Life Sciences Sep 26
Life Sciences
An exploratory study carried out by Inra inside Agreenium's network enabled to identify French research and agricultural higher education outlines worldwide. Agreenium is a cooperation institute that groups 14 higher education institutions and 4 research bodies.
Medicine Sep 26

UCLA's Dr. Shafali Jeste says it is better to focus on therapies for which there is evidence of a benefit - Mark Wheeler - Dr. Shafali Jeste knows well the desperation of a parent seeking a cure for their child with autism spectrum disorder.

Social Sciences Sep 26

Football has long been tarnished by outbreaks of fan violence.

Medicine Sep 26

The first global review to quantify the impact of needle syringe programmes (NSP) and opioid substitution treatment (OST) in reducing the risk of becoming infected with the hepatitis C virus is published in Cochrane Library Drug and Alcohol Review Group and the journal Addiction.

Chemistry Sep 26

Researchers at the Universities of Vienna and Göttingen have succeeded in developing a method for predicting molecular infrared spectra based on artificial intelligence.