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Life Sciences May 22
Life Sciences
Plant biologists and biochemists from UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco have produced a gold mine of data by sequencing the genome of a green alga called Chromochloris zofingiensis. Scientists have learned in the past decade that the tiny, single-celled organism could be used as a source of sustainable biofuel and that it produces a substance called astaxanthin, which may be useful for treating certain diseases.
Arts and Design May 18
Arts and Design

The 83-year-old artist and justice advocate earned acclaim for destroying household objects and creating sculpture from the detritus.

Computer Science May 15
Computer Science

While her grade school classmates were learning the alphabet and how to count to five, Andrea Bertozzi remembers studying negative numbers and modular arithmetic.

Life Sciences May 11
Life Sciences

FINDINGS. A UCLA study has found that a common strain of Caenorhabditis elegans — a type of roundworm frequently used in laboratory research on neural development — has a pair of genes that encode both a poison and its antidote.

Medicine May 10

UCLA study shows that slow-moving meditation practice works just as well as talk therapy, and better than medication.

Life Sciences May 18

FINDINGS. A new study of obese people suggests that changes in their brains' reward regions make them more prone to overeating, and that women and men exhibit different brain activity related to overeating.

Medicine May 12

FINDINGS. Americans and Norwegians with systemic sclerosis had higher levels of bacteria that can cause inflammation and lower levels of bacteria that are believed to protect against inflammation compared with healthy people, according to a new study by researchers from UCLA and Oslo University.

Chemistry May 10

UCLA and University of Connecticut scientists design supercapacitor that could make pacemakers and other instruments safer and more durable.

Life Sciences May 10

Study's findings suggest that related diseases may need diagnoses and treatment tailored to gender.

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