University of Melbourne launches Talent for Every Future

The University of Melbourne today launches a new brand campaign, Talent for Every Future

Innovation and technology are rapidly changing the global marketplace and this campaign addresses the crucial role universities play in helping employers meet the challenges of a volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain workplace environment.

University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis says Talent for Every Future celebrates the Melbourne Model, a distinctive, world-class curriculum that gives students a wider understanding of the world beyond their degree.

"Education is an investment in our future. The University of Melbourne has a distinct model, which produces forward-thinking graduates, who are skilled and resilient, with a broad outlook and collaborative approach. The success of this is evidenced by our number 7 ranking for graduate employability among employers worldwide* ," Professor Davis says.

Professor Davis says universities play a role in collaborating with business and industry to enable the next generation to understand the workforce and adapt and thrive.

"We have more than 900 partnerships with businesses and the community. The University is also developing innovation precincts that are co-located with industry, designed to develop solutions in partnership with our students and researchers, " Professor Davis says.

Talent for Every Future follows previous brand campaigns, Collisions and Made Possible by Melbourne , which highlighted how collaboration between great minds leads to significant research achievements. This latest campaign demonstrates the value of the University’s teaching and learning model.

University of Melbourne Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Siobhan Forbes says the new campaign showcases how University of Melbourne graduates are prepared for the future of work.

" Talent for Every Future illustrates how Melbourne Model graduates are well placed to help workplaces globally navigate an uncertain future," Ms Forbes says.

"We have developed an internationally competitive curriculum that couples broad undergraduate studies with postgraduate specialisation. In this crowded marketplace, having both an undergraduate and a higher-level graduate qualification is a strong point of difference and helps our graduates stand out.

"As part of this campaign, we’re also looking forward to sharing the experience and perspectives of Melbourne alumni who are leading their industries in preparing for the future.

"This campaign reflects our teaching, research and the University of Melbourne’s ongoing engagement with industry."

The Talent for Every Future brand campaign film can be found here.

*QS Graduate Employability, 2017