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Environment - Dec 6
Building off previous research showing the Atlantic jet stream hovers between three preferred latitudes, researchers found the topography of Greenland is responsible for its northernmost position. The relationship many people have with the Atlantic jet stream involves its impact on flight times between North America and Europe.
Environment - Dec 6

By monitoring crops through machine learning and satellite data, Stanford scientists have found farms that till the soil less can increase yields of corn and soybeans and improve the health of the soil - a win-win for meeting growing food needs worldwide.

Innovation - Dec 5

Erin Smith, '23, is among the Stanford affiliates who are serving as mentors to young girls interested in STEM fields.

Administration - Dec 5

White House Science Advisor Kelvin Droegemeier spoke with the Stanford community about efforts at the federal level to ensure integrity, security and equity in research.

Psychology - Dec 4

A newfound link between levels of "bad" cholesterol at birth and subsequent childhood behavior could help identify and treat people who are prone to experiencing depression and other mental difficulties.

Business - Dec 4

At its Dec. 2-3 meeting, the board also heard an update on investment responsibility, set 2020-21 tuition and made enhancements to the university's financial aid program. At its meeting on Dec.

Social Sciences - Dec 6

With the goals of transforming learning on campus and beyond and accelerating discovery and the impact of research, initiatives arising out of the long-range vision are ramping up with activities to engage faculty and students.

Physics - Dec 5

SLAC Overview - Our Mission, Vision & Values SLAC By The Numbers Director's Office - Past SLAC Directors and Deputy Directors - Wolfgang (Pief) K. H.

Philosophy - Dec 4

Taylor was dedicated to helping students, colleagues and the general public ask tough questions and live an examined life.

Environment - Dec 4

Stanford scientists have developed a precise way to measure U.S. power plant emissions 24/7.

Business - Dec 3

Beginning in 2020-21, Stanford will provide scholarship support to cover the price of undergraduate tuition for parents with annual incomes below $150,000, up from the current $125,000 threshold.

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