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Psychology - Dec 10
The UK is already driving continuous improvement in this area through policy initiatives such as the UUK Research Integrity Forum. A more recent and exciting development is an initiative supported by research funders and led by researchers, the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN).
Environment - Dec 10

Understanding what influences the amount of methane in the atmosphere has been identified by the American Geophysical Union to be one of the foremost challenges in the earth sciences in the coming decades because of methane's hugely important role in meeting climate warming targets.

Business - Dec 9

The paper 000 square kilometres of land - an area roughly the size of Colorado - in floodplains where conservation would be an economically sound way to avoid future flood damages.

Pedagogy - Dec 5

GambleAware is today [5 December] holding its annual conference , with the theme of 'Keeping children and young people safe from gambling harms'. The event, which will be attended by gambling industry experts, policymakers and treatment providers will also be a forum of discussion for the gambling specific findings of the Children of the 90s study.

Social Sciences - Dec 4

New research investigating the effect of sleep on eyewitness memory has found that having a period of sleep, compared to a period of wake, does not improve eyewitness identification accuracy.

Administration - Dec 3

The government currently uses a measure known as the value of a prevented fatality or VPF to determine spending on safety across several major departments, including the Department for Transport.

Computer Science - Dec 10
Computer Science

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou , Director of Smart Internet Lab and Professor Yaron Wolfstal from the Department of Software and Information Systems in the Faculty of Engineering at BGU, are driving the collaboration between their respective institutions.

Health - Dec 9

The team from the Universities of Bristol and Reading found that 28-day old piglets produced very different levels of immune cells, antibodies and other immune-associated molecules depending on their sex, contradicting previous evidence suggesting that the difference in immunity begins during puberty.

Health - Dec 5

This new study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology today [5 December], was led by the University of Bristol and co-funded by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Life Sciences - Dec 3

Artificial neurons on silicon chips that behave just like the real thing have been invented by scientists - a first-of-its-kind achievement with enormous scope for medical devices to cure chronic diseases, such as heart failure, Alzheimer's, and other diseases of neuronal degeneration.

Environment - Nov 29

An international team of scientists from the UK's Universities of Exeter and Bristol, and Australia's James Cook University and Australian Institute of Marine Science, say this "acoustic enrichment" could be a valuable tool in helping to restore damaged coral reefs.

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