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Computer Science - Jan 28
Computer Science
Collaboration aims to improve overall efficiency of supercomputers We look forward to welcoming more members over the next year and collaboratively investigating ways to realize greater efficiency as well as a new year of productive collaborations with our treasured existing members.
Computer Science - Jan 27
Computer Science

Candace Culhane brings years of experience to the SC Conference LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Jan. 27, 2020-Candace Culhane, a program/project director in Los Alamos National Laboratory's Directorate for Simulation and Computation, has been selected as the general chair for the 2022 SC Conference (SC22).

Physics - Jan 14

Researchers reach a critical milestone on the path to versatile colloidal quantum dot laser diodes by successfully demonstrating a quantum dot LED that also operates as an optically pumped laser Th

Computer Science - Jan 9
Computer Science

Using 53-qubit chip will help push quantum simulations past the limits of classical computing Joining the IBM Q Network will greatly help our research efforts in several directions, including devel

Physics - Dec 11, 2019

Michelle Thomsen was awarded the John Adam Fleming Medal by the American Geophysical Union The Fleming Medal recognizes exceptional scientists whose contributions have fundamentally changed the way

Career - Dec 5, 2019

December 7 event showcases the 'ingenuity and passion' of students in solving real-world problems with science, technology, engineering, and math Watching teams made of diverse individuals from across the state keeps me optimistic for the Laboratory's future workforce.

Environment - Jan 23

New product creates fuel from biomass, while improving engine performance This process allows us to transform a natural product into a fuel additive, improving the performance of petroleum-based jet fuel.

Physics - Jan 14

Researchers with the joint US-Mexico-European HAWC Observatory have identified a host of galactic sources of super-high-energy gamma rays The Earth is constantly being bombarded with charged partic

Life Sciences - Jan 9
Life Sciences

Work could lead to new strategies in regenerative medicine for heart conditions A better understanding of these RNAs could lead to new strategies in regenerative medicine for people with heart conditions due to cardiovascular disease or aging.

Environment - Dec 9, 2019

20 winning high school teams take home $500 per student, members of all 46 participating teams awarded Varsity Letters The STEM Challenge's team-based approach of applying science, engineering, and technology to make the world safer is a microcosm of the work we do at the Laboratory every day.

Chemistry - Nov 26, 2019

Noted Los Alamos chemist honored by American Association for the Advancement of Science Not only is Jennifer an outstanding researcher but also she is deeply committed to community engagement and S

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