Physics - Apr 25
For the first time, physicists at the University of Basel have succeeded in measuring the magnetic properties of atomically thin van der Waals materials on the nanoscale. They used diamond quantum sensors to determine the strength of the magnetization of individual atomic layers of the material chromium triiodide.
Pharmacology - Apr 25

Medical researchers at the University of Nottingham and NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre are part of a major new international research project to improve the safety and regulation in the development of drugs.

Health - Apr 25

As we reflect on the state of malaria today-World Malaria Day 2019-one very exciting milestone has been achieved. The pilot implementation of RTS,S, the world's first licensed vaccine for any parasitic disease has been launched in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana.

Life Sciences - Apr 25
Life Sciences

A battery-like device could act as an artificial synapse within computing systems intended to imitate the brain's efficiency and ability to learn.

Computer Science - Apr 25

A cardboard sign with a colourful print. That's all researchers from the Faculty of Engineering Technology at KU Leuven needed to fool a smart camera. To be clear: Wiebe Van Ranst, Simen Thys, and Toon Goedemé from the EAVISE research group don't have evil intentions.

Life Sciences - Apr 25

A new UCLA study suggests that brain cells called astrocytes, previously thought to provide mainly nourishment and housekeeping functions for neurons, may play a key role in the regulation of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Health - Apr 25

Researchers can now tag proteins in live cells that have modifications associated with disease. Proteins produced in cells often undergo modifications by enzymes after they are formed.

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