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Physics - Apr 22
Detailed models provide insight into 3-D structures of genes and the role of 3-D organization in gene function A Los Alamos-led team created the largest simulation to date of an entire gene of DNA, a feat that required one billion atoms to model. LOS ALAMOS, N.M., April 22, 2019-Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have created the largest simulation to date of an entire gene of DNA, a feat that required one billion atoms to model and will help researchers to better understand and develop cures for diseases like cancer.
Earth Sciences - Apr 18
Earth Sciences

Comprehensive new earthquake catalog includes 10 times more quakes than previously identified, with a more detailed picture of stresses and structures in the earth A historic image of quake damage in Long Beach, California, 1933.

Astronomy - Apr 9

Predicting "killer" electrons in the Earth's outer radiation belt protects spacecraft An artist's rendering of the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth.

Computer Science - Apr 8
Computer Science

Servers in the cloud, originally intended for business, broaden access to cluster computing, make new research strategies in geophysics possible Data centers offer a number of cloud services, like on-demand computational nodes of various hardware specifications and operating systems.

Career - Mar 19

Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation - Los Alamos Collaboration for Explosives Detection (LACED) - SensorNexus - Exascale Computing Project (ECP) - User Facilities Biosurveillance Gateway

Physics - Mar 5

Tungsten blend resists fractures, could be valuable for magnetic fusion facilities This material showed outstanding radiation resistance when compared to pure nanocrystalline tungsten materials and other conventional alloys.

Career - Apr 12

Transuranic waste barrels are loaded for transport to WIPP, the first TRU waste loading operations in five years at the Laboratory's RANT facility.

Computer Science - Apr 9
Computer Science

Free software helps utilities and government agencies plan for and mitigate potential outages from hurricanes, ice storms, or earthquakes Carleton Coffrin, a computer scientist at Los Alamos Nation

Event - Mar 28

Electrical engineer and mathematician recognized as outstanding contributors to STEM fields Janette and Laura exemplify qualities that our Laboratory holds in the highest esteem: outstanding work in their fields and giving back to the community.

Computer Science - Mar 14
Computer Science

Exascale file system Delta FS breaks the "the metadata bottleneck" by handling extreme numbers of files and amounts of data with unprecedented performance Gary Grider, left, and Brad Settlemyer dis

Innovation - Feb 20

DOE project aims to boost productivity, lower cost of algae biofuels and bioproducts Los Alamos National Laboratory and partners are inviting the algae industry and academia to contribute to research to find the best algae strains for biofuels and bioproducts.

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