TRAPPIST-1 inspires artists all over the world

Songs, animations, paintings, short stories, sketches, illustrations, the announcement of the discovery of TRAPPIST-1 by Michaël Gillon - in February 2017 during a press conference at the NASA headquarters - inspired many people and groups around the world. Some very scientific and some more personal. Selected pieces.

Animations and  artistic creations

On 23 February2017 Google dedicates its daily google doodle to the discovery of the 7 exoplanets.

A study led by Daniel Tamayo (University of Toronto) shows that the planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system had to be formed further away from their star and migrate together by "harmonizing" their orbits. This remarkable orbital configuration was translated into music by Matt Russo and Andrew Santaguida and broadcast on Thought Café .

Through artists' illustrations, NASA offers a 360° view of the third planet of the TRAPPIST-1 system from which we move with our mouse or mobile device.

The exoplanetary system has been invited into Elite Dangerous . TRAPPIST-1 went live in the beta version of the video game in which fans can now visit the new system on their own.

The Belgian painter  Paul Van Hoeydonck , known for his work  Fallen Astronaut - the only work of art on the Moon - inspired by the discovery of the 7 planets, draws this painting which he will give to the Liège team in April 2017.


Written by Swiss author Laurence Suhner and published in the scientific journal Nature, the novel The terminator , directly inspired by the discovery of the 7 exoplanets, takes a different look at these newly discovered worlds.

Comic strip

TRAPPIST-1, Whati is it -  A story drawn by Sylvain Rivaud alias Lepithec, comic strip author and illustrator.


Visit TRAPPIST-1e! features this poster from NASA's Exoplanet Travel Bureau , showing two children amazed by the view of the other six planets in the sky. TRAPPIST-1e is, of the three planets located in the so called "habitable zone" around the dwarf star TRAPPIST-1, this zone where water could exist in the liquid state, which would be the most similar to the Earth. On this poster is a part of the heritage of Liège, the Calatrava station! (Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

Download the poster


Artist illustration showing TRAPPIST-1 and its 7 planets. The potential for water on each of the worlds is also represented by the frost, water pools, and steam surrounding the scene. The image was reproduced on the cover of the Nature newspaper of 22 February 2017. Crédit : NASA/R. Blessé/T. Pyle

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The Belgian government was also inspired by this discovery for its campaign " A Belgium uniquely phenomenal " with the poster posted in stations, bus stops and airports.


The English new wave group In Isolation, amazed and captivated by the discovery of TRAPPIST-1, writes and records a love anthem dedicated to the exoplanetary system.

An international group of composers, Disquiet Junto, made of TRAPPIST-1 the subject of a composition challenge (project 0272). The range of interpretations was quite unexpected.
This one is Carl Michaël's composition.

Senegalese rapper Lory Mony deviates a little from his musical path and proposes to his fans a different song, inspired by the announcement of the discovery of the seven planets.

On May 13,2017, Adam Lukawski (Composer at the Amsterdam Conservatory) and Julia Borzucka (Artist) presented the play "TRAPPIST-1", inspired directly by the discovery of the exoplanetary system.

Kovalic is parodying Admiral Ackbar's phrase "It's a Trap!" and puts in the hand of the Star Wars character a Belgian beer. (left)
In Boulder, Colorado, the microbrewery  The Gravity Brewing offers a TRAPPIST-1b batch. (right)