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Law - Nov 8
On this day 100 years ago, the UK's first female solicitor graduated with a law degree from the University of Glasgow. Madge Easton Anderson was the University's first woman to gain a Bachelor of Law degree - though not the first female law graduate in Scotland.
Health - Nov 7

Researchers have found a better way to test for kidney disease using a simple blood test that is affordable and although it is available in NHS laboratories is not yet widely used.

Health - Nov 1

The Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory (GPOL) at the University of Glasgow has developed a ground-breaking new cancer test for research and clinical trials that could ultimately change the way cancer medicine is delivered.

Life Sciences - Oct 30
Life Sciences

Clues to the final journey of Ötzi - a remarkable 5,300-year-old human corpse found frozen in ice in the Italian Alps - have now been revealed through the identification of mosses and liverworts frozen with the Iceman, according to new University of Glasgow research.

Chemistry - Oct 29

A new method of extracting hydrogen from water more efficiently could help underpin the capture of renewable energy in the form of sustainable fuel, scientists say.

Event - Oct 29

Maoineachadh do dh'Oilthigh Ghlaschu gus bliadhna bhogaidh sa Ghàidhlig a stèidheachadh The University of Glasgow has been awarded £455,000 to establish a new Gaelic language immersion year to prov

Event - Nov 6

Multi-award-winning theatre director John Tiffany has today revealed details of a lecture created to celebrate his life-changing tutor and a champion of Scottish theatre, Dr Alasdair Cameron.

Social Sciences - Nov 1

Gannets, the largest seabirds in the North Atlantic, can travel hundreds of miles from their homes just to catch food for their chicks. However, with around a million square miles of ocean to choose from, it has always been a mystery how they decide where is best to search for fish.

History - Oct 30

Scotland's leading historian Professor Sir Tom Devine will deliver the inaugural Thomas Muir Lecture to celebrate the life and work of the man known as the father of Scottish democracy.

Computer Science - Oct 29

A Graduate Apprentice degree programme which offers future software engineers a level of professional training similar to that of doctors, vets and dentists is welcoming its first cohort of learners to the University of Glasgow.

Innovation - Oct 28

The way people lived their lives hundreds of years ago will be brought to life at a unique event being held at the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday 30 October 2019. Academics and specialists from cultural and creative industries will come together to showcase the tools and experiences they have created at the final public demonstration of the EMOTIVE project.

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