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Art and Design - Apr 25
Art and Design
A creative collaboration between artist and Stanford provides opportunities for reflection and conversation about the representation of race in the media. The idea of incubating a company or an idea is not uncommon in the Silicon Valley, so applying the same process of gathering information and new ideas to a work of art seemed natural to the California-based artist Kahlil Joseph.
Computer Science - Apr 24
Computer Science

A leader in the earliest days of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nilsson led the development of one of the first autonomous robots.

Environment - Apr 22

Recycling is becoming harder and more expensive in the U.S. and policymakers are increasingly seeking solutions to mounting trash.

Life Sciences - Apr 22

No one knows exactly how flatworms can rebuild their entire bodies from the tiniest sliver. Now, bioengineers and materials scientists are building new tools to study the worms' awesome regenerative powers.

Event - Apr 22

To encourage community and intellectual engagement on campus, the White Plaza region will be redesigned as a vibrant town center. The team leading the project is currently gathering ideas from the campus community, including at a town hall event on Wednesday.

Health - Apr 19

Up to half of people who should be screened for colorectal cancer do not get the routine procedure. A blood test to detect colorectal cancer being developed by Stanford doctors and materials scientists could help change that.

Career - Apr 24

Heidi Marisol López, finance assistant and graduate fellowships coordinator at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, recently won an Amy J. Blue Award, which honors staff members who are exceptionally dedicated, supportive of colleagues and passionate about their work.

Health - Apr 22

The following Academic Council Professoriate appointments, promotions and reappointments for the periods indicated were reviewed by the Advisory Board of the Academic Council on Jan. 29, Feb. 5, Feb. 12, Feb.

Environment - Apr 22

The map on the left shows countries where per capita GDP increased or decreased as a result of global warming between 1961 and 2010.

Environment - Apr 22

The data-driven program uses an online dashboard to provide solutions, suggestions and rewards for conservation efforts across campus. To promote sustainable behavior on campus, My Cardinal Green encourages and rewards participation by individuals throughout the campus community and quantifies their impact.

Event - Apr 19

Members of the campus community gathered to rename a residence hall in memory of pioneering astronaut Sally Ride.

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