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Life Sciences Mar 16
Girls who start puberty earlier are more likely to be overweight as adults, finds new research from Imperial College London. The researchers say their findings, published today in the International Journal of Obesity , strengthen existing evidence of a link between the onset of puberty and a woman's body mass in adulthood.
Medicine Mar 15

Yellow fever kills around 80,000 people every year - and causes severe disease in a further 150,000.

Life Sciences Mar 14

Imperial researchers have helped develop a breakthrough imaging technique which reveals the ultra-fine structure of the brain in unprecedented detail.

Life Sciences Mar 13

Researchers have fused living and non-living cells for the first time in a way that allows them to work together, paving the way for new applications.

Medicine Mar 12

Air pollution, aircraft noise and even flour in supermarket bakeries can have a negative impact on the health of heart and lungs, say researchers.

Earth Sciences Mar 14

Researchers got a rare opportunity to study an underwater volcano in the Caribbean when it erupted while they were surveying the area.

Medicine Mar 14

A new class of experimental drugs reduces hot flushes in menopausal women by almost three-quarters in just three days.

Medicine Mar 13

New cutting edge technology can be used to grade cancer tumours, eradicating human subjectivity and ensuring patients get the right treatment.

Life Sciences Mar 11

Feeling peckish? Eating may be taken for granted as a fundamental part of life, but getting it wrong can have serious consequences for our health.

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