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Life Sciences - Jan 24
A heard of curious cows watches Louchouarn place a trail camera on the Spruce Ranching Co-op field site in Alberta, Canada. Submitted photo To protect livestock from predators in Western Canada, University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are testing whether cattle that are urged to live as a herd will protect themselves from wolves and bears.
Materials Science - Jan 23

Assistant Professor Jacob Notbohm (left) and doctoral student Aashrith Saraswathibhatla observe cells in Notbohm's Lab. Photo by UW-Madison College of Engineering When we cut our skin, groups of cells rush en masse to the site to heal the wound.

Health - Jan 13

Access to Medicare significantly impacts detection of certain cancers and life expectancy following cancer diagnosis, according to a new study from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health that was recently published online in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management .

Pharmacology - Jan 2

Children and teens with bipolar depression responded better to an antipsychotic medicine if they had increased markers of inflammation in their blood, a new University of Wisconsin-Madison study shows.

Chemistry - Dec 19, 2019

Drawing inspiration from nature, University of Wisconsin-Madison chemists have discovered an efficient way to wrangle long, snaking molecules to form large rings - rings that form the backbone of many pharmaceuticals but are difficult to produce in the lab.

Life Sciences - Dec 16, 2019

This transition, from solid bedrock to pulverized rock in subsoil, probably occurs on land around the globe. A new study from UW-Madison scientists shows bacteria's critical role at the beginning of soil formation.

Environment - Jan 22

The National Weather Service's bulletins often mention when extreme weather deviates from normal. But normal is changing. This time next year, the weather service's 30-year average will roll over from patterns representing 1981 to 2010 to patterns established between 1991 and 2020.

Pedagogy - Jan 13

A new study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that the young children of parents who take part in a compassion-based training program develop lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol over time.

Life Sciences - Dec 26, 2019

With an estimated 97 percent of adolescents playing video games in their free time, there is growing potential to design games as tools for attention-building instead of attention-busting.

Materials Science - Dec 18, 2019

An ultrathin coating developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers upends a ubiquitous physics phenomenon of materials related to thermal radiation: The hotter an object gets, the brighter it glows.

Pharmacology - Dec 16, 2019

Measuring changes in the speed of electrical signals along nerves connecting the eyes to the brain may accurately reflect recovery from myelin loss in multiple sclerosis (MS), according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and could be used to evaluate new treatments for the disease.

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