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Physics - Dec 4
Berkeley Lab scientists adapt microscopy technique to build and image peptoid nanosheets with unprecedented atomic precision. P rotein-like molecules called "polypeptoids" (or "peptoids," for short) have great promise as precision building blocks for creating a variety of designer nanomaterials, like flexible nanosheets - ultrathin, atomic-scale 2D materials.
Health - Dec 3

Rare diseases are … rare, right? Not as rare as you might think. As much as 10% of the population is thought to have a "rare disease." Unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding, many rare diseases remain very difficult to diagnose and treat.

Earth Sciences - Dec 2
Earth Sciences

Adapted from a news release by UC Berkeley : Fiber-optic cables that constitute a global undersea telecommunications network could one day help scientists study offshore earthquakes and the geologic structures hidden deep beneath the ocean surface.

Life Sciences - Nov 26
Life Sciences

Honorees recognized for achievements in heavy element chemistry, tectonics, microbial photosynthesis, geological processes, particle physics, and biomolecular engineering Six scientists from the Depa

Physics - Nov 25

Mobile platform for finding and mapping radioactive and nuclear materials shares top prize at National Lab Accelerator Pitch Event.

Computer Science - Nov 18

Katherine Yelick has been honored by HPCwire as their Editor's Choice for Outstanding Leadership in high-performance computing (HPC).

Physics - Dec 2

Infrared technique at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source probes active chemistry at the solid-liquid interface.

Life Sciences - Dec 2
Life Sciences

New tool will enable important insights into the microbial communities in the environment and inside our bodies.

Environment - Nov 25

Following an international search, Robert Kostecki has been appointed director of the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources (ESDR) Division in the Energy Technologies Area (ETA) at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Physics - Nov 20

Scientists at Berkeley Lab reveal oxygen's hidden talent for filling in atomic gaps in TMDs; and the surprising role of electron spin in conductivity.

Environment - Nov 13

New Berkeley Lab study finds warming climate could lead to profound changes in the subtropical climate More than a billion people in Asia depend on seasonal monsoons for their water needs.

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