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Medicine Mar 19
A large international study led by UCL and UCLH researchers, has found that an MRI scan and targeted prostate biopsies, are significantly better at making a positive prostate cancer diagnosis than standard biopsies.
Innovation Mar 15

UCL and Xtera , a provider of innovative subsea fibre optic technology, have broken current world records by transmitting 120 Terabit/s over a single fibre spanning 630 km.

Life Sciences Mar 9
Life Sciences

The human brain can take advantage of brain resources originally devoted to the hand to represent a prosthetic limb, a new UCL-led study concludes.

Medicine Mar 8

Only a select group of the world's top global health organisations have placed gender equality at the centre of their operations, according to a new report involving UCL researchers.

Administration Mar 7

A low-cost, easy-to-use arsenic sensor to test drinking water has been developed by researchers at UCL and Imperial College London, with BBSRC funding through the government's Industrial Strategy.

Business Mar 15

One-in-three adults in England and Northern Ireland (NI) cannot work out the correct change from a shopping trip, according to new research from UCL and University of Cambridge.

History Mar 9

Major advances into how to protect and preserve a huge haul of cannonballs found on Henry VIII's flagship vessel The Mary Rose, have been made through a ground-breaking partnership between UCL, The Mary Rose and Diamond Light Source.

Medicine Mar 8

People are willing to travel 75 minutes longer for specialist cancer surgery if it reduces their risk of complications by 1%, according to new UCL-led research.

Life Sciences Mar 7
Life Sciences

Animals living in volatile habitats can gain major evolutionary benefits by shielding their families from the changing environment, suggests research from UCL, the University of Bristol and University of Exeter.

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