Medicine Apr 28
FINDINGS. Forty-four percent of people who held jobs before contracting a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome were jobless one year after they were discharged from the hospital, costing them an average of about $27,000 in earnings.
Medicine Apr 28

Sussex research reveals the addictive potential of a drug legally available in the UK and other countries.

Sport Sciences Apr 28
Sport Sciences

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Studies have suggested a link between fitness and memory, but researchers have struggled to find the mechanism that links them.

Life Sciences Apr 28
Life Sciences

Gold could be discovered and extracted more quickly and recycled more efficiently, thanks to research into “nugget-producing” bacteria.

Astronomy Apr 28

Astronauts in space are valuable sources of scientific data. Researchers collect blood and urine samples to understand what effects living in weightlessness has on their bodies.