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Chemistry - Oct 17
A new process shows promise in turning the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide back into usable fuels, and yields four times as much fuel as previous approaches. Imagine grabbing carbon dioxide from car exhaust pipes and other sources and turning this main greenhouse gas into fuels like natural gas or propane: a sustainability dream come true.
Social Sciences - Oct 17
Social Sciences

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell addressed many issues of concern to Stanford community members, including the results of the AAU 2019 Campus Climate Survey and the 2019-20 university budget.

Event - Oct 17

Vincenti's research laid the foundation for many advances in aeronautics, including supersonic flight and spacecraft reentry.

Architecture - Oct 16

Power has been restored to east campus facilities-including several student residences-that lost electricity beginning Tuesday evening. A failed power cable located between Stern Hall and the Bookstore is being blamed for a power outage in a number of east campus facilities-including several student residences-beginning at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct.

Politics - Oct 16

"America in One Room" was a historic gathering organized under the supervision of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy that brought 500 American voters together for a nonpartisan discussion about the major issues of the 2020 presidential election.

Sport - Oct 16

STANFORD, Calif. Stanford Athletics registered an overall graduation rate of 96 percent in the latest Graduation Success Rate, with 20 programs earning a 100 percent graduation rate.   - Both the Graduation Success Rate and Federal Graduation Rates are based upon classes from 2009-12 and reflect the percentage of student-athletes earning a degree within six years.

Environment - Oct 17

A new and ambitious research project looks to develop affordable devices to recycle most of the water we now throw away, as well as to desalinate saltwater. The project's research director describes the project's vision and operation.

Life Sciences - Oct 17

By scooping the guts out of bacteria and refilling them with an expansive fluid, scientists can discover whether a microbe is structurally strong or weak, gaining insights that could help fight infectious diseases or aid studies of the beneficial bacterial communities known as microbiomes.

Health - Oct 16

Transient bursts of high-frequency electrical activity in epileptic brain tissue can impair cognition even when no seizure is occurring, Stanford scientists have found.

Administration - Oct 16

Associated Students of Stanford University executives Erica Scott, '20, and Isaiah Drummond, '20, discuss their goals for student government for the academic year, the pressing issues facing the Stanford student body and how students can get involved.

Earth Sciences - Oct 16

Immune markers and pollutant levels in the blood indicate wildfire smoke may be more harmful to children's health than smoke from a controlled burn, Stanford researchers found. The realities of subsistence living in a region of Senegal hard hit by schistosomiasis make reinfection likely, despite mass drug administration.

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