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Music - Jun 25
Every summer, Stanford's St. Lawrence String Quartet and special guest faculty teach an intensive seminar to professional and amateur musicians on the delicate art of performing chamber music.
History - Jun 25

Stanford historian Estelle Freedman reflects on the legacy of the Stonewall riots and how gay pride parades evolved from serious protest marches to colorful, international celebrations.

Environment - Jun 24

The university says a development agreement would allow it to provide benefits for the campus community and neighboring residents while providing long-term certainty of the rules affecting its future land use.

Environment - Jun 21

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency replaced the Obama-era Clean Power Plan this week with one that focuses on efficiency improvements at generating stations. Stanford experts on law, energy policy and economics discuss the move and its potential impacts.

Law - Jun 20

Matt Martinez, a former pilot in the U. S. Marine Corps who served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, will begin his final year at Stanford Law School in the fall.

Health - Jun 19

A member of the prestigious Académie Française, Michel Serres taught at Stanford's Department of French and Italian for nearly 30 years.

Linguistics - Jun 25

New research examined how Republicans and Democrats express themselves online in an attempt to understand how polarization of beliefs occurs on social media. New Stanford linguistics research has analyzed how Republicans and Democrats use different language when discussing mass shootings on social media and found that Republicans talk more about the shooter and Democrats focus more on the victims.

Computer Science - Jun 24

Told to optimize for speed while racing down a track in a computer game, a car pushes the pedal to the metal... and proceeds to spin in a tight little circle. Nothing in the instructions told the car to drive straight, and so it improvised.

Health - Jun 20

Thirty-eight Stanford graduating seniors were recently recognized for their honors theses. Each was awarded a bronze medal, citation and a monetary award. Stanford undergraduate students received awards for their theses at a ceremony over Commencement weekend.

Sport Sciences - Jun 20

After competing in the final round of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach on Sunday, June 16 - Commencement - Stanford golfer Brandon Wu received his diploma from tournament officials.

Administration - Jun 19

One day after graduating from Stanford with bachelor's degrees, LOURDES ACOSTA and  KATHARINA BROWN celebrated their completion of the Naval ROTC program and their commissioning as naval ensigns at a ceremony in the Tresidder Oak Lounge.

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