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Medicine Jul 21
Lack of patient adherence to treatment plans is a lingering, costly problem in the United States. But MIT Media Lab spinout Twine Health is proving that regular interventions from a patient's community of supporters can greatly improve adherence, leading to improved health outcomes and savings.
Physics Jul 21

On March 30, 2010, physicists and reporters packed into the two main control rooms at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, waiting for a first signal from the world's largest particle accelerator.

Medicine Jul 19

Many diseases, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, can lead to liver failure. More than 17,000 Americans suffering from these diseases are now waiting for liver transplants, but significantly fewer livers are available.

Chemistry Jul 18

Catheters, intravenous lines, and other types of surgical tubing are a medical necessity for managing a wide range of diseases.

Life Sciences Jul 17
Life Sciences

Photosynthesis, which allows energy from the sun to be converted into life-sustaining sugars, can also be hazardous to green plants.

Life Sciences Jul 20
Life Sciences

Time is of the essence when treating a patient undergoing a heart attack. Cardiac surgeons attempt to quickly stabilize the heart by applying reperfusion, a technique that restores oxygen to the heart by opening up blocked vessels with balloons and stents.

Mathematics Jul 18

In recent years, the best-performing artificial-intelligence systems - in areas such as autonomous driving, speech recognition, computer vision, and automatic translation - have come courtesy of software systems known as neural networks.

Medicine Jul 17

MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers have devised a way to image biopsy samples with much higher resolution - an advance that could help doctors develop more accurate and inexpensive diagnostic tests.

Microtechnics Jul 17

Access to clean, safe water is one of the world's pressing needs, yet today's water distribution systems lose an average of 20 percent of their supply because of leaks.

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