New therapy proven effective against rejection in kidney transplantation

Pharmacology - May 27

Antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) is one of the most common causes of kidney transplant failure. To date, however, no treatment has proven effective in combating this complication in the long term. As part of an international and multidisciplinary clinical study led by Georg Böhmig and Katharina Mayer, Clinical Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Department of Medicine III at MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna, a new therapeutic principle in transplant medicine has been found to be both safe and highly effective. The results were recently published in the prestigious "New England Journal of Medicine".

Microtechnics - May 24

Imperceptible sensors made from ’electronic spider silk’ can be printed directly on human skin


Researchers have developed a method to make adaptive and eco-friendly sensors that can be directly and imperceptibly printed onto a wide range of biol

Intriguing Earth-sized planet discovered 40 light years away

Astronomy & Space

Two international teams of astronomers, including one co-led by a PhD candidate based at UCL and the University of Edinburgh, have discovered a planet only 40 light years away whose size is between that of Earth and Venus.

Pre-collapse monitoring of Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine

Astronomy & Space

New findings from a spaceborne monitoring team of University of Houston, TU Delft and DLR indicates the collapse of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine may have been already ongoing before the war with Russia, with deformations in the dam pre-dating the actual collapse. The results were published in the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment

Autonomous Trauma Care Extends ’Golden Hour’ for Saving Lives

A team of Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers have developed and successfully tested an autonomous trauma care system that could save the lives of traumatically wounded me

Health - May 24

Physical frailty may put people at greater risk of depression

The findings of a new Yale study suggest physical frailty may be a risk factor for depression - and a target for intervention. Individuals who meet at least one of the criteria for physical frailty are at higher risk of also developing depression, a new Yale study finds.

Health - May 24

Nicotine use rises among young adults in England but cigarette smoking continues to decline


Overall nicotine use has risen among adults in England since disposable vapes started becoming popular, due to a rapid increase in vaping among young adults coupled with a modest overall decline in smoking, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

Environment - May 24

Ambitious targets are needed to end ocean plastic pollution by 2100

Research suggests that plastic pollution must be reduced by at least 5% every year to make progress towards UN targets by the end of the century.

Bigger is better: male proboscis monkeys’ enhanced noses evolved to attract mates

Astronomy & Space

When it comes to the animal kingdom, bigger is better. Well, at least for proboscis monkeys, famously known for their long, large and droopy noses.

Health - May 24

In stroke response, speed is key; Yale study reveals where delays are worst


When it comes to stroke treatment, every minute counts. A new study identifies factors associated with treatment delays - and targets for intervention.

Chemistry - May 23

Sponge-like material that could boost nuclear energy and hydrogen tech


Chemists have developed breakthrough porous materials that could be used for the future of energy, including in the nuclear industry or for storing hydrogen.

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