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Law Oct 19
According to the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO), only one quarter of workers worldwide has a stable employment relationship. So how can we protect the world‘s workers from the threat of exploitation' A Durham Law School professor is pioneering research into how regulatory change, policy innovation and community involvement can improve the quality of work for millions around the world.
Life Sciences Oct 18
Life Sciences

The accepted view of why some primates, including apes and humans, have evolved to have large brains is contested in new research from the Department of Anthropology.

Earth Sciences Oct 5
Earth Sciences

New research shows underwater rivers are more powerful and long-lasting than first thought.

Pedagogy Sep 20

A new trial will find out if a smartphone app that sends activities and tips to parents can help improve toddlers' language and communication skills.

Religions Aug 31

Reformation Rebels: The surprising histories of Benedictine monks in exile. (31 August 2017) Sixteenth and seventeenth century Benedictine monks refused abstinence, died in duels, went off to war and spread illegal Catholic doctrine, a new study has revealed.

Physics Oct 17

Research using space telescope technology that has ultimately led to better treatments for heart patients has won international recognition.

Earth Sciences Oct 3
Earth Sciences

Earthquakes brought on by human activities, such as mining, building dams and fracking, are becoming more frequent and require evidence-based management, new research suggests.

Mechanical Engineering Aug 31
Mechanical Engineering

Motorised molecules driven by light have been used to drill holes in the membranes of individual cells, including cancerous ones.

Social Sciences Aug 24
Social Sciences

Many people over 60 in the UK are victims of sexual violence, according to Durham University research.

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