ANU and Chamber come together on music

 The ANU School of Music.

The ANU School of Music.

The Australian National University and the ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry are working together to ensure a strengthened future for the ANU School of Music and the ACT music community.

Early discussions are underway to build a new consortium that would address the funding and resource issues faced by ANU, and build a more resilient music culture in the ACT.

The early aims of the new consortium would be to increase funding for the benefit of music in the ACT and region, including the wide range of music groups in the ACT and the ANU School of Music.

This includes raising funds to boost the number of one-on-one lessons ANU students could access through the Personal Development Allowance in the proposed new School of Music curriculum.

Chris Peters, Chief Executive of the Chamber said:  “I see ANU and the Chamber working closely together to reach these aims, and build a sustainable future for music in the ACT. The School of Music issue has galvanized the community in its support of music, but has also highlighted the very significant funding problems faced by all universities teaching music."

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young said: "I am very pleased to be working with Chris Peters. It has always been the intention of ANU to maintain a strong performance element as part of the new School of Music curriculum. I am keen to explore ways of increasing the amount of one-on-one tuition for students through new funding arrangements. The School of Music is very closely involved with the cultural life of the ACT and I think there is real potential to have this joint effort build the resilience of music in the School, the ACT and region.”

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