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Innovation - Jul 9
A University of Sussex professor has helped draw up new guidance to aid European policymakers in making better informed decisions on issues of complex scientific evidence.
Life Sciences - Jul 5

Members of the public are being asked to record sightings of mammals by waterways across the UK, in an effort to help with future conservation efforts. The ‘Walk This Water Way' project has been launched by the Mammal Society to gather much-needed data on semi-aquatic mammals that live by the country's rivers, streams, canals or lakes.

Music - Jul 1

Experts in synaesthesia and people with the condition themselves will be coming to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition from 1-7 July.

Health - Jun 28

Gail Davey, Professor of Global Health Epidemiology at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), and Melanie Newport, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Global Health at BSMS, have discussed their efforts to eliminate podoconiosis (podo), the little known but devastating, neglected tropical disease, in a new podcast.

Religions - Jun 28

Companies are less likely to engage in unethical accounting practices when their headquarters are in areas of high religious observance, new research by academics at the universities of Sussex and East London has revealed.

Business - Jun 27

The hotter the day the more likely US immigration judges are to make harsher decisions - a new study by the universities of Ottawa, Canada and Sussex, England can reveal. The study, published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics , analyses the impact of outdoor temperatures on high-stakes decisions made in 207,000 US immigration cases.

Environment - Jul 5

The Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) has today launched its first major cross-theme report, based on existing research, called Shifting the focus: energy demand in a net-zero carbon UK.

Social Sciences - Jul 1
Social Sciences

Two former Sussex students have been selected to attend the second year of the prestigious Obama Foundation Scholar Program , which gives 32 rising young leaders from 28 different countries the chance to take their work to the next level.

Pharmacology - Jun 28

Professor Jeffrey Hill has been appointed as the new Director of the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre ( SDDC ) within the School of Life Sciences. Professor Hill will take up his post in August 2019.

Psychology - Jun 28

University of Sussex psychologist Dr Natalie Bowling will be explaining the unusual phenomenon of mirror-touch synaesthesia at The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London, July 1-7.

Social Sciences - Jun 27
Social Sciences

The University of Sussex and the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts ( ACCA ) are flying the flag for human rights this week.

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