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Social Sciences - Jul 9
Social Sciences
The burden of proof is wrongly applied in court as claimants are asked to prove the impossible. “What kind of evidence am I going to bring when I am in danger?”
Career - Jul 8

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak presented his Plan for Jobs to Parliament today [Wednesday 8 July 2020] to outline how the government intends to boost job creation in the UK.

Life Sciences - Jul 8

A new report published by The Wildlife Trusts and authored by a University of Sussex Professor sets out examples of how we can halt insect decline, while asking people, in every part of society, to become 'insect champions'.

Environment - Jul 6

Richard Grove , Professorial Fellow of the Geography department at the University of Sussex (2006-2009) and Founding Director of the Centre for World Environmental History died on 25th June. A trailblazer in global environmental history, he made major contributions in the study of the roots of modern environmental concern linking it to the colonial era and to early scientific debates through his magisterial work Green Imperialism (1995).

Career - Jul 3

A car constructed entirely of Korean components could be classed as Made in Britain under proposals put forward by the UK Government to the EU, analysis by the UK Trade Policy Observatory details.

Health - Jul 1

The University of Sussex has approved a number of new, collaborative projects to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pedagogy - Jul 8

Children who have a harmonious relationship with their parents have the edge over their peers in maths, a new study by the University of Sussex reveals.

Pedagogy - Jul 7

University of Sussex staff have created modules on student life, study skills, personal statements and student finance as part of a new national project to support under represented groups of young people access higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health - Jul 6

Sussex Professor supports launch of high-profile report on global practices of gender discrimination

Transport - Jul 2

University of Sussex joins new £17m project to improve user experience at EV charging points

Social Sciences - Jul 1

£1.5 million for research to help the public respond to mass emergencies Professor John Drury and colleagues from other universities have successfully secured funding for two major research projects worth over 1.5 million from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), to help societies better respond to mass emergencies including Covid-19.

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