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Social Sciences - Dec 7
Social Sciences
The world of lavish spectacle, worldwide media attention and sumptuous banquets isn't exactly in Kim Thuy Seelinger's wheelhouse. That ends Monday when Seelinger will be wearing a ball gown for the first time in her life.
Mathematics - Dec 7

A portrait honoring David Blackwell, the first black man to get tenure at UC Berkeley, was unveiled this week in the residence hall bearing his name.

Administration - Dec 5

When police put more visible foot patrols on San Francisco streets, assaults and thefts dropped substantially, according to a new study by two UC Berkeley researchers.

Life Sciences - Dec 4
Life Sciences

With the holidays already here and your gift list getting longer, UC Berkeley has you covered. Peruse pop-up shops for local handmade goods or swing by the Lawrence Hall of Science to choose from an array of science-y finds.

Law - Dec 4

For most of us, spending a week in Dilley, Texas, isn't at the top of the list when mapping out a week's vacation.

Physics - Dec 4

Gene I. Rochlin, a physicist-turned-political scientist who studied complex organizations like the military and warned of an overreliance on technology, including computers, died of complications from a stroke on Nov.

Life Sciences - Dec 6
Life Sciences

Geckos are renowned for their acrobatic feats on land and in the air, but a new discovery that they can also run on water puts them in the superhero category, says a University of California, Berkeley, biologist.

Literature - Dec 4

Interested in browsing the latest fiction, reading newspapers and magazines from around the world or helping a child with a research project on black bears? The 13 million volumes at the UC Berkeley library aren't just for students or faculty.

Computer Science - Dec 4
Computer Science

"I was always a 'why why why' kid. It was cool to be like that, but it can get exasperating to people.

Administration - Dec 4

UC Berkeley's police department is collecting toys for children and teens who survived the Camp Fire but may have lost their homes or loved ones.

Veterinary Science - Dec 3

This slideshow requires JavaScript. In what's becoming a ritual of stressful times on campus, llamas returned to Memorial Glade today to help soothe the students' pre-finals nerves and bring smiles all around.

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