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Health - Sep 20
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From new models of Brazilian investment without ecological destruction, to fresh insights into photosynthesis, here is some quick-read news from across the College. Brazil's (and the world's) climate conundrum As one of the world's ten largest economies, Brazil has the potential for a unique model of economic progress.
Health - Sep 20

Eight researchers from across all faculties have been awarded Future Leader Fellowships by UK Research and Innovation.

Environment - Sep 18

Strategies to limit climate change that focus on warming in the next couple of decades would leave less of a burden for future generations. Research led by Imperial College London and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, suggests a new underpinning logic for strategies that seek to limit climate change.

Computer Science - Sep 17
Computer Science

Imperial College London's Data Science Institute (DSI) is celebrating its fifth birthday with a series of lectures.

Health - Sep 17

We explore how animal research is playing a vital role in the battle against antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Pharmacology - Sep 12

Cancer patients on immunotherapy fare worse if they have recently taken antibiotics, with their response and overall survival rate 'crashing'.

Environment - Sep 19

A report investigating travel habits in seven European cities reveals environmental and social drivers that make people choose to walk. The new research reveals these include social factors such as how safe people feel and how concerned they are about air pollution, and urban design, such as how connected streets are and how close people are to public transport links.

Microtechnics - Sep 18

Imperial's Vice Provost Nick Jennings has told the government that he believes AI can 'augment rather than replace jobs'.

Innovation - Sep 17

Global threat detection and security technologies company Smiths Detection have announced the opening of an office at Imperial College London.

Computer Science - Sep 16

The grant will help scientists, engineers, and clinicians train algorithms to solve energy, manufacturing, and healthcare problems. The funding, from the UK Government's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), will help Imperial College London experts to set up and run the programme, known as PREMIERE, over five years.

Environment - Sep 11

A bio-inspired bot uses water from the environment to create a gas and launch itself from the water's surface. The robot, which can travel 26 metres through the air after take-off, could be used to collect water samples in hazardous and cluttered environments, such as during flooding or when monitoring ocean pollution.

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