Painless patch for continuous health monitoring

Health - Jun 18

Researchers develop a painless patch for continuous health monitoring. Researchers at two Ontario universities have developed a pain-free, wearable sensor that can continuously monitor levels of blood sugar, lactates and other critical health indicators for weeks at a time, sending results to a smartphone or other device.

Pharmacology - Jun 18

Psoriasis Probe shows high level of arthritis symptoms in patients


Early results of an international study examining the risk of arthritis for people with psoriasis have shown a high burden of joint symptoms in 712 patients - 25% of the total studied so far.

Microtechnics - Jun 17

Engineers unlock design for record-breaking robot that could jump twice the height of Big Ben


Manchester engineers unlock design for record-breaking robot that could jump twice the height of Big Ben Engineers at The University of Manchester hav

Environment - Jun 17

Understanding the Green Sahara’s Collapse

TUM Scientists Develop New Method for Early Detection of Climate Tipping Points. Abrupt shifts within complex systems such as the Earth's climate system are extremely hard to predict.

Physics - Jun 17

The nanotechnological revolution requires standardised ’screws’ - here is a way to measure them


Physicists at the University of Bath lead on the discovery of a new optical property that measures the twist in tiny helices.

Health - Jun 17

Your bra size is affecting how much you sweat, and it’s not what you’d think


A study by the University of Southampton has revealed a surprising link between breast size and the amount of sweat produced by the breast during exercise.

Music - Jun 18

The ’Queen of the Night’ does not whistle


New findings about the sound production mechanism of ultra-high-pitched operatic singing.

Environment - Jun 17

’Forever chemicals’ found in English otters

New research by Cardiff University's Otter Project has found that PFAS, also known as 'forever chemicals', present in English otters, raising concerns about potential health impacts in the future.

Chemistry - Jun 17

Golden Ball Mills as Green Catalysts


Less waste, mild reaction conditions, and no harmful solvents - only a very thin layer of gold is necessary to sustainably convert alcohols into aldehydes through mechanochemistry.

Chemistry - Jun 17

Scientists solve century-old chemistry riddle

When two solutions of oppositely charged polymers (polyelectrolytes) are mixed, phase separation occurs leading to the formation of a polymer-rich phase and a supernatant phase. The precise distribution of all components, that ispolyelectrolytes and counterions, had not yet been determined. Researchers at the University of Twente can now measure quantitatively exactly where these components are distributed using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

Environment - Jun 17

Using radar to study glaciers


Researchers are using radar to scan the snow and ice on the Jungfraujoch. Sometimes, scaling an icy peak is the only way for scientists to fully understand satellite data.

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