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Microtechnics Feb 19
Stanford researchers have set the stage for an evolution in electronics by taking the concept of 'artificial skin' to the next level, demonstrating not only a stretchable circuitry that can feel the touch of a ladybug, but a manufacturing process to mass produce this circuitry.
Earth Sciences Feb 16

Sound waves generated by burbling lakes of lava atop some volcanoes point to greater odds of magmatic outbursts.

Environment Feb 14

The Paris Agreement has aspirational goals of limiting temperature rise that won't be met by current commitments.

Innovation Feb 12

A device that's turned off doesn't suck battery life, but it also doesn't work. Now a low-power system that's always on the alert can turn devices on when they are needed, saving energy in the networked internet of things.

Environment Feb 9

Rising seas pose a near-term threat to Pacific island communities who rely on marine populations for food and industry.

Life Sciences Feb 15

Mentally running through a routine improves performance, but how that works isn't clear. Now, a new tool - brain-machine interface - suggests the answer lies in how our brains prepare for action.

Environment Feb 12

The first large-scale analysis of corporate practices for sourcing sustainable materials shows that many companies address sustainability at some level, but most deal with only one or a subset of materials within a small portion of their supply chain.

Medicine Feb 12

New research from the Stanford Center on Longevity shows that the ideal time for life events, such as marriage and home ownership, has remained relatively constant across generations.

Environment Feb 8

Researchers propose three separate ways to avoid blackouts if the world transitions all its energy to electricity or direct heat and provides the energy with 100 percent wind, water and sunlight.

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