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Environment - Jun 14
Two beekeepers tend to their hives in the Prairie Pothole Region, which extends across five Midwestern states. (UC Berkeley photo by Jennie Durant) California almond farmers who depend on commercial bee hives to pollinate their lucrative crops would benefit from increased efforts to protect essential bee foraging territory in northern prairie states, according a University of California, Berkeley, researcher.
Environment - Jun 14

Yellowstone's migrating elk use climate cues, like melting snow and greening grasses, to decide when to make the trek from their winter ranges in prairies and valleys to their summer ranges in high mountain plateaus.

Life Sciences - Jun 13

Jennifer Doudna and Jonathan Weissman are the key players in a new collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline to apply CRISPR techniques to the discovery of new drug targets, potentially leading to new therapies for genetic diseases.

Astronomy - Jun 12

The Gemini Planet Imager searched hundreds of nearby stars for exoplanets using the Gemini South telescope located in the Chilean Andes. Astronomer Marshall Perrin, who received his doctoral degree from Berkeley, is pictured in the foreground with the Magellanic Clouds - two satellite galaxies of the Milky Way - setting in the western sky.

Chemistry - Jun 10

To find Room B63 in the nondescript, industrial basement of UC Berkeley's Hildebrand Hall, it's best to follow your ears. On a recent afternoon, the Troggs' 1966 rock hit "Wild Thing" led the way. But once inside the door, don't expect a party, despite the non-stop music and abundant glassware.

Administration - Jun 6

The Constitution is being attacked, says Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky. (Photo by Dieter Spears via Wikimedia Commons) Until recently, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of Berkeley Law, didn't want to be alarmist by shouting "constitutional crisis" from the rooftops.

Media - Jun 13

Read the transcript. Subscribe to Berkeley Talks. Dean Baquet is the executive editor of the New York Times  and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Baquet sat down with Edward Wasserman in February 2019 to discuss the 2016 elections and the future of fact-based journalism.

Innovation - Jun 12

UC Berkeley professor Alice Agogino, center, started a robot company, Squishy Robotics, at Skydeck, a startup incubator on campus. (UC Berkeley photo by Keegan Houser) UC Berkeley is renowned for its history of rebellion, upsetting the status quo and stretching the limits of the way things ought to be.

Music - Jun 11

For Martha Olney, a teaching professor of economics at UC Berkeley, coming out didn't happen all at once. As a graduate student in 1980, she met her wife, Esther Hargis. A few of their friends knew they were together, but "it wasn't something you told people.” Esther was a Baptist pastor, so she needed to be careful at the time to protect her career.

Law - Jun 7

Read the transcript. Subscribe to Berkeley Talks. "We are here in the middle of the first mass movement against sexual abuse in the history of the world,” said Catharine MacKinnon, a professor of law at the University of Michigan, about the progress of the #MeToo movement.

Health - Jun 5

American assault troops gather on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. (Photo courtesy of the National Archives) For most of us, D-Day is just another date in history. Tomorrow marks 75 years since 156,000 troops, most of them American, British and Canadian, engaged in a sea and air armada during World War II that, on June 6, 1944, successfully broke Nazi Germany's hold on Western Europe.

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