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Environment - Sep 20
Dairy cows on a farm near Roxbury, Wisconsin. UW-Madison researchers found that a combination of ideal cow genetics, improved feeding strategies and better manure management could allow dairy farms to cut emissions by a third to almost half, while producing more milk with less feed.
Career - Sep 20

A first-ever partnership with the United Negro College Fund and UW-Madison's Counseling Psychology Department.

Event - Sep 12

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education is accepting applications for funding of high-risk, high-impact research proposals. The competition, UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative , is in its sixth round since launching in fall 2015, offering funds for investigative and infrastructure projects at UW-Madison.

Life Sciences - Sep 9

A fundamental question in nerve biology brings to mind a race car at the starting line: The engine is revving, but the brake is on. The system is ready to go, but under tight control. And when the light flashes green, the car blasts away from the line.

Life Sciences - Sep 4

It's a beautiful summer day with a hint of fall in the air at Bures Berry Patch, southwest of Barneveld, Wisconsin. On the edge of a quarter acre of raspberry canes, research assistant Andi Nelson is counting fruit fly pupae into small plastic tubs.

Pharmacology - Sep 3

Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, often afflicts patients with negative moods: confusion, anger, sadness or apathy. Negative emotions also affect caregivers, who are often family members with little formal training to cope with the stress of caring for a loved one.

Linguistics - Sep 19

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison know the value of campus librarians and libraries in ensuring access to print and digital materials, providing collections and citation expertise, and offering grant and public access compliance support.

Health - Sep 9

New tools for editing genetic code offer hope for new treatments for inherited diseases, some cancers, and even stubborn viral infections. But the typical method for delivering gene therapies to specific tissues in the body can be complicated and may cause troubling side effects.

Computer Science - Sep 6

In the last decade, artificial intelligence ("AI”) applications have exploded across various research sectors, including computer vision, communications and medicine. Now, the rapidly developing technology is making its mark in weather prediction.

Environment - Sep 4

By Jennifer A. Smith Wisconsin's abundant inland lakes form a significant part of our state's identity, economy and how residents and visitors alike relax and have fun. However, like the Great Lakes that border Wisconsin, inland lakes-of which Wisconsin has more than 15,000-face threats due to climate change.

Astronomy - Aug 26

A composite image of the planet Venus as seen by the Japanese probe Akatsuki. Image from the Akatsuki Orbiter, built by Institute of Space and Astronautical Science/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency As planets in our solar system go, Venus is one for the textbooks.

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