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Administration - Jan 22
He is Scotland's national bard and an iconic Scottish figure known around the world. And every year on the birthday of Robert Burns - 25 January - we celebrate his life and enduring legacy with haggis, whisky and poetry.
Art and Design - Jan 20

A painting celebrating Gaelic culture in Glasgow has been unveiled. The distinguished painter Alexander "Sandy" Moffat - who was artist-in-residence to the Royal National Md 2019 - has created an impressive artwork inspired by Gaelic culture at the festival and the vibrant health of Gaelic medium education in the city.

Pedagogy - Jan 16

A philanthropic American couple have gifted a quarter of a million dollars to the home of the largest concentration of Robert Burns experts in the world, it was announced today (Thursday 16 January 2020).

Administration - Jan 10

University of Glasgow research finds Robert Burns is worth 203 million annually in direct value to Scotland, and almost 140 milion in brand value. Scotland's national bard is worth just over 200 million a year to the Scottish economy and the poet's brand is worth nearly 140 million annually, a report by the University of Glasgow has revealed.

Health - Jan 7

Moderate-intensity exercise combined with a supplement which suppresses appetite could boost the rate at which fat is burned in the human body, new research suggests.

Law - Jan 6

Sheila McLean, Professor Emerita of Law and Ethics in Medicine, was made an OBE in the New Year Honours list in recognition of her services to Health and to Education. The Principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, said: "I am absolutely delighted that Sheila has been honoured in this way.

Pharmacology - Jan 16

Scientists at the University of Glasgow and Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute have tested close to 1000 existing medicines and discovered that a cheap drug commonly used to treat parasitic worm infection could be a game-changing treatment for prostate cancer.

Pharmacology - Jan 15

A specialist technique used to study drugs has been completed for the first time during an outbreak of Ebola virus disease. The study published today in eBiomedicine was a collaboration of researchers from Sierra Leone and the University's of Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Environment - Jan 8

Clyde in the Classroom celebrates 20 years of river ecology. They have cared for and released hundreds of thousands of fish, brought mobile hatcheries into more than 1000 classrooms and inspired multiple generations of children.

Astronomy - Jan 6

The publication of a new observation of gravitational wave data is being celebrated by researchers from the University of Glasgow's Institute for Gravitational Research, who helped support the international collaborations which made the detection possible.

Career - Jan 6

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities (SGSAH) is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Director, Professor Claire Squires. Squires, who is Professor in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling and Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, takes up the Director's role today (Monday 6 January 2020).

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