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Social Sciences - Sep 18
In a groundbreaking new study, a University of Chicago researcher used metabolomics-a big-data approach to study small molecules called metabolites-to uncover the relationship between plants and people before and after European colonization of North America. Collaborating with colleagues at Washington State University, UChicago postdoctoral researcher Korey Brownstein used the approach to study the differences between closely related plant species found in ancient pipes.
Campus - Sep 17

This fall, the University of Chicago's Joseph Regenstein Library welcomes the UChicago community to join a yearlong celebration of its 50th anniversary. Since its dedication on Oct. 31, 1970, the library has been a hub of innovation and inquiry on campus and a symbol of the University's scholarly eminence.

Social Sciences - Sep 15

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted one of the University of Chicago's primary missions: the advancement of scientific knowledge. When nonessential spaces closed in March to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, that included the labs of scientists who work in close proximity to real people-including those at Chicago Booth's Center for Decision Research, which examines how social interactions shape human behavior.

Pharmacology - Sep 14

Adjuvants are a key ingredient of many modern vaccines, working to unleash an immune response that helps protect the body from disease. Many scientists believe that adjuvants are the key to developing new kinds of vaccines for hard-to-vaccinate viruses, like HIV.

Art and Design - Sep 10

YOU BE MY ALLY to display texts from Core curriculum on campus buildings, LED trucks. The University of Chicago will debut a new public art commission by world-renowned artist and alumna Jenny Holzer (EX'74), YOU BE MY ALLY , premiering Oct.

Environment - Sep 9

Economists frequently try to estimate the societal cost of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but few of their projections go beyond the year 2100-far short of the millennia it takes for the climate changes from burning carbon to ultimately subside.

Astronomy - Sep 16

UChicago-affiliated Giant Magellan Telescope to transform humanity's view and understanding of the universe at first light

Linguistics - Sep 15

In new book Austen Years , Prof. Rachel Cohen processes grief, life transitions through writing Rachel Cohen had never thought of herself as a Jane Austenite. An essayist who teaches English and creative writing at the University of Chicago, her work explores more recent authors such as James Baldwin, and time periods such as the Gilded Age and Civil Rights Era.

Economics - Sep 11

In 1865, Congress set up a bank for newly emancipated Black Americans to help accelerate their economic empowerment. The Freedman's Savings and Trust Company opened in New York, built headquarters in Washington, D.C. and established 37 more branches in quick succession across 17 states.

Life Sciences - Sep 9

Recent rapid advances in neuroprosthetics-robotic prosthetic limbs that connect directly to the nervous system-suggest that it's only a matter of time before bionic arms are commonplace.  But the more scientists learn about how the brain directs intricate movements of the arm and hand, the more daunting the challenge of creating this transhuman future seems.

Astronomy - Sep 8

The largest collaborative undertaking yet to explore the relic light emitted by the infant universe has taken a step forward with the selection of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to lead the U.S. Department of Energy's portion of the project.

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