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University of Nottingham  
Innovation - Nov 13
Sir Paul Smith visited the University of Nottingham today (Monday 12 November) to deliver the first in a new series of Vice-Chancellor's public lectures to over 250 students, staff and members of the public and business community.
Life Sciences - Nov 12

The Frozen Ark, a biobanking charity based at the University of Nottingham, has won National Lottery funding to help develop a National Archive for DNA and tissues of native British animals.

Health - Nov 12

The power and potential of creative writing as therapy is to be explored in a new project aimed at people with different hearing loss and hearing related problems.

Music - Nov 8

The MOMENT is a unique brain controlled film where the plot is determined by the viewer, and now for the first time the music from the film will also be conducted live via the thoughts of two members of the audience.

Health - Nov 2

Having identified the complex physicochemical fingerprint of the parasitic hookworm, Necator americanu s, researchers at the University of Nottingham set about changing the diet of a 'friendly' micros

Electroengineering - Nov 1

Two former engineering student rivals have joined forces to lead a new Clean Sky -funded project worth 900,000 to develop an on-ground, high-power high-speed testing system for electric aircraft.

Social Sciences - Nov 12

Researchers are looking for people to take part in a new study to better understand why autistic people may be more likely to take their own life, to help shape new ways to prevent future deaths by suicide.

Business - Nov 9

PA 232/18 The first National Safeguarding Adults Week is being launched to promote the importance of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of adults across the UK.

Health - Nov 5

A simple test to improve treatment for breast cancer patients invented by scientists in Nottingham could soon benefit people across the UK, as part of a 14 million national initiative.

Event - Nov 1

A leading chemical engineer at the University of Nottingham Malaysia has been named among the 2018 Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM).

Health - Oct 30

A mathematical biologist at the University of Nottingham has received funding of over 1.9m from Wellcome to develop mathematical models to test whether new pharmaceutical drugs will have side-effects on the heart.

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