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Health - Sep 18
Doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital used a more aggressive selection process to more than quadruple the number of heart transplants performed there while maintaining positive patient outcomes, according to a new study.
Health - Sep 17

When the first pregnant woman diagnosed with COVID-19 was admitted to Yale New Haven Hospital in March, she was in her second trimester and critically ill. At the time, almost nothing was known about how the novel coronavirus disease impacted pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

Astronomy - Sep 10

The universe's funhouse mirrors are revealing a difference between how dark matter behaves in theory and how it appears to act in reality.

Life Sciences - Sep 3

Yale scientists have discovered an underlying mechanism for Fragile X syndrome - a leading cause of autism and the primary genetic driver of intellectual disability - as well as a drug that reversed the underlying abnormality and autism-like behaviors in mice.

Politics - Sep 2

Every four years, U.S. presidential campaigns collectively spend billions of dollars flooding TV screens across the country with political ads. But a new study co-authored by Yale political scientist Alexander Coppock shows that, regardless of content, context, or audience, those pricey commercials do little to persuade voters. The study, published Sept.

Health - Aug 26

Yale researchers have identified significant differences in how the immune systems of women and men respond to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Life Sciences - Sep 16

Two Yale research teams will each receive approximately $9 million in grants from the Aligning Sciences Across Parkinson's (ASAP) initiative to study the underlying biology of Parkinson's disease. The ASAP grants, to be distributed over three years, are part of a major international, multi-institutional effort to uncover the basic disease mechanisms that drive the progressive neurological disorder, which afflicts 7 to 10 million people worldwide.

Life Sciences - Sep 8

A new portable MRI device detected specific brain abnormalities in 29 of 30 patients taken to Yale New Haven Hospital's neuroscience intensive care unit after presenting with symptoms of stroke and other neurological disorders, according to a new study published Sept.

Environment - Sep 2

Asphalt is a near-ubiquitous substance - it's found in roads, on roofs and in driveways - but its chemical emissions rarely figure into urban air quality management plans. A new study finds that asphalt is a significant source of air pollutants in urban areas, especially on hot and sunny days.

Life Sciences - Aug 27

" One day at a time" is a mantra for recovering alcoholics, for whom each day without a drink builds the strength to go on to the next. A new brain imaging study by Yale researchers shows why the approach works.

Health - Aug 24

Less is sometimes more when treating heart patients who go into shock after a heart attack. A new study found that more than 30 percent of hospital patients who have a heart attack complicated by low blood pressure undergo an aggressive treatment in which coronary stents are placed in cardiac blood vessels showing any restriction of blood flow to the heart.

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