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Astronomy Jun 17
Research news - Melting ice in the Antarctic has resulted in a 7.6 millimeter rise in the global sea level since 1992. Three millimeters of this increase were recorded in the last five years alone, according to a comprehensive study conducted with the participation of scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).
Medicine Jun 17

We have never been so fascinated by the secrets inside our cells. Tests that analyse our genetic make-up - the DNA packaged inside every cell of the human body - are more popular than ever.

Religions Jun 15

In a region of India with a long history of tension between Hindus and Muslims, children of different faiths are showing unexpected tolerance for one another's religious beliefs and customs, according to a new study led by UC Berkeley psychologist Mahesh Srinivasan.

Chemistry Jun 15

First ever detailed pictures of conjugated polymers - which conduct electricity and are highly sought after - captured with a novel visualisation technique developed by University of Warwick New appr

Physics Jun 15

The international particle accelerator, which discovered the Higgs boson in 2012, is getting some serious upgrades in its hunt for new physics.


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