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Psychology - Mar 21
A new large-scale longitudinal study carried out by University of Sussex psychologists has found a clear link between episodes of depression and anxiety experienced by adults in their twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function by the time they are in their fifties.
Environment - Mar 18

Sussex researchers join international project to help 11 million Thai people. Researchers from the University of Sussex are joining an international effort to help protect Thailand's vulnerable coastal communities from storms, floods and coastal erosion.

Administration - Nov 1, 2018

The Trump Watch Sussex podcast returns this term with a series of episodes covering topics from corruption to fake news, featuring academics across various schools at the University of Sussex.

Health - Oct 30, 2018

Researchers have discovered that exposing people with phobias to their fear - for examples, spiders for those who have arachnophobia - at the exact time their heart beat, led to the phobia reducing in severity.

Careers - Oct 30, 2018

Sue Angulatta has been appointed as the University's new Director of Research and Enterprise. Sue has worked in the higher education sector for 15 years and will join Sussex in January from the University of Surrey, where she has been the Director for Research and Innovation Services since 2013.

Physics - Oct 19, 2018

Scientists discover the first high-temperature single-molecule magnet. This could be relevant for molecule-based magnetic information storage materials.

Business - Nov 1, 2018

Overseas investment to the UK may be some 19 per cent lower because of the vote to leave the EU, according to the new report by the researchers at the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) at the University of Sussex.

Event - Oct 31, 2018

The University of Sussex has been recognised by international student recruitment agents for its high-quality education provision and for the services it provides to these representatives.

Astronomy - Oct 30, 2018

University of Sussex academics are helping to bring the feel and smell of deep space to one of Britain's best-loved educational institutions.

Event - Oct 25, 2018

The School of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Sussex has successfully renewed its Athena SWAN Bronze Award, recognising its commitment to gender equality.

Environment - Oct 17, 2018

Leaving the European Union could make rewilding an attractive option for landowners across the UK, according to a team of experts led by the University of Sussex. Brexit would see an end to the existing EU-funded Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which rewards intense management and farming of land.

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