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Politics - Dec 12
Because Congress and the public are locked in extreme partisan polarization, the impeachment process will not change many minds, according to a panel of experts. (Department of Defense photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley) The moment is solemn, and the potential ramifications historic, as the U.S. House of Representatives considers articles of impeachment this week against President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Physics - Dec 11

In a surprising new study, University of California, Berkeley, researchers show that heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum thanks to invisible quantum fluctuations.

Politics - Dec 6

Read the transcript. essor of public policy at UC Berkeley, and Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky discussed the Trump impeachment at a Nov. 5 event on campus. ( photo) With the 2020 general elections looming, the nominee for the Democratic Party undetermined and a defiant and volatile president at the helm, the impeachment inquiry is heating up.

Social Sciences - Dec 5

A still from "The Long Shadow,” a documentary that connects the racial injustice of today with brutally dehumanizing institutions of slavery and Jim Crow. The documentary will play on the Berkeley campus Dec.

Astronomy - Dec 4

A year ago, NASA's Parker Solar Probe flew closer to the sun than any satellite in history, collecting a spectacular trove of data from the very edge of the sun's million-degree corona.

Event - Dec 3

For this year's holiday gifts, look no further than UC Berkeley. Stop by the Lawrence Hall of Science's Discovery Corner Toy and Bookstore for a Sunprint Kit or create your own tote bag at Moffitt Library's Makerspace.

Career - Dec 9

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has opened up a narrow lead in the California presidential race, according to a new Berkeley IGS Poll. (Photo by cornstalker via CC 2.0) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has opened up a narrow lead in the California presidential race, with support for Massachusetts Sen.

Life Sciences - Dec 6

Plant leaves harbor a diverse microbial community, as seen in this plate of agar stamped with the leaf of a greenhouse-grown tomato plant. After incubating for two days, the bacteria from the leaf grew into visible colonies.

Environment - Dec 4

Climate skeptics have long raised doubts about the accuracy of computer models that predict global warming, but it turns out that most of the early climate models were spot-on, according to a look-back by climate scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA.

Life Sciences - Dec 4

UC Berkeley scientists propose a radical new theory that the memory loss and cognitive dysfunction of aging is due to a leaky barrier between the blood stream and the brain. (iStock image) Drugs that tamp down inflammation in the brain could slow or even reverse the cognitive decline that comes with age.

Life Sciences - Dec 2

A new study led by UC Berkeley researchers reveals how sorghum crops alter the expression of their genes to adapt to drought conditions. Understanding how sorghum survives harsh conditions could help researchers design crops that are more resilient to climate change.

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