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Environment Jul 25
The idea of geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, is very controversial. But as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in our atmosphere, scientists are beginning to look at possible emergency measures.
Astronomy Jul 24

Dark matter is the aptly named unseen material that makes up the bulk of matter in our universe. But what dark matter is made of is a matter of debate.

Earth Sciences Jul 19
Earth Sciences

When and how the first humans made their way to Australia has been an evolving story.

Chemistry Jul 17

Supercapacitors are an aptly named type of device that can store and deliver energy faster than conventional batteries.

Computer Science Jul 11
Computer Science

University of Washington researchers have developed new algorithms that solve a thorny challenge in the field of computer vision: turning audio clips into a realistic, lip-synced video of the person speaking those words.

Architecture Jul 20

About one billion birds are killed every year when they unwittingly fly into human-made objects such as buildings with reflective windows.

Environment Jul 17

Fishing fleets around the world rely on nets towed along the bottom to capture fish. Roughly one-fifth of the fish eaten globally are caught by this method, known as bottom trawling, which has been criticized for its effects on the marine environment.

Medicine Jul 17

Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered a simple way to raise the accuracy of diagnostic tests for medicine and common assays for laboratory research.

Life Sciences Jul 5
Life Sciences

University of Washington researchers have invented a cellphone that requires no batteries - a major leap forward in moving beyond chargers, cords and dying phones.