Five voices from four countries

Students from Canada, Russia, Mexico and Sweden are just a few of the countries represented in the global class room at Lund University School of Economics and management.

MIKHAL MARTYNOVICH is from Moscow, Russia and is in his second year of the Master’s programme in Economic Growth, Innovation and Spatial Dynamics. “To me, an important reason for choosing LUSEM is because it has a very good reputation when it comes to innovation knowledge. Furthermore, after having studied Swedish economy back home in Russia, I was interested in the country. I also enjoy the international atmosphere here and Lund is, of course, a very nice city. It is an environment that is good for studying as well as for personal development”, says Mikhail Martynovich. “My goal is to continue with doctoral studies here at the Department of Economic History and after that I can imagine working internationally, but exactly where in the world is, of course, not so easy to know right now.”

KATE LOTTRIDGE is from Vancouver, Canada and is studying the Master’s programme in International Marketing and Brand Management, the most popular Master’s programme in Sweden. “LUSEM was the only school I could find that offered this combination of International Marketing and Brand Management and considering the good reputation of the School I never hesitated in coming here”, says Kate Lottridge. “The students in this programme are from 22 different nations and have varying backgrounds, something which is very stimulating since we do a great deal of group work. The course work is based on real situations and we work on solving a lot of cases including companies that are locally engaged. For example, we had one project in the market intelligence course working directly for Mercedes-Benz researching the future of sustainable mobility. This project was challenging and engaging, and opened my eyes to a possible career in this field.”

JOHANNA LEONARD is from Helsingborg, Sweden and is studying for a Master of Science in Business and Economics but has taken a sabbatical year to work full-time as the Head of Corporate Relations for the students’ union Lundaekonomerna. Parallel to her work she is attending the unique leadership programme known as the Leadership Academy. This programme was specifically designed for students who hold a leadership role in a student organisation in Lund. “This job means that I am taking a large responsibility as a leader. It’s easy to feel a bit lonely without having someone to talk to who has the experience of being a leader. Here I can air my problems in a discussion forum where I also obtain a theoretical basis for the discussions. We also receive individual coaching which is very valuable to me. In addition to this we have the opportunity of shadowing a senior executive at Nordea for a whole day. This gives insight into the general problems related to leadership”, says Johanna Leonard.

STEPH ANYGARCIA is from Monterrey, Mexico and is studying the Master’s programme in Information Systems. “When I applied to this programme it was to a large extent the combination of IT, business and management that attracted me – as well as being a one-year course rather than a two-year course like many of the other programmes I was looking at. It was actually a German friend of mine who told me about LUSEM and when I looked it up I saw that it was highly ranked internationally. Moreover, I had only heard good things about Sweden”, says Stephany Garcia. “The programme really lives up to my expectations. Great importance is given to the business sector perspective and we also have many guest lecturers from Swedish companies, something I appreciate. It is also nice to work with current projects since the IT branch changes very quickly, for example we are now working on one about Sony.”

JAKOB NORDMARK is from Växjö, Sweden and is in his second year of the Master’s programme in Finance. He received the Financial Sector Union’s essay prize in the spring of 2011 as the co-author of an essay on EU stress tests of banks. “Most students here are from other countries and all instruction is taught in English. This suits me fine as I would like to work in the financial sector in the future and English is the international language. Something I appreciate is that the programme includes both business administration and economics, so as to give a holistic perspective on financial matters”, says Jakob Nordmark. “I think there is a great study environment here with good teachers, close with people of many different nationalities and a student life that is exceptional.” 

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