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Career - Sep 15
Two teams from the University of Wisconsin-Madison won a combined $1.5 million in provisional funding in a national competition to help boost the middle class. The two teams, Connect Rx and Opportunity Calculator , competed in the final round of the Alliance for the American Dream Challenge on Sept.
Health - Sep 9

Waisman Biomanufacturing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will begin manufacturing a new drug to treat and prevent COVID-19, developed by California-based biotech company GigaGen. The drug, called GIGA-2050, uses a new approach similar to treating COVID-19 patients with convalescent plasma, or blood products from people recovering (convalescing) from an infection.

Research Management - Sep 2

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has once again been named one of the top universities in the country by Washington Monthly magazine, ranking 21st overall (up from 23rd last year ) and 12th among public universities (up from 13th last year).

Materials Science - Aug 26

Students and staff returning to the University of Wisconsin-Madison can protect each other from COVID-19 with masks designed by the university's experts in textiles, filtration and infectious disease, and made by one of Wisconsin's oldest companies.

Environment - Aug 21

When it comes to climate change, University of Wisconsin­-Madison forest and wildlife ecology Professor Ben Zuckerberg says birds are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. They are both responsive and sensitive to changes in the environment, including the extreme weather events associated with a warming planet.

Career - Aug 18

Despite a year full of uncertainty, University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers can still count on the Fall Research Competition. The annual contest offers funding for select research projects across each faculty division -  biological sciences ,  physical sciences ,  social sciences  and the  arts and humanities  - and is open to faculty and permanent principal investigators.

Astronomy - Sep 9

A view of the gas in the Magellanic System as it would appear in the night sky. The Magellanic Corona covers the entire sky while the Magellanic Stream is seen as gas flowing away from the two dwarf galaxies, the Large and the Small Magellanic Clouds.

Career - Sep 1

Travel restrictions. Suspension of face-to-face human-subjects research. Conference cancellations. While research has gradually restarted on campus since the COVID-19 pandemic forced a nearly complete shutdown of in-person activity in the spring, many faculty and students are still feeling the effects on their research.

Veterinary - Aug 24

Here's a question for you: How much is your dog's life worth? If you're like most pet owners, the quick and easy answer is "priceless." But in regulation and the courts, that sort of vague, emotion-based response doesn't go especially far.

Astronomy - Aug 20

A group of universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been named the newest Physics Frontier Center, the National Science Foundation announced Aug. 17. The center expands the reach and depth of existing capabilities in modeling some of the most violent events known in the universe: the mergers of neutron stars and their explosive aftermath.

Pharmacology - Aug 17

University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists have discovered that a majority of people they tested who were taking opioid painkillers for chronic back pain produced antibodies against the drugs that may contribute to some of the negative side effects of long-term opioid use.

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