Emotion can also cause chickens to get red in the face

Psychology - Apr 23

How can we know what chickens are feeling? An INRAE research team were able to uncover various degrees of redness on chickens' faces depending on their emotional state, while, at the same time, demonstrating that the skin of chickens that were used to humans stayed lighter in colour, thereby indicating a calmer state when humans were nearby. These results, which provide keys for assessing animal welfare, were published on 21 April in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science journal.

Environment - Apr 23

Bacteria for climate-neutral chemicals of the future


Researchers at ETH Zurich have engineered bacteria in the laboratory to efficiently use methanol. The metabolism of these bacteria can now be tapped into to produce valuable products currently made by the chemical industry from fossil fuels.

Health - Apr 23

Liver cancer: Molecular signalling pathway of tumour development decoded

As a malignant disease of the liver cells, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the main causes of cancer-related deaths. While the treatment options for this aggressive type of cancer remain limited, the incidence is increasing.

This tiny chip can safeguard user data while enabling efficient computing on a smartphone

Researchers have developed a security solution for power-hungry AI models that offers protection against two common attacks.

Life Sciences - Apr 22

Pressure in the womb may influence facial development

Life Sciences

Physical cues in the womb, and not just genetics, influence the normal development of neural crest cells, the embryonic stem cells that form facial features, finds a new study led by UCL researchers.

Health - Apr 22

Taxing unhealthy food helps cut obesity, says global study

Mexico is leading the way in implementing taxes on unhealthy food options, successfully helping to tackle obesity and related health issues.

Environment - Apr 23

More support needed to help households transition to green energy, research concludes

Citizens will need greater financial support and advice as they make the switch to decarbonised heat sources, research from Cardiff University shows.

Chemistry - Apr 23

New small molecule helps scientists study regeneration


Regenerating damaged tissues or organs has been a dream of scientists for decades. Now, researchers at the FMI and Novartis Biomedical Research have discovered a new molecule that activates a protein involved in regeneration. The tool holds promise for advancing our understanding of how organisms repair damaged tissue.

Climate change in the early Middle Ages triggered by volcanic eruptions in Iceland

Earth Sciences

Icebergs on the Bosporus and a frozen Black Sea: an international study by the University of Bern with the participation of the Austrian Academy of Sciences shows how volcanic eruptions on Iceland influenced the European climate in the early Middle Ages and led to severe winter cooling anomalies.

Life Sciences - Apr 22

Spatial-temporal detection of apoptotic cell death in live-cell imaging

Life Sciences

Apoptotic cell death is a crucial mechanism that contributes to tissue homeostasis and prevents the onset of several diseases.

Life Sciences - Apr 22

Understanding muscle regeneration with zebrafish

Life Sciences

In humans, muscles can only regenerate from small injuries, such as those resulting from sporting activities.

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