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Chemistry - Feb 2, 2016
New technique will make blood transfusions easier At the moment blood can only be stored for up to 42 days without freezing techniques Current freezing techniques can damage red blood cells - Scientists have developed a new approach for the long-term storage of biological tissue and blood samples making blood transfusions easier.
History - Jan 29, 2016

Eighteenth-century thieves, paupers, prostitutes and highwaymen helped shape the evolution of modern justice and welfare systems, according to new evidence uncovered by historians.

Career - Jan 25, 2016

Anonymous survey explored how early years workers felt about 'loving' the children in their care While the majority of practitioners believe showing affection to the children in their care is important, concerns exist about how others view the appropriateness of their actions - A toolkit for early years practitioners has been created by researchers at the University of Sheffield after a study examined whether they should 'love' the children in their care.

Philosophy - Jan 20, 2016

Academics from the University of Sheffield will share their expertise with the global elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week (Wednesday 20 January to Saturday 23 January 2016).

Life Sciences - Jan 20, 2016
Life Sciences

A University of Sheffield plant scientist, Dr Matt Johnson, has been named as a winner of one of biology's most prestigious prizes - the Society of Experimental Biology's President's Medals.

Electroengineering - Jan 18, 2016

Dr Grant Wilson, from the University of Sheffield's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, has launched an energy chart looking at electrical generation in Great Britain. Here he uses the data to discuss the records that have been broken in 2015, including the greatest week of renewable energy, the half hour period where solar almost overtook nuclear for the first time and the periods when wind was the greatest source of electrical power.

Law - Jan 29, 2016

Wendy Bradley, a PhD candidate of tax simplification and regulation at the University of Sheffield, comments on the challenges facing HMRC when collecting tax and pursuing tax avoiders as well as the agency's search for a new chief executive.

Health - Jan 22, 2016

The Sheffield City region has today (22 January 2016) been announced as one of seven national 'Test Bed' innovation centres to take part in a major new drive to modernise how the NHS delivers care.

Philosophy - Jan 20, 2016

Professor Angie Hobbs, Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, is discussing the role that philosophy can play in addressing current global challenges at the World Economic Forum in Davos (20-23 January 2016).

Career - Jan 19, 2016

The University of Sheffield has been named as a top employer for workplace equality for a third year in a row by the leading LGBT charity Stonewall.

Economics - Jan 14, 2016

The inspection and auditing system for global supply chains is 'working' for corporations, but failing workers in developing countries and the planet Exclusive's reveal that labour abuses, poor working conditions and environmental degradation within global supply chains remain widespread Monitoring supply chains is increasingly being left to corpo

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