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Life Sciences Oct 19
Life Sciences
High in the San Jacinto Mountains about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, a secret slithers. Uncovering it takes watchful eyes, long nights and perseverance. But for UCLA's Jesse Grismer , the opportunity to track down a rare Southern rubber boa has been worth the wait.
Medicine Oct 17

Lessons learned in a career of research in schizophrenia could answer why so many people are disconnected from family, friends.

Astronomy Oct 12

Titan, the largest of Saturn's more than 60 moons, has surprisingly intense rainstorms, according to research by a team of UCLA planetary scientists and geologists.

Life Sciences Oct 10
Life Sciences

UCLA researchers have developed an improved technique for creating simplified human brain tissue from stem cells.

Medicine Oct 5

In lab animals, a particle developed by UCLA, Stanford, NIH scientists awakens dormant virus cells and then knocks them out.

Life Sciences Oct 12

FINDINGS. A UCLA team reports that a protein called IDOL targets and prevents overproduction of the synaptic protein ApoER2, an adjustment that allows connections between neurons to change during the learning process for humans and animals.

Life Sciences Oct 11

UCLA researchers have shown for the first time a comprehensive picture of cell diversity in the amygdala, a vital brain region involved in the regulation of emotions and social behavior, as well as in autism spectrum disorders, depression and other mental disorders.

Medicine Oct 9

FINDINGS. UCLA scientists have discovered a potential combination treatment for glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer in adults.

Astronomy Oct 5

A team of astronomers led by UCLA professor David Jewitt has identified a “special comet” 1.5 billion miles from the sun.

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