Life Sciences - Feb 26
Life Sciences
In the event of a bone fracture, fatty acids in our blood signal to stem cells that they have to develop into bone-forming cells. If there are no blood vessels nearby, the stem cells end up forming cartilage. The finding that specific nutrients directly influence the development of stem cells opens new avenues for stem cell research.
Health - Feb 26

Extensive use of mobile phone is linked to increased headaches and poor sleep, says an Imperial expert. Professor Paul Elliott, Chair in Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine at Imperial College London, is leading two studies to investigate whether there is a link between the use of mobile phones and long-term health problems in adults and adolescents.

Life Sciences - Feb 26

Rare genetic disorders caused by small changes in a person's genetic make-up affect fewer than 1 in 2,000 people globally - but they are a major cause of developmental and psychiatric conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and intellectual disability.

Environment - Feb 26

A stretch of beachfront along Puget Sound in Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington. Elizabeth Lev/University of Washington As metropolises balloon with growth and sprawl widens the footprint of cities around the world, access to nature for people living in urban areas is becoming harder to find.

Health - Feb 26

People's fear of radiation is sometimes out of proportion to the risks it poses, said an Imperial expert at a public healthcare event. Professor Gerry Thomas, Chair in Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London and the Chernobyl Tissue bank, has led research looking at the health impacts of radiation.

Physics - Feb 26

EPFL scientists have developed a new type of microscope slide that can boost the amount of light in fluorescence microscopy by a factor of up to 25.

Chemistry - Feb 26

Exotic molecule linked to ozone also at work in chronic diseases and cancers, and even the decomposition of food.

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