Life Sciences Jul 27
Life Sciences
Researchers analysed DNA extracted from 4,000-year-old human remains to reveal that more than 90% of Lebanese ancestry is from ancient Canaanite populations.
Physics Jul 27

Postdoctoral researcher Yuanyuan Wang holds a 'mask' used in a new process that makes it easier to build nanomaterials into transistors, solar cells and other devices.

Life Sciences Jul 27

One of the goals of personalized medicine is to be able to determine which treatment would work best by sequencing a patient's genome.

Medicine Jul 27

Men with high sugar intakes from sweet food and beverages have an increased likelihood of common mental disorders (such as anxiety and depression) after 5 years compared to those with low intake, according to UCL research.

Life Sciences Jul 27

Scientists can now explore in a laboratory dish how the human brain develops by creating organoids - distinct, three-dimensional regions of the brain.