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Max IV

Are universities keeping up with current developments’ What will research and education be like for our future generations’ Join us for a week filled with activities concerning development, research and higher education in the future.

Science week, 16-22 October 2017

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Main symposium:

The Infrastructures of the Future: Basic Science in Dynamic Regions

Date: 17-18 October I Time: Full day I Place: Palaestra, Lund
Symposium devoted to the future role of infrastructure in science. High hopes are often bound to research infrastructure from a number of perspectives. But how do we know that they will function as planned? Can there be any guarantees that investments in research infrastructures are well spent? This event will take place between 12:00-16:00 on 17 October 2017 and continue the day after, 18 October between 08:00-12:00.

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Events and activities during the science week:

Shaping a Way Forward: Higher Education Futures for the Middle East

Date : 16 October I Time:  15:00-17:00 I  Place :  Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Finngatan 16, Lund
Armed conflicts and political crises have in recent years severely reduced access to and availability of higher education in the Middle East.  We inivite you to join this visioning workshop and reflect on the present, complex situation of higher education in this region. 

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Jubilee Mingle at Grand Hotel

Date: 16 October  I Time: 17:00-19:00  I  Place:  Grand Hotel, Lund
Grand Hotel will open its doors to everyone who would like to meet and mingle with the people who have been involved in the 350 jubilee this past year: dedicated participants, organisers, lecturers and the coordinators responsible for the jubilee activities and events. Everyone is most welcome! Marcus Stensmyr will give a public lecture in Swedish on smell and food from a biologist’s perspective. The exhibition From Microcosmos to Cosmos will also be open.

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Exhibition: From Microcosm to Cosmos

Date: 16-22 October I Place: Grand Hotel, Lund
The different departments at the Faculty of Science will together exhibit a number of photographs depicting everything from the tiniest objects made visible using synchrotron light to gigantic phenomena out in the cosmos that can only be seen through a telescope.

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The Future Sustainable University

Date :   18 October I  Time:  15:00-17:30 I  Place : Lilla Salen, AF Building, Lund
The sustainability forum will hold a seminar where students and staff can put forward their ideas to develop Lund University’s continuing sustainability-related work. 

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Digitalisation of Education - The End of Universities? (CANCELLED)

Date: 19 October I Time: 10:00-14:00 I Place: Auditorium of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Tegnérsplatsen 4, Lund

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Inauguration of the Ravensbrück Archive

Date: 20 October I Time: 14:00-16:30 I Place: Main University Building, Paradisgatan 2, Lund
We invite you to take part in the inauguration of the unique Ravensbrück Archive, which contains 500 translated and digitalised  interviews that were conducted with survivers of the Holocaust in 1945, as well as other documents and personal artefacts.

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Humanities Lab Jubilee 

Date :   20 October I  Time : 11:00-16:00 I  Place : Skissernas Museum, Finngatan 2, Lund
The Humanities Lab has its own,10-year jubilee this year, which is an excellent opportunity for it to showcase some of its exciting tools and methodology. Come and try eye-tracking on works of art, test your writing skills or visit Pompeii in its former glory using virtual reality.

Learn more about this event on the Humanities Lab webpage

Alumni Homecoming Weekend

Date: 20-22 October I Place: Lund (several places)
Welcome back to Lund! This event is for all Lund University alumni who want to revisit Lund and enjoy the splendour of our 350th anniversary. 

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Presentation of the Jubilee Sculpture

Date :   21 October I  Time: 14:00-14:30  I  Place : The square with the large fountain in front of the Main University Building, Paradisgatan 2, Lund
A sculpture made by Charlotte Gyllenhammar in honour of the 350 jubilee will be unveiled to the public. 

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Science Theme at Vattenhallen

Date: 21-22 October I Time: 12:00-17:00  I Place: Vattenhallen Science Centre
During the open house at Vattenhallen Science Centre, you can learn what materials research is and how the research facilities  ESS and MAX IV work. Do not miss the Quantum show, popular science lectures and the experiments on light, materials, nanotechnology and other interesting activities. In the Centre’s planetarium you can see the show "Cosmic light". 

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Other events

Check the events calendar to see other events during our jubilee year.

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