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Environment - Jul 20
Under warmer conditions, plants can take up more carbon dioxide by using carbon more efficiently for growth, shows a new study. Plants take in - or ‘fix' - carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. Some of the carbon is used for plant growth, and some of it is used in respiration, where the plant breaks down sugars to get energy.
Innovation - Jul 18

A new system for monitoring fetal movements in the womb, developed by Imperial researchers, could make keeping an eye on high-risk pregnancies easier.

Environment - Jul 16

Preventing reservoir evaporation during droughts with floating balls may not help conserve water overall, due to the water needed to make the balls.

Medicine - Jul 15

Pregnant women who develop high blood pressure, or have small babies, may have hearts that pump less blood with each beat.

Medicine - Jul 10

When the immune system overreacts, as in an allergic reaction, cells causing trouble can change into cells that dampen the reaction.

Medicine - Jul 17

The components of the immune system that trigger allergic reactions may also help protect the skin against cancer, suggest new findings.

Medicine - Jul 16

Imperial researchers are looking to protein fragments to help people build up resistance to grass pollen.

Medicine - Jul 13

Advances in infertility treatments may be being hampered by unnecessary over-regulation, cautions Lord Professor Robert Winston.

Medicine - Jul 10

Virtual exercise games for rehabilitation and a robotic rectum to detect prostate cancer were on display at a special showcase event.

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