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History - Aug 23
Tommy Orange, a resident of Oakland, will speak on Berkeley's campus on Monday, August 26. (Courtesy Penguin Random House) When she was a new UC Berkeley student, Skyler Saunders just couldn't connect with her roommate, who was a few years older and had different intellectual passions.
Astronomy - Aug 23

First-year student DeAndra McDaniel, 18, is from Selma, California. (UC Berkeley photo by Brittany Hosea-Small) "I chose Berkeley because I felt like it was the most well-rounded for academics and sports.

Astronomy - Aug 22

A closeup of the two bright white plumes (center) in the South Equatorial Belt of Jupiter and a large downstream disturbance to their right.

Philosophy - Aug 21

Barry Stroud, an influential thinker who challenged the prevailing attitudes of mid-20 th century philosophy and sought to understand enduring and inescapable questions about knowledge, perception and reality, died of brain cancer at his home in Berkeley on Aug.

Innovation - Aug 20

The University of California, the University of Vienna and Emmanuelle Charpentier received an 11 th U.S. patent involving CRISPR-Cas9, further expanding the reach of UC's patented technology relating to this revolutionary gene-editing tool.

Earth Sciences - Aug 16

Read the transcript. Subscribe to Berkeley Talks , a podcast that features lectures and conversations at UC Berkeley. Sal Levinson grows the native plants sold at the UC Botanical Garden.

Life Sciences - Aug 22

Turtles bask in the sun at Jewel Lake in Tilden Regional Park. In the middle, a western pond turtle, one of California's few native turtles, holds up it's head, and on the far right sits an invasive red-eared slider turtle, which can be identified by the characteristic red stripe on the side of its head.

Life Sciences - Aug 22

Sooty mangabeys of West Africa host a strain of the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) that crossed over into humans sometime within the last 100 years and led to the spread of HIV-2, a less transmittable but equally deadly strain of the virus.

Social Sciences - Aug 20

From early housing cooperatives during the Great Depression to fights for racial and gender parity on campus, housing has been on the frontlines of the battle for student welfare throughout UC Berkeley's history.

Life Sciences - Aug 19

Color-coded maps of the brain show the semantic similarities during listening (top) and reading (bottom). (Image by Fatma Deniz) Too busy or lazy to read Melville's Moby Dick or Tolstoy's Anna Karenina - That's OK.

Life Sciences - Aug 16

Sal Levinson: I'm Sal Levinson - I'm a propagator at the UC Botanical Garden. I work in native propagation, I grow plants that we sell here, and I also do the butterfly tours here. So I'm kind of an expert in butterflies.

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