 1

Movement breaks camouflage, making it risky for anything trying to hide. New research, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B today [1 April] has shown that dynamic features common in many natural habitats, such as moving light patterns, can reduce being located when moving.

Business - Apr 8

Traditional economic recovery estimates, such as surveys and interviews, are usually costly, time-consuming and do not scale-up well.

Linguistics - Apr 8

Andrew Marvell's poetry is best known for discouraging the crime of coyness in courtship, but new research led by the University of Bristol has uncovered compelling evidence that the famous poet, c

Health - Apr 6

U sing a range of advanced imaging tools, functional assays and proteomic analyses , a study by the University of Bristol has identified new ways in which nanopillars can damage bacteria.

Health - Apr 2

In his role as Chair of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT), Sir Malcolm Evans , Professor of Public International Law at the University of Bristol , has set out detailed

Life Sciences - Apr 1

Researchers from Bristol's School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine have been growing the live human SARS-CoV-2 virus in a controlled lab to investigate what the virus is doing inside monkey and human cells.

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