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Computer Science Nov 22
Computer Science
In his junior year of high school, Ryan Williams transferred from the public school in his hometown of Florette, Alabama - "essentially a courthouse and a couple gas stations," as he describes it - to the Alabama School of Math and Science in Mobile.
Physics Nov 22

When bonding two pieces of metal, either the metals must melt a bit where they meet or some molten metal must be introduced between the pieces.

Medicine Nov 20

Doctors have many drugs available to treat multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. However, there is no way to predict, by genetic markers or other means, how a patient will respond to a particular drug.

Physics Nov 20

At any given moment, the Earth's atmosphere is showered with high-energy cosmic rays that have been blasted from supernovae and other astrophysical phenomena far beyond the Solar System.

Life Sciences Nov 16
Life Sciences

Making decisions is not always easy, especially when choosing between two options that have both positive and negative elements, such as deciding between a job with a high salary but long hours, and a lower-paying job that allows for more leisure time.

Life Sciences Nov 20
Life Sciences

After a flu virus infects a host cell and hijacks its inner workings to create copies of itself, these copies gather into viral buds that break free from the host cell to infect again.

Innovation Nov 20

MIT has launched a unique new urban research and innovation program that looks to advance city life in China through an ambitious range of academic and entrepreneurial activities.

Physics Nov 16

For the first time, physicists have developed a technique that can peer deep beneath the surface of a material to identify the energies and momenta of electrons there.

Media Nov 16

Drones have become a common part of warfare - but their use remains a subject of public contention.

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