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Business - Sep 20
The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program develops a community of future global leaders to address complex challenges through collaboration and innovation. Stanford will celebrate the arrival of the first cohort of Knight-Hennessy Scholars on Saturday with Day One, an orientation program designed to introduce the students to each other and to the unique experiences that await them through its global leadership program.
Computer Science - Sep 18

Like its predecessor, JackRabbot 2 is learning how to navigate safely through spaces occupied by people, following the rules of human etiquette.

Environment - Sep 18

Driven by public pressure, governments and corporations are considering eliminating or phasing out single-use plastics such as straws.

Art and Design - Sep 17

Artist Ursula von Rydingsvard directs the final orientation of her 17-foot-tall bronze sculpture MOCNA at Denning House.

Astronomy - Sep 14

The String Theory Landscape is a divisive issue among physicists as they continue trying to prove or disprove its key elements.

Environment - Sep 18

A new analysis looks at what it would take for oil companies to start pumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into their wells to boost crude production - and what it would mean for the climate.

Physics - Sep 17

Menlo Park, Calif.  - Over the past three decades, lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable batteries that move lithium ions back and forth to charge and discharge, have enabled smaller devices that juice up faster and last longer.

Environment - Sep 14

Atmospheric scientist Morgan O'Neill discusses what's driving Hurricane Florence, why it's unusual, and how it could be connected to climate change and other storms brewing in the Atlantic.    Hurrica

Medicine - Sep 13

Over the summer, Brenda McComb joined Stanford as interim associate vice provost and dean of students.

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