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Social Sciences - Jan 21
Social Sciences
The Stanford Town Center Design Team recently completed its vision document, which provides the context, vision, program and design principles of the project to reimagine over time the White Memorial Plaza region as the "heartbeat" of the university.
Environment - Jan 20

Despite having proven effective at reducing wildfire risks, prescribed burns have been stymied by perceived and real risks, regulations and resource shortages.

Physics - Jan 16

John Alsterda, a Stanford doctoral student who is developing a new emergency avoidance controller for self-driving cars, is one of 91 military service veterans studying at Stanford.

Music - Jan 14

Back to Back Theatre present the play The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes at Bing Studio Feb. 5-8. (Image credit: Stanford Live) The roster of winter quarter guest artists includes talent from around the globe.

Music - Jan 13

An internationally distinguished musicologist, Cohen was also known on campus for his decades of service to the Department of Music.

Health - Jan 9

See us on twitter See us on youtube See us on linkedin See us on instagram - The report documents key trends steering the industry's future, including a maturing digital health market, new health laws opening patient access to data, and artificial intelligence gaining regulatory traction for medical use.

Law - Jan 16

Tina Hua, Stanford's chief ethics and compliance officer, discusses the role her office plays in promoting the culture of integrity at Stanford.

Computer Science - Jan 15

Millions of screenshots sent from personal devices every five seconds will transform our understanding of everything from fake news to depression. As digital devices become ubiquitous in the world, so have concerns about the harmful effects of screen-related behaviors.

Life Sciences - Jan 14
Life Sciences

Genetic material left behind by animals can provide critical clues to aid conservation and research. New research shows studying DNA in soil samples can be more effective, efficient and affordable than traditional tracking methods, such as camera traps, for assessing biodiversity.

Law - Jan 13

SIEPR Faculty Fellow Brad Larsen brings a twist to ongoing debates over licensing laws as his latest research shows how consumers don't care about occupational licenses amid online reviews and star ratings.

Life Sciences - Jan 9

See us on twitter See us on youtube See us on linkedin See us on instagram - David Hogness, a biochemist whose work was foundational to the fields of developmental biology and genomics, died Dec. 24. David Hogness, PhD, a Stanford biochemist who helped found the field of genomics, died Dec.

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