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Computer Science - Oct 17
Computer Science
An algorithm speeds up the planning process robots use to adjust their grip on objects, for picking and sorting, or tool use. TechCrunch reporter Darrell Etherington writes that MIT researchers have developed a new way to speed up the planning process involved in a robot grasping an object.
Astronomy - Oct 14

New lens technique spots tiny dwarf galaxy in the first, super-energetic stages of star formation. Boston Globe reporter Maria Lovato writes that MIT researchers used a large galaxy cluster to see the X-rays emitted by a galaxy 9.4 billion light-years away.

Business - Oct 14

Professors share prize with Michael Kremer of Harvard University, are cited for breakthrough antipoverty work.

Pharmacology - Oct 7

Coated pill carries microneedles that deliver insulin and other drugs to the lining of the small intestine.

Microtechnics - Sep 30

New structural design could lead to self-deploying tents or adaptive robotic fins. MIT researchers have developed a 3D-printed mesh structure that can transform from a flat surface into complex shapes in response to temperature changes, reports the Xinhua news agency.

Music - Sep 19

How people interpret musical notes depends on the types of music they have listened to, researchers find.

Health - Oct 14

Specialized sugar molecules called glycans can disarm opportunistic pathogens and prevent infection.

Art and Design - Oct 9
Art and Design

Proposed bridge would have been the world's longest at the time; new analysis shows it would have worked.

- Oct 1
Even relatively small differences in the duration, timing, and consistency of st

Data on MIT students underscore the importance of getting enough sleep; bedtime also matters. Listen MIT researchers have found sleep consistency is just as important as duration and quality when it comes to academic performance, reports Jamie Ducharme for TIME .

Physics - Sep 30

MIT team successfully tests a new method for verification of weapons reduction. UPI reporter Brooks Hays writes that MIT researchers has developed a new test to verify the destruction of nuclear weapons.

Physics - Sep 16

Joseph Formaggio explains the discovery that the ghostly particle must be no more than 1 electronvolt, half as massive as previously thought.

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