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Medicine Nov 22
Eight University of Washington researchers are among the 396 new fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, announced this week. Election as a fellow of AAAS is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers.
Life Sciences Nov 21
Life Sciences

Picture yourself with a friend in a crowded restaurant. The din of other diners, the clattering of dishes, the muffled notes of background music, the voice of your friend, not to mention your own - all compete for your brain's attention.

Astronomy Nov 15

At the base of the Transantarctic Mountains lies a geological oddity. Don Juan Pond is one of the saltiest bodies of water on the planet, filled with a dense, syrupy brine rich in calcium chloride that can remain liquid to minus 50 degrees Celsius, far below the freezing point of water.

Environment Nov 15

Think, for a moment, about the last time you were out in nature.

Computer Science Nov 13
Computer Science

At first glance, the movie "Frozen" might seem to have two strong female protagonists - Elsa, the elder princess with unruly powers over snow and ice, and her sister, Anna, who spends much of the film on a quest to save their kingdom.

Environment Nov 17

It's no secret that human activities affect fish, particularly those that must migrate to reproduce.

Environment Nov 15

In the quest to produce affordable biofuels, poplar trees are one of the Pacific Northwest's best bets - the trees are abundant, fast-growing, adaptable to many terrains and their wood can be transformed into substances used in biofuel and high-value chemicals that we rely on in our daily lives.

Astronomy Nov 14

The first astronomers had a limited toolkit: their eyes. They could only observe those stars, planets and celestial events bright enough to pick up unassisted.

Environment Nov 7

Central to the field of ecology is the mantra that species do not exist in isolation: They assemble in communities - and within these communities, species interact.

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