Medicine - Oct 16
A new treatment strategy could increase the success rate of stem cell transplants, according to University of Queensland researchers. The approach removes the need for donor matching and the use of immunosuppressant drugs to prevent rejection, and could make stem cell treatment accessible to more patients.
Life Sciences - Oct 15
Life Sciences

Surgeons could soon eavesdrop on a patient's brain activity during surgery to remove their brain tumour, helping improve the accuracy of the operation and reduce the risk of impairing brain function.

Life Sciences - Oct 15

PA 204/18 Adopting a more local and flexible approach to sustainable development could be key to boosting the productivity of small-scale farms in Africa, a study involving researchers at the University of Nottingham has found.

Medicine - Oct 15

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Astronomy - Oct 15

A new infrared telescope designed and built by astronomers at ANU and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the US will be the first of its kind to monitor the entire northern sky in search of new cosmic events.

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