Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT  
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Astronomy - Aug 20
With help from next-generation particle accelerators, the approach may nail down the rate of oxygen production in the universe. Popular Mechanics reporter David Grossman writes that MIT researchers have designed a new experiment to help identify the rate at which oxygen in the universe is produced.
Innovation - Aug 9

MIT startup's unique approach to improving human mobility is helping it gain traction in a competitive landscape.

Pharmacology - Aug 1

Researchers hope the system can zero in on the right patients to enroll in clinical trials, to speed discovery of drug treatments.

Health - Jul 23

When time matters in hospitals, automated system can detect an early biomarker for the potentially life-threatening condition.

Agronomy - Jul 15

MIT researchers have found that online restaurant data can be used to accurately predict key socioeconomic factors for neighborhoods in China, reports the Xinhua news agency. The researchers found that "in nine Chinese cities, the presence of restaurants could effectively predict a neighborhood's

- Jul 8

A new study by Prof. Daniel Rothman finds that if carbon emissions exceed a critical threshold, it could lead to severe ocean acidification and a mass extinction, reports Martin Finucane for The Boston Globe .

Chemistry - Aug 8

New system could free bench chemists from time-consuming tasks, may help inspire new molecules. Writing for Science , Derek Lowe spotlights how MIT researchers are developing a platform that could be used to automate the production of molecules for use in medicine, solar energy and more.

Astronomy - Jul 29

Planetary system orbiting an unusually quiet star is ideal for future habitability searches. Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder writes for US News & World Report about the planet hunting satellite TESS, which has recently discovered three new exoplanets.

Astronomy - Jul 18

Writing for Astronomy , Korey Haynes features Saydean Zeldin's work at the MIT Instrumentation Lab designing software that allowed the Apollo astronauts to control the spacecraft engines.

Computer Science - Jul 11
Computer Science

MIT researchers have developed artificial muscles that can stretch more than 1,000 percent of their size and lift more than 650 times their weight, reports Sid Perkins for Scientific American .

Environment - Jul 3

MIT researchers have developed a new method for potentially increasing solar cell efficiency beyond the theoretical limit, reports Daniel Oberhaus for Wired .

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