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Life Sciences - Apr 6
Life Sciences
Neurons that store abstract representations of past experiences are activated when a new, similar event takes place. Imagine you are meeting a friend for dinner at a new restaurant. You may try dishes you haven't had before, and your surroundings will be completely new to you. However, your brain knows that you have had similar experiences - perusing a menu, ordering appetizers, and splurging on dessert are all things that you have probably done when dining out.
Computer Science - Apr 4
Computer Science

Life science companies use Paradigm4's unique database management system to uncover new insights into human health.

Health - Apr 1

People who are at high risk of developing lung cancer, such as heavy smokers, are routinely screened with computed tomography (CT), which can detect tumors in the lungs.

Physics - Apr 1

DNA-based self-assembling system sheds light on processes essential for semiconductors and nanotechnology.

Social Sciences - Mar 31
Social Sciences

Amid disruptions caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the MIT community has an important role to play in the 2020 census.

Health - Mar 30

Chemical engineers have developed a way to protect transplanted drug-producing cells from immune system rejection.

Social Sciences - Apr 2
Social Sciences

Entrepreneurial groups around the Institute have launched initiatives to address challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Life Sciences - Apr 1
Life Sciences

A specialized MRI sensor reveals the neurotransmitter's influence on neural activity throughout the brain.

Business - Mar 31

Study of 1918 flu pandemic shows U.S. cities that responded more aggressively in health terms also had better economic rebounds. The research described in this article has been published as a working paper but has not yet been peer-reviewed by experts in the field.

History - Mar 31

Spanish conquerors depended on indigenous expertise to keep up their munitions supplies, archaeologists have found.

Business - Mar 30

The Covid-19 pandemic is a public health crisis with enormous economic implications: As much of the U.S. reduces daily activity in spring 2020, unemployment is already surging and experts are forecasting major drops in GDP during the second quarter of the year.

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