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Business - Nov 12
George Winfield founded Spyras and is developing a paper-based sensor to identify sepsis in patients by accurately monitoring their breathing rate. George Winfield, Founder and CEO of SPYRAS has been announced as the UK's most promising young entrepreneur in technology and engineering by the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub.
Environment - Nov 12

As bacteria adapt to hotter temperatures, they speed up their respiration rate and release more carbon, potentially accelerating climate change.

Health - Nov 11

A new multi-million pound EU-funded research project could help NHS staff provide life-saving treatment to some of the country's most ill patients. The new European study, led by Imperial College London and Royal Brompton Hospital , will investigate how to increase the chance of survival for patients on life support systems.

Physics - Nov 8

By Madeleine Stone , Laura Singleton , Alix Goodwin , Rhys Purtill , Joanna Wilson , Elizabeth Nixon , Andrew Youngson Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a student award for a novel cancer drug delivery system, to renewable electricity on all Imperial campuses, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Health - Nov 7

Hormones received from male mosquitoes during mating boost the likelihood of female mosquitoes transmitting malaria to people. Only female mosquitoes bite humans and pass on malaria. However, the new study shows that males can also influence malaria transmission, by making mated females more likely to pass on the parasites.

Environment - Nov 7

Waste carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels could be used to make valuable products such as plastics, fuels and cement, suggests new research.

Computer Science - Nov 11
Computer Science

For This is Engineering day, an Imperial PhD student and the Royal Academy of Engineering found out what the average engineer means to search engines.

Linguistics - Nov 11

Thirty-one teaching and study locations at the South Kensington & Charing Cross campuses have been upgraded, with input from staff and students.

Pharmacology - Nov 8

Watching immersive 3D videos of icy Arctic scenes helps to relieve burning pain and could hold hope for treating chronic pain, a study has found.

Health - Nov 7

People who are being treated for HIV can gain effective protection against seasonal flu with the influenza (flu) vaccine, new findings confirm. Since people living with HIV can have an impaired immune system and may be at higher risk of serious illness from flu, they are recommended to get the seasonal influenza vaccine every year.

Computer Science - Nov 6
Computer Science

A lecture by former science minister David Willetts marked the DSI's first ever annual lecture, and its fifth birthday.

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