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Health - Mar 27
A radical overhaul of food policy in Wales is needed to secure the health and wellbeing of its people and the economy, academics conclude. The research, from Cardiff University's Sustainable Places Research Institute and commissioned by WWF Cymru, calls for the creation of an integrated, sustainable and just food system fit for future generations.
Life Sciences - Mar 27

A team of scientists at Cardiff University has, for the first time, developed a way of predicting the size of plastics different animals are likely to ingest. The researchers, from the University's Water Research Institute, looked at the gut contents of more than 2,000 animals to create a simple equation to predict the size of a plastic item an animal can eat, based on the length of its body.

Social Sciences - Mar 24

The “impulsive and risk-taking” lifestyles of repeat offenders means they are likely to be at higher risk of catching - and spreading - coronavirus, a leading criminologist suggests. Working with criminologists at Cambridge University, Professor Jonathan Shepherd, a surgeon and Cardiff University criminologist, found clear links between anti-social lifestyles and poor health.

Health - Mar 23

Welsh scientists are set to take a leading role in mapping the spread of coronavirus as part of a 20m project announced today by the UK's chief scientific adviser. The COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK) brings together experts from across the NHS, academia and public health agencies for large-scale, rapid sequencing and analysis of the disease.

Astronomy - Mar 11

An international team of geologists, led by scientists at the University of Cologne and including an academic from Cardiff University, say that a large proportion of the elements carbon and nitrogen, as well as the compound water, were not delivered to Earth until very late in the planet's formation.

Career - Mar 9

Clwstwr, the programme to drive innovation in the South Wales screen sector, has announced grants totalling 90,000 to nine freelancers and micro-businesses.

Earth Sciences - Mar 25
Earth Sciences

An international team of scientists has for the first time identified the conditions deep below the Earth's surface that lead to the triggering of so-called ‘slow motion' earthquakes.

Health - Mar 24

One of the first research projects aimed at gauging the UK public's attitude and responses to the coronavirus pandemic is being launched.

Physics - Mar 13

A Cardiff University venture that unites academic knowhow with industrial expertise is set to contribute to the delivery of UK government plans for an ‘electric revolution.' The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC), a joint venture with advanced materials global leader IQE, is a winner in a 36.7m round of challenge projects designed to push the UK to net zero carbon growth by 2050.

Health - Mar 9

Scientists from Cardiff University have brought together all known risk factors for Alzheimer's disease for the first time to produce a new model of the disease which it is hoped will help speed up the discovery of new treatments.

Business - Mar 6

Closing Wales' fiscal gap will be a huge challenge - whatever the country's constitutional future, new research concludes. The report, from academics at Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, assesses Wales' current financial position as part of the UK, while exploring some of the fiscal implications of Welsh independence.

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