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Environment - Dec 5
An update for an internationally vital sea-ice computer model, called CICE version 6.0, is being released this week, a timely tool that supports more accurate forecasting of ice occurrence and global climate modeling.
Earth Sciences - Nov 28
Earth Sciences

Manvendra Dubey, David Janecky and Greg Swift honored for their lasting impacts in climate, oceanic and thermoacoustic science Becoming an AAAS fellow is a tremendous honor.

Computer Science - Nov 19
Computer Science

The winners are Charliecloud, GUFI, Lighthouse Directional Radiation Detectors, Long-Range Wireless Sensor Network, Rad-Hard Single-Board Computer for Space, Silicon Strip Cosmic Muon Detectors for Homeland Security, Universal Bacterial Sensor and ViDeoMAgic.

Physics - Nov 7

Laser-based 'optical tweezers' could levitate uranium and plutonium particles, thus allowing the measurement of nuclear recoil during radioactive decay.

Physics - Nov 1

Los Alamos begins operations today under a new management and operating contract between Triad National Security, LLC and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Physics - Oct 16

James Boncella, Angel Garcia, Lawrence Hull, David Jablonski and Sergei Tretiak are being honored as Laboratory Fellows.

Business - Nov 28

Treaty compliance aided by spotting illicit artillery exchange and duplication David Mascarenas, a research and development engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, used Barkhausen noise to find

Computer Science - Nov 8
Computer Science

Los Alamos formed the consortium to investigate ultra-scale computing architectures, systems and environments that can achieve higher efficiencies in extreme-scale mission-centric computing.

Computer Science - Nov 5
Computer Science

The collaboration with Cray Inc. integrates the Marvell ThunderX2 processors with Cray's proven networking and software ecosystem in the Lab's secure computing environment.

Environment - Oct 17

A new collaborative study has investigated Arctic shrub-snow interactions to obtain a better understanding of the far north's tundra and vast permafrost system.

Physics - Oct 15

John M. Pedicini, Paul Whalen and Geoffrey West were selected for their distinguished achievements that have impacted the success of the Laboratory.

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