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Physics - Feb 14
The project is designed to generate x-ray images of subcritical experiments The new diagnostics capabilities provided by ASD will significantly enhance and expand the ability to measure the dynamic behavior of plutonium under weapons-relevant conditions.
Physics - Feb 13

Unraveling a 132-year-old gold wire structure mystery Los Alamos, New Mexico, Feb 13, 2019-Using neutron characterization techniques a team of scientists have peered inside one of the most unique e

Computer Science - Jan 31
Computer Science

New "Crossroads" supercomputer will advance Nation's nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship program's capabilities One of the primary goals of the Crossroads system is to improve efficiency in three key areas: application performance, workflow and application development.

Business - Jan 15

Economic development initiatives created or retained nearly 1,500 in-state jobs The Laboratory's NMSBA program helped optimize a new crate for shipping valuable artwork developed by Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Innovations, a for-profit business subsidiary of the world-renowned museum.

Physics - Jan 10

Exploiting new 'strain engineering' approach produces highly stable, narrow linewidth light from individual quantum dots Novel colloidal quantum dots are formed of an emitting cadmium/selenium (Cd/

Computer Science - Dec 17, 2018
Computer Science

Researchers applied machine learning to analyze Cascadia data and discovered the megathrust broadcasts a constant tremor, a fingerprint of the fault's displacement.

Physics - Feb 12

Quantum science comes to energy grid network protection Oak Ridge and Los Alamos national laboratory researchers collaborated with Chattanooga utility EPB to demonstrate next-generation grid security technology.

Health - Jan 22

Series of three public lectures in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos Our immune system precisely targets and eliminates pathogens when we get an infection, and our immune cells have a remarkable capacity to 'remember' such an encounter, acquiring protection that can last a lifetime.

Environment - Jan 11

Accurately predicting fracture mechanics can help industry optimize pumping, fracturing-fluid viscosity, other parameters Branching into densely spaced hydraulic cracks is essential for effective gas or oil extraction from shale.

Physics - Dec 18, 2018

It's a collection that reflects the significant depth and breadth of national laboratory science. The Laboratory's supercomputers were able to perform the first atomistic simulations of the entire pump on a microsecond time scale.

Environment - Dec 5, 2018

An update for an internationally vital sea-ice computer model, called CICE version 6.0, is being released this week, a timely tool that supports more accurate forecasting of ice occurrence and global climate modeling.

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