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Health - Jul 8
UC Berkeley University Health Services Medical Director Anna Harte and Assistant Vice Chancellor Guy Nicolette sent the following message to the campus community Wednesday:  Over the last week or so we have seen a notable increase in UC Berkeley students testing positive for COVID-19.
Health - Jul 8

A preventive medicine specialist receives Saccharin spray during contamination suit testing at the Coronavirus Surge Facility in Philadelphia. (Public Domain photo) For some individuals with COVID-19, recovering from the acute phase of the infection is only the beginning.

Pedagogy - Jul 3

Subscribe to  Berkeley Talks,  a  Berkeley News  podcast that features lectures and conversations at UC Berkeley. In this talk, top leaders at UC Berkeley discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has spurred the campus to reimagine its approach to instruction and learning.

Health - Jun 30

Jackie Childers, a graduate student in integrative biology, provides a saliva sample for a trial to assess whether testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in saliva is as reliable as testing samples obtained with nasal swabs.

Media - Jun 29

Chancellor Carol Christ and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost A. Paul Alivisatos sent the following message to the campus community on Monday: After seven years at the helm of UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, Edward Wasserman has announced that he will be stepping down as dean and rejoining the faculty full time as a professor in media ethics.

Social Sciences - Jun 26

UC Berkeley campus leaders Thursday tackled a host of questions centered on what student life will look like in this era of COVID-19, which has forced campuses here and across the globe to migrate to a virtual world.

Social Sciences - Jul 6

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty, and despite strong government efforts to address human needs, continued support and bold policy are essential for the months ahead, top scholars said during a recent event at UC Berkeley.

Economics - Jul 1

UC Berkeley Haas lecturer Alex Budak will lead the new summer course "The Berkeley Changemaker.” Budak said Berkeley students continue to inspire him, so much so that he gets "so excited for teaching that I can't go to sleep that night.” (Photo courtesy of Alex Budak) The instructors of a new UC Berkeley course have set an ambitious goal: changing the world, one student at a time.

Social Sciences - Jun 29

A recent report by Amnesty International tracked, with UC Berkeley students' help, dozens of cases across the country of police violence against protesters, from May 26 - the day after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis while in police custody - to June 5.

Health - Jun 26

At a time when the pandemic is being politicized, a panel of UC Berkeley scholars called on Friday for bridging among different social and racial groups to help recognize their common interests and to emerge from COVID-19 more unified.

Social Sciences - Jun 26

Scientists tested Bolivia's indigenous Tsimane' people (bottom left), U.S. adults and children and macaque monkeys on their thinking patterns when arranging sequences. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Ferrigno) Humans and monkeys may not speak the same lingo, but our ways of thinking are a lot more similar than previously thought, according to new research from UC Berkeley, Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon University.

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