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Mechanical Engineering Jul 22
Video of astronauts tripping over moon rocks can make for entertaining Internet viewing , but falls in space can jeopardize astronauts? missions and even their lives. Getting to one's feet in a bulky, pressurized spacesuit can consume time and precious oxygen reserves, and falls increase the risk that the suit will be punctured. Most falls happen because spacesuits limit astronauts?
Life Sciences Jul 21

Synthetic biology allows researchers to program cells to perform novel functions such as fluorescing in response to a particular chemical or producing drugs in response to disease markers.

Medicine Jul 21

Ever waited entirely too long at your doctor's office for an appointment to start? The long wait may soon be over: An MIT spinout's schedule-optimizing software that gets more patients seen more qu

Astronomy Jul 20

On May 2, scientists from MIT, the University of Liège, and elsewhere announced they had discovered a planetary system, a mere 40 light years from Earth, that hosts three potentially habitable, Earth-sized worlds.

Physics Jul 21

Adapting an old trick used for centuries by both metalsmiths and pastry makers, a team of researchers at MIT has found a way to efficiently create composite materials containing hundreds of layers that are just atoms thick but span the full width of the material.

Medicine Jul 20

Researchers at MIT and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) have recruited some new soldiers in the fight against cancer - bacteria. In a study appearing in the July 20 of Nature, the scientists programmed harmless strains of bacteria to deliver toxic payloads.

Philosophy Jul 20

As a PhD student in philosophy, Rebecca Millsop is working on doctoral research that's a little different than most at MIT. ‘It's thinking, writing, talking to people, doing some more thinking, and reading every once in a while,' she says with a laugh.

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