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Pedagogy - Nov 18
Children who identify as the gender matching their sex at birth tend to gravitate toward the toys, clothing and friendships stereotypically associated with that gender. Transgender children do the same with the gender they identify as, regardless of how long they have actually lived as a member of that gender.
Mechanical Engineering - Nov 15
Mechanical Engineering

Coral reefs are disappearing at a rapid rate around the world. They're threatened by human impacts at both local and global scales, and they're facing dire predictions for the future.

Physics - Nov 7

Electrons in atoms are pretty talented. They can form chemical bonds, get kicked out of the atom and even "jump" to different locations based on their energetic states.

Life Sciences - Nov 4
Life Sciences

Researchers from the University of Washington are using high-tech tags to record the movements of swordfish - big, deep-water, migratory, open-ocean fish that are poorly studied - and get a window into the ocean depths they inhabit.

Physics - Oct 31

People can be good at hiding strain, and we're not alone. Solar cells have the same talent. For a solar cell, physical strain within its microscopic crystalline structure can interrupt its core function - converting sunlight into electricity - by essentially "losing” energy as heat.

Life Sciences - Oct 29
Life Sciences

DNA testing services like 23andMe, and MyHeritage are making it easier for people to learn about their ethnic heritage and genetic makeup.

Life Sciences - Nov 12
Life Sciences

$106 million initiative will accelerate neuroscience research by embracing artificial intelligence, engineering, data science, other 'nontraditional' fields Gift brings Weill Family Foundation phil

Environment - Nov 5

A University of Washington team is leaving to study how fall storms, dwindling sea ice and vulnerable coastlines might combine in a changing Arctic.

Physics - Nov 4

Modern construction is a precision endeavor. Builders must use components manufactured to meet specific standards - such as beams of a desired composition or rivets of a specific size.

Politics - Oct 29

University of Washington political scientist Megan Ming Francis says there is a dearth of academic book series being published on topics of race, ethnicity and politics. Now, she will start to change that.

Health - Oct 28

A drone image showing a village in northwestern Senegal and agricultural land, separated by a river with lush vegetation. Researchers use rigorous field sampling and aerial images to precisely map communities that are at greatest risk for schistosomiasis infection.

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