Analysing internal world models of humans, animals and AI

Life Sciences - Jul 18
Life Sciences

Freiburg researchers develop new formal description of internal world models, thereby enabling interdisciplinary research. A team of scientists led by Ilka Diester , Professor of Optophysiology and spokesperson of the BrainLinks-BrainTools research centre at the University of Freiburg, has developed a formal description of internal world models and published it in the journal Neuron .

Cosmic fingerprints of sulfur rings

For the first time, a team of scientists from HFML-FELIX at Radboud University has unveiled the cosmic fingerprints of sulfur rings.

Health - Jul 18

Improving HIV treatment for children and adolescents - the right way


Globally, around 2.6 million children and adolescents are currently living with HIV, the majority of them in Africa.

Environment - Jul 18

Better dams offer major benefits to farmers and livestock


Managing the water quality  of farm dams is critical to the health of livestock as well as boosting crop production, according to new research from

Psychology - Jul 17

Mindfulness training may lead to altered states of consciousness


Mindfulness training may lead participants to experience disembodiment and unity - so-called altered states of consciousness - according to a new study from researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Life Sciences - Jul 17

How star-shaped cells increase flexible learning

Life Sciences

Bonn researchers solve the hidden mystery of the role of astrocytes for learning processes and memory in the brain.

Health - Jul 18

Improved HIV Treatment for Children and Adolescents


Globally, around 2.6 million children and adolescents are living with HIV, with the majority of them residing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Environment - Jul 18

Reef pest feasts on ’sea sawdust’


Researchers have uncovered an under the sea phenomenon where coral-destroying crown-of-thorns starfish larvae have been feasting on blue-green algae bacteria known as 'sea sawdust'.

Environment - Jul 18

Bridging the ’Valley of Death’ in carbon capture


Developed at EPFL, Heriot-Watt University, and ETH Zurich, PrISMa is a new platform that uses advanced simulations and machine learning to streamline carbon capture technologies, by taking into account the perspectives of diverse stakeholders early in the research process.

Chemistry - Jul 17

Soft, stretchy ’jelly batteries’ inspired by electric eels


Researchers have developed soft, stretchable 'jelly batteries' that could be used for wearable devices or soft robotics, or even implanted in the brai

Environment - Jul 17

Restoring eroded peatlands reduces flood risk for communities downstream

Scientists from The University of Manchester, The University of Aberdeen and Newcastle University have found that the restoration of upland peatlands is a highly effective strategy for reducing downstream flooding.

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