Computer Science - May 13
Experts in virtual reality locomotion have developed a new resource that analyses all the different possibilities of locomotion currently available. Moving around in a virtual reality world can be very different to walking or employing a vehicle in the real world and new approaches and techniques are continually being developed to meet the challenges of different applications.
Pedagogy - May 13

Around 700 child deaths that occur in England each year might be avoided by reducing deprivation, finds a new NHS England-funded report published today [13 May]. The University of Bristol National Child Mortality Database (NCMD)-led analysis identified a clear association between the risk of death and level of deprivation for children in England, for all categories of death except cancer.

Life Sciences - May 12
Life Sciences

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) affects between one and two of every 10,000 new-born babies. This genetic disease leads to the formation of benign tumours which can massively impair the proper functioning of vital organs such as the kidneys, the liver and the brain.

Life Sciences - May 12
Life Sciences

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports reveals the genetic structure of the land snail Xerocrassa montserratensis and it provides new scientific tools for the improvement of the conservation of this endemic and threatened species in Catalonia.

Environment - May 12

The chance of us finding brook lamprey or brown trout in our brooks and rivers again in a few years is particularly small. An international study led by KU Leuven shows that we are only taking baby steps with the policy currently in force.

Health - May 13

A large-scale randomised trial of annual screening for ovarian cancer, led by UCL researchers, did not succeed in reducing deaths from the disease, despite one of the screening methods tested detecting cancers earlier.

Computer Science - May 12

New research has identified various flaws in the security of Wi-Fi connections. Attackers could take advantages of these weaknesses to get access to private data. New security updates were announced yesterday.

Linguistics - May 12

The 'missing link' that helped our ancestors to begin communicating with each other through language may have been iconic sounds, rather than charades-like gestures - giving rise to the unique human power to coin new words describing the world around us, a new study reveals.

Health - May 12

The advance, researchers say, is like the discovery of the Rosetta stone and could eventually lead to new treatments for diseases The advance, researchers say, is like the discovery of the Rosetta stone and could eventually lead to new treatments for diseases UCLA life scientists have identified six "words" that specific immune cells use to call up immune defense genes — an important step toward understanding the language the body uses to marshal responses to threats.

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