Life Sciences Feb 28
Life Sciences
The night vision of frogs and toads appears to be superior to that of all other animals. They have the ability to see colour even when it is so dark that humans are not able to see anything at all. This has been shown in a new study by researchers from Lund University in Sweden.
Environment Feb 28

An international team of researchers has demonstrated that key processes in models used for the global assessment of water resources for climate change are currently missing.

Medicine Feb 28

Cholesterol-lowering drugs used alongside chemotherapy have no effect on treatment outcomes for lung cancer patients, according to a new study.

Medicine Feb 28

• Study finds link between sedentary work, larger waist circumference & risk of heart disease • People with no risk factors for heart disease walk at least seven miles per day or spend seven hours per day upright.

Astronomy Feb 28

Mammalian cells are optimally adapted to gravity. But what happens in the microgravity environment of space if the earth‘s pull disappears' Previously, many experiments exhibited cell changes – after hours or even days in zero gravity.