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Astronomy - Jun 10
The team is responsible for sending commands to the ChemCam instrument, which shoots Martian rocks with a laser to determine their chemical make-up Typically on teams like this you'll have a few women, but a majority are men.
Physics - May 29

Method opens new path to all-optical quantum computers, other technologies An innovative method for controlling single-photon emission for specific locations in 2D materials may offer a new path toward all-optical quantum computers and other quantum technologies.

Business - Apr 22

Holmans USA and RG Construction Services recognized for excellence in their service to Los Alamos A Los Alamos-led team created the largest simulation to date of an entire gene of DNA, a feat that required one billion atoms to model.

Earth Sciences - Apr 18
Earth Sciences

Comprehensive new earthquake catalog includes 10 times more quakes than previously identified, with a more detailed picture of stresses and structures in the earth A historic image of quake damage in Long Beach, California, 1933.

Astronomy - Apr 9

Predicting "killer" electrons in the Earth's outer radiation belt protects spacecraft An artist's rendering of the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth.

Computer Science - Apr 8
Computer Science

Servers in the cloud, originally intended for business, broaden access to cluster computing, make new research strategies in geophysics possible Data centers offer a number of cloud services, like on-demand computational nodes of various hardware specifications and operating systems.

Earth Sciences - May 15
Earth Sciences

Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Emeritus Terry Wallace traces gold's cosmic journey in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos LOS ALAMOS, N.M.

Physics - Apr 22

Detailed models provide insight into 3-D structures of genes and the role of 3-D organization in gene function A Los Alamos-led team created the largest simulation to date of an entire gene of DNA, a feat that required one billion atoms to model.

Career - Apr 12

Transuranic waste barrels are loaded for transport to WIPP, the first TRU waste loading operations in five years at the Laboratory's RANT facility.

Computer Science - Apr 9
Computer Science

Free software helps utilities and government agencies plan for and mitigate potential outages from hurricanes, ice storms, or earthquakes Carleton Coffrin, a computer scientist at Los Alamos Nation

Event - Mar 28

Electrical engineer and mathematician recognized as outstanding contributors to STEM fields Janette and Laura exemplify qualities that our Laboratory holds in the highest esteem: outstanding work in their fields and giving back to the community.

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