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History Dec 15
Earliest archaeological evidence of intestinal parasitic worms infecting the ancient inhabitants of Greece confirms descriptions found in writings associated with Hippocrates, the early physician and 'father of Western medicine'.
Business Dec 14

Our Georgian and Victorian ancestors probably celebrated Christmas with more modest wine consumption than we do today - if the size of their wine glasses are anything to go by.

Psychology Dec 10

Study finds people in areas historically reliant on coal-based industries have more 'negative' personality traits.

Medicine Dec 7

The theory that education protects against Alzheimer's disease has been given further weight by new research from the University of Cambridge, funded by the European Union.

History Dec 4

In the tumultuous upheaval of the English Civil War, Royalist castles under siege used 'pop-up' mints to make coins to pay their soldiers.

Environment Dec 11

New evidence shows that 'social fact' highlighting expert consensus shifts perceptions across US political spectrum - particularly among highly educated conservatives.

Literature Dec 10

A heavy oak chest in the Parker Library (Corpus Christi College) was used to store objects left as collateral for loans of money.

Administration Dec 6

Researchers distil twenty years of lessons from clean energy funding into six 'guiding principles'. They argue that governments must eschew constant reinventions and grant scientists greater influence before our "window of opportunity" to avert climate change closes.

Literature Dec 1

The Cambridge papers of Sir Isaac Newton, including early drafts and Newton's annotated copies of Principia Mathematica - a work that changed the history of science - have been added to UNESCO's International Memory of the World Register.

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