Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
Physics - Jul 18
Scientists at Berkeley Lab have made a new material that is both liquid and magnetic, opening the door to a new area of science in magnetic soft matter. Their findings could lead to a revolutionary class of printable liquid devices for a variety of applications from artificial cells that deliver targeted cancer therapies to flexible liquid robots that can change their shape to adapt to their surroundings.
Physics - Jul 17

W hat's thinner than a human hair but has a depth of special traits' A multitasking graphene device developed by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Earth Sciences - Jul 11
Earth Sciences

Last week's massive southern California earthquakes shut down Ridgecrest Regional Hospital throughout the July 4 holiday weekend while the tiny town of Ridgecrest assessed the damages.

Environment - Jul 9

If these walls could talk, they might tell you that cutting energy costs and pollution may be as easy as giving them a fresh coat of lighter, more reflective paint.

Astronomy - Jul 8

It took three sky surveys - conducted at telescopes in two continents, covering one-third of the visible sky, and requiring almost 1,000 observing nights - to prepare for a new project that will creat

Environment - Jul 3

Research related to the Microbial Community Analysis and Functional Evaluation in Soils (mCAFES) project. (Credit: Marilyn Chung/Berkeley Lab) Scientists collect samples in the Rocky Mountains as part of the Watershed Function Scientific Focus Area project.

Astronomy - Jul 16

M ost of the remaining components needed to fully assemble an underground dark matter-search experiment called LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) arrived at the project's South Dakota home during a rush of deliveries in June.

Life Sciences - Jul 10
Life Sciences

N early 10 years ago , a group of Israeli clinical researchers emailed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) geneticist Len Pennacchio to ask for his team's help in solving the mystery of a rare inherited disease that caused extreme, and sometimes fatal, chronic diarrhea in children.

Physics - Jul 8

Two Berkeley Lab scientists and two faculty scientists from UC Berkeley are among more than 300 of the nation's top researchers honored. PECASE recipients, from left to right: Jim Ciston, Jackie Gates, Lin Lin, Wenjun Zhang.

Computer Science - Jul 3
Computer Science

Sure, computers can be used to play grandmaster-level chess , but can they make scientific discoveries' Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laborat

Life Sciences - Jul 2
Life Sciences

A  study published May 22   notes the role of X-ray experiments at Berkeley Lab's  Advanced Light Source  (ALS) in detailing the structure of a grouping of amino acids that are part of an important signaling protein.

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