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Innovation - Dec 2
The latest Impacted podcast details how policy innovation developed at the University of Sussex is now being adopted by major global institutions in their pursuit of a greener future. Dr Rob Byrne details how the CRIBs (climate relevant innovation-system builders) approach he developed with Prof David Ockwell is now being pursued by the Green Climate Fund, the World Bank and the African Union.
Campus - Nov 30

The University of Sussex, which includes one of the UK's top ranked law schools, has partnered with BARBRI , the global legal education provider, to offer Sussex students and alumni a comprehensive preparation programme for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE).

Economics - Nov 20

While creative business communities are typically thought to only exist in the UK's bustling urban centres, such as London or Manchester, new research led by Dr Josh Siepel from the University of Sussex Business School has found 709 different ‘microclusters' across the UK.

Research Management - Nov 18
Research Management

The University of Sussex has achieved another record number of academics recognised in a global list of highly cited researchers.

Life Sciences - Nov 13

A study by scientists at the University of Sussex is challenging the common understanding of how mammalian brains work. The research, published in Current Biology, suggests that neurons in the sensory cortex don't just detect sensory information, but could actually decipher meaning and regulate bodily responses too.

Environment - Nov 13

New research reveals widespread contamination of English rivers with pesticides commonly used as flea treatments

Life Sciences - Nov 26
Life Sciences

A third of native mammals are currently at risk of extinction in Wales, according to a new report. The State of Mammals in Wales report examines for the first time in over 20 years the current situation for species in the country.

Health - Nov 19

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Sussex are investigating the possibility of 3D printing patient-specific silverbased implants to reduce infection and antimicrobial resistance.

Career - Nov 18

The University has reaffirmed its commitment to making Sussex an inclusive environment and workplace for everyone - at all levels of responsibility - with the publication of a new policy on transitioning at work.

Environment - Nov 13

Earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his ten-point plan designed to lead the UK towards net zero by 2050.

Psychology - Nov 10

Mariyana joined Sussex just over a year ago as an Organisational Development Adviser. In addition to designing and delivering training materials, she manages the mentoring programme.

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