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Life Sciences - Dec 2
The 12 University of Chicago students who arrived at the Marine Biological Laboratory for the first-ever " Autumn Quarter at MBL " found an interesting box on their room desks: a kit with the parts to build a simple microscope, and two prepared samples for imaging.
Social Sciences - Dec 2

Black voters and activists have played an especially decisive role in shaping America's future in 2020, from elevating Joe Biden's candidacy in South Carolina in February to refocusing the national conversation around systemic racism and police brutality in May and June.

Life Sciences - Nov 30

It sounds like a just-so story-"How the Insect Got its Wings"-but it's really a mystery that has puzzled biologists for over a century. Intriguing and competing theories of insect wing evolution have emerged in recent years, but none were entirely satisfactory.

Economics - Nov 25

One day earlier this year, a dozen or so Chicago Booth students logged in to their virtual classroom and presented their assigned homework. But they didn't turn in the usual slide decks or Excel analyses.

Campus - Nov 24

Editor's note: This message was sent Nov. 24 from President Robert J. Zimmer to members of the campus community. I write to reaffirm the University's opposition to federal governmental action that could limit free expression in higher education.

Health - Nov 23

One of the key challenges in developing effective cancer treatments is how different cancer cells are. This variation makes it difficult for the immune system to recognize and actively fight against tumors.

Health - Nov 30

Awash in early COVID-19 questions from anxious friends and relatives, a few mom scientists decided to pool their knowledge and share the burden of answering them. Dear Pandemic was born. Eight months later, the website has become a vibrant education platform for an interdisciplinary team of female PhDs and clinicians.

Physics - Nov 30

Quantum sensors can measure extremely small changes in an environment by taking advantage of quantum phenomena like entanglement, where entangled particles can affect each other, even when separated by great distances.

Health - Nov 24

Five University of Chicago researchers were named 2020 fellows of the  American Association for the Advancement of Science  on Nov. 24 for their distinguished contributions to the sciences. Their work has shaped our understanding of the early universe; given scientists innovative tools to peer at the inner workings of cells; shaped the field of quantum chemistry; furthered breakthroughs in immunology and organ transplants; and helped fight the disease toxoplasmosis.

Linguistics - Nov 23

For decades, scholars at the University of Chicago have sought to preserve and share the languages of South Asia and the Middle East-from Assamese to Torwali, Khowar to Pashto. In this work, the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia are invaluable: In addition to definitions and pronunciations, users can learn about the original source of words in languages spoken by nearly a quarter of the world's population.

Computer Science - Nov 23

Leaders, government officials discuss next steps for advancing field and support for quantum research

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