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Physics Feb 20
The Semiconductor Industry Association has estimated that at current rates of increase, computers' energy requirements will exceed the world's total power output by 2040. Using light rather than electricity to move data would dramatically reduce computer chips' energy consumption, and the past 20 years have seen remarkable progress in the development of silicon photonics, or optical devices that are made from silicon so they can easily be integrated with electronics on silicon chips.
Microtechnics Feb 17

The ‘internet of things' is the idea that vehicles, appliances, civil structures, manufacturing equipment, and even livestock will soon have sensors that report information directly to networked servers, aiding with maintenance and the coordination of tasks.

Medicine Feb 15

In some areas of the U.S., medical providers consistently order more tests and treatments for patients than providers do elsewhere - a fact that has generated considerable public debate.

Life Sciences Feb 15
Life Sciences

Thirty-three years ago, scientists knew the genomic location of exactly one disease-causing gene - the gene that causes Huntington's disease.

Chemistry Feb 14

A new, specially coated iron oxide nanoparticle developed by a team at MIT and elsewhere could provide an alternative to conventional gadolinium-based contrast agents used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures.

Business Feb 16

In a series of papers over the past 10 years, MIT Professor CÚsar Hidalgo and his collaborators have argued that the complexity of a country's exports - not just their diversity but the expertise a

Life Sciences Feb 15
Life Sciences

Engineers and biologists at MIT have teamed up to design a new ‘living material' - a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells that are genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals.

Physics Feb 14

Determining the exact configuration of proteins and other complex biological molecules is an important step toward understanding their functions, including how they bind with receptors in the body.

Astronomy Feb 14

The Phoenix cluster is an enormous accumulation of about 1,000 galaxies, located 5.7 billion light years from Earth.

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