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Business - Feb 22
At its Feb. 21 meeting, the senate also passed a motion endorsing need-blind international admissions and established a new Committee on the Professoriate. SLAC Director Chi-Chang Kao speaking to the Faculty Senate on Thursday.
Social Sciences - Feb 21
Social Sciences

Students and administrators are working together to find ways to expand social life on campus. Student Affairs plans to pilot proposals next quarter.

Health - Feb 21

The following Academic Council Professoriate appointments, promotions and reappointments for the periods indicated were reviewed by the Advisory Board of the Academic Council on Dec. 11, 2018, and Jan.

Transport - Feb 20

Joseph Kott, a Stanford lecturer of transportation planning, died at his home in Oakland, California, on Feb.

Event - Feb 20

The Hoover Institution's Washington office offers a place for policymakers and political scientists to ask big-picture questions.

Health - Feb 19

Life expectancy grows when there are more primary care physicians in the field, yet their numbers are shrinking as medical students saddled with debt turn to more lucrative fields, according to a study led by researchers at Stanford and Harvard.

Business - Feb 21

A prominent voice on the challenges and responsibilities confronting corporations and society, Cook will speak at Stanford's 128th Commencement ceremony in June. Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple and a prominent voice on ethics in technology and business, will be the 2019 Commencement speaker at Stanford University on Sunday, June 16.

Careers - Feb 21

The annual Family Weekend, which will take place Feb.

Life Sciences - Feb 20
Life Sciences

Scholars from Stanford's Graduate School of Education discuss why parents, educators and policymakers must make sure that as genetics research expands into education, it does not undermine the massive role environments play in a child's development and learning outcomes.

Astronomy - Feb 20

Understanding the underlying principles behind flight at extreme speeds could help propel people across the globe more quickly or to distant planets.

Computer Science - Feb 19

Stanford researchers led an international research team that figured out how to pack many of the functions of an entire computer onto a single chip. (Image credit: Drea Sullivan Pexels/jéshoots) Computers have shrunk to the size of laptops and smartphones, but engineers want to cram most of the features of a computer into a single chip that they could install just about anywhere.

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