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Life Sciences May 24
An academic at The University of Nottingham is among scientists developing the UK's first national zoological biobank, which will offer improved access to DNA from endangered species. The 1 million CryoArks Biobank represents a major investment towards cryogenically preserving genetic materials for conservation and research.
Medicine May 23

PA 97/18 A new 6m centre that will position the University of Nottingham at the forefront of research into the health, nutrition and welfare of dairy cows has been officially unveiled at its Sutton Bonington campus.

Medicine May 21

Researchers have discovered new natural compounds in a fig plant species native to Malaysia that could lead to improved treatment for resistant hypertension.

Medicine May 16

Patients with stroke caused by bleeding on the brain (intracerebral haemorrhage) may benefit from receiving a drug currently used to treat blood loss from major trauma and bleeding after childbirth, an international trial has revealed.

Innovation May 10

A new technique to dry cocoa beans, fruits, herbs and edible birds nests is helping to improve quality and increase the shelf life of our food.

Physics May 21

Specially organised ‘dementia friendly' swimming sessions can be beneficial to people with dementia and their carers, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Nottingham and the Institute of Mental Health.

Environment May 17

Engineers at the University of Nottingham Malaysia have developed new technology to help the global palm oil processing industry reduce CO2 emissions and create renewable energy from its waste.

Medicine May 10

The level of diversity of the ‘good bacteria' in our digestive systems has been found to be linked to a feature of cardiovascular disease - hardening of the arteries - in new research by experts at the University of Nottingham and King's College London.

Medicine May 7

A researcher at The University of Nottingham Malaysia is collaborating with scientists at Cancer Research Malaysia , Singapore and the United Kingdom to develop a new early warning tool that could help to predict which women in South East Asia are most at risk of developing breast cancer.

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