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Social Sciences - Sep 18
The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture will kick off the second edition of “ 10 Questions ” on Oct. 1. Building on the success of its inaugural presentation in 2018, this hybrid undergraduate course and public event series engages leading scholars, artists, scientists, activists, philosophers, executives and more for an energetic exchange of ideas addressing a range of fundamental issues that both shape and transcend our current moment in history.
Health - Sep 18

Seven years ago, Jason Esterhuizen was in a horrific car crash that destroyed his eyes, plunging him into total darkness. Today, he's regained visual perception and more independence, thanks to an experimental device implanted in his brain by researchers at UCLA Health.

Health - Sep 18

A UCLA-led study has found that using three-dimensional virtual reality models to prepare for kidney tumor surgeries resulted in substantial improvements, including shorter operating times, less blood loss during surgery and a shorter stay in the hospital afterward.

Health - Sep 13

E very year, tens thousands of men in the United States are diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer. Most are told that they don't need treatment other than “active surveillance” to monitor their slow-growing tumors.

Event - Sep 12

A new show at the Fowler Museum at UCLA features 38 objects from the British Empire Exhibition staged almost a century ago in the London suburb of Wembley to showcase Britain's wealth and supremacy, and stimulate trade with and among its various colonies.

Astronomy - Sep 11

The enormous black hole at the center of our galaxy is having an unusually large meal of interstellar gas and dust, and researchers don't yet understand why. “We have never seen anything like this in the 24 years we have studied the supermassive black hole,” said Andrea Ghez, UCLA professor of physics and astronomy and a co-senior author of the research.

Pharmacology - Sep 18

FINDINGS. An examination of how closely emergency department doctors' medical documentation aligned with the actual care they provided to patients found that half the content in the notes that go into the patient's electronic medical records was inaccurate.

Business - Sep 18

For Hollywood to be a more inclusive and diverse industry, companies need to implement a five-point strategy for hiring, sponsoring and promoting minorities and women — especially women of color — a new UCLA study suggests.

Electroengineering - Sep 12

When frost forms on the ground overnight even when temperatures are well above freezing, or water droplets appear on car windshields even on a clear night, the cause is often a phenomenon called radiative sky cooling.

Psychology - Sep 12

Worldwide, rates of depression increased by 15 percent between 2005 and 2015, according to the World Health Organization. Almost everyone has been touched by depression, if not their own then that of a friend or family member.

Health - Sep 11

Melioidosis is a tropical disease that claims an estimated 90,000 lives worldwide each year. There is no vaccine, and current treatments are hampered by the ability of the bacterium that causes the disease to resist even the strongest antibiotics.

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