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Pharmacology - Jul 22
Adults who take several prescription medications are more likely to experience serious falls, say Yale researchers and their co-authors in a new study. This heightened risk can affect middle-aged individuals - a population not typically viewed as vulnerable to debilitating or fatal falls, the researchers said.
Health - Jul 16

Treatments for Parkinson's disease have most recently focused on increasing dopamine, a chemical messenger in the brain that affects reward-based behaviors and motivation, as well as movement. A new study by Yale researchers challenges long-held assumptions about dopamine's sole role in this disorder.

Life Sciences - Jul 1

Stem cells are jacks of all trades, capable of alleviating the consequences of such diverse pathologies as heart attacks, strokes and cancer. However, stem cell therapies have been hampered by possible side effects, which are frequently hard to predict.

Health - Jun 26

Listeria bacteria in food, water, or soil can cause food poisoning and even life-threatening infections in vulnerable people. In a study, Yale investigators have described how the pathogen manipulates the immune system to promote its own survival.

Chemistry - Jun 26

A team of Yale chemists is one step closer to using the ribosome - the cell's protein-making factory - to create designer polymers, including stronger and more flexible materials and life-saving drugs.

Life Sciences - Jun 25

Of all forms of memory, episodic memory is the most intimate. We recall the sequences of events that happen to us - a marriage, a visit to a foreign country, a personal achievement - in great autobiographical detail.

Pharmacology - Jul 10

A tool developed by researchers at Yale, Stanford, and Bioethics International can promote greater sharing of clinical trial data by pharmaceutical companies. While nearly one-third of the companies that the researchers assessed met standards for sharing data, others could be more transparent to the benefit of science and the public, the researchers said.

Health - Jun 28

A proposed strategy to vaccinate against Zika infection might also be effective in tackling West Nile disease, another potentially serious infection transmitted by mosquitoes, said Yale researchers in a new study.

Health - Jun 26

Yale researchers have discovered how metastasis, the spread of cancer cells throughout the body, is triggered on the molecular level, and have developed a tool with the potential to detect those triggers in patients with certain cancers.

Life Sciences - Jun 25

A prevailing theory in neuroscience holds that people makeádecisionsábased on integrated global calculations that occur within the frontal cortex of the brain.

Health - Jun 24

Use of 3-D mammography, an advanced form of breast cancer screening, has risen rapidly in recent years, according to Yale researchers in a new study. But adoption of the technology varies widely, reflecting emerging disparities in care, they said.

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