Chemistry - Sep 17
Quickly and precisely determining the flavor profile of cocoa samples - Because a plethora of flavor compounds contribute to the distinctive taste of cocoa, its composition is difficult to analyze. Now, scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Leibniz Institute of Food Systems Biology (LSB) have developed a new methodology that quickly, easily, and precisely quantifies the flavor profile of cocoa samples.
Life Sciences - Sep 17
Life Sciences

A comprehensive analysis of white blood cells in the tissue surrounding the brain / Study published in the journal "Nature Neuroscience".

Pharmacology - Sep 17

In Australia, someone suffers a stroke every 19 minutes and it is one of Australia's biggest killers.

Health - Sep 16

New research led by the University of Birmingham suggests that skin cancer patients could have a better prognosis if their T cells send messages from five specific genes in their immune response to drugs given to treat the disease.

Health - Sep 16

A study of over 1.4 million Danes has revealed a link between higher levels of exposure to two common pollutants during childhood and an increased risk of self-harm in later life. The collaboration between academics at The University of Manchester and Aarhus University in Denmark is published today (16/09/2021) in a special issue on suicide prevention of the journal Preventive Medicine .

History - Sep 17

The most comprehensive and exact dating to date of the Cova del Gegant (Sitges, Garraf) has been published.

Environment - Sep 16

University of Göttingen and Archroma develop new method for treating wood Forest scientists at the University of Göttingen, together with the Swiss company Archroma, a global specialty chemicals company, have developed a new method for turning affordable and ecologically friendly wood from European forests into high-quality, fire-resistant construction timber.

Environment - Sep 16

Study shows that microplastics do not contribute to the mobility of organic pollutants in agricultural soils.

Astronomy - Sep 16

Star-forming galaxies are responsible for creating gamma-rays that until now had not been associated with a known origin.

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