Medicine - Jul 23
University of Sydney experts call for greater transparency and independence by Australian health consumer groups, as new research reveals clouded disclosures about financial support and corporate sponsorship arrangements. Representing the interests of health consumers such as patients, their family and carers, health consumer organisations play an influential role in health care policy.
Medicine - Jul 23

University of Sydney research reveals that women admitted to Australian hospitals with serious heart attacks are half as likely as men to get proper treatment and to die at twice the rate of men six months after discharge.

Medicine - Jul 20

By drawing in a bit of sweat, a patch developed in the lab of Alberto Salleo can reveal how much cortisol a person is producing.

Earth Sciences - Jul 23

Natural sources of the toxic form of chromium appear in wells that provide drinking water to a large population in California, offering a new perspective on California's groundwater management challenges.

Medicine - Jul 20

Ribonucleic Acid is a crucial component in human gene expression, and it may have the ability to treat virtually every known disease.

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