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Environment May 15
Large swaths of U.S. forests are vulnerable to drought, forest fires and disease. Many local impacts of forest loss are well known: drier soils, stronger winds, increased erosion, loss of shade and habitat.
Microtechnics May 15

Insect-sized flying robots could help with time-consuming tasks like surveying crop growth on large farms or sniffing out gas leaks.

Earth Sciences May 8
Earth Sciences

The National Science Foundation and the U.K.'s Natural Environmental Research Council this month announced a joint 5-year, $25 million effort to study Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier.

Physics May 3

Magnetic materials are the backbone of modern digital information technologies, such as hard-disk storage.

Medicine Apr 26

Want to prevent kids from using drugs and make it stick into young adulthood? Get the community involved and intervene before they're teens, say researchers from the University of Washington.

Astronomy May 14

Aspects of an otherwise Earthlike planet's tilt and orbital dynamics can severely affect its potential habitability - even triggering abrupt "snowball states" where oceans freeze and surface life is impossible, according to new research from astronomers at the University of Washington.

Life Sciences May 7
Life Sciences

Plants know how to do a neat trick. Through photosynthesis, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food, belching out the oxygen that we breathe as a byproduct.

Computer Science May 1
Computer Science

The average preschooler watches more than three hours of TV, film and other video programming each day - just one of many examples illustrating the huge role that entertainment plays in children's lives.

Microtechnics Apr 25

Researchers at the University of Washington, working with researchers from the ETH-Zurich, Purdue University and Virginia Commonwealth University, have achieved an optical communications breakthrough that could revolutionize information technology.

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