Medicine Mar 29
Improving wastewater filtration could make water treatment accessible to more communities around the world, according to a University of Melbourne researcher. University of Melbourne School of Engineering PhD student Sam Skinner said better sludge disposal could significantly reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.
Medicine Mar 29

Keyhole surgery should be the preferred standard of care for women needing a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer, an international clinical trial has shown.

Life Sciences Mar 28
Life Sciences

Targeting dementia in the earlier stages of the condition could be critical for the success of future therapies, say researchers from the University of Bristol, who have found that the very earlies

Medicine Mar 28

FINDINGS. UCLA researchers, working with colleagues at the University of Southern California, have developed a computer program to detect cancer based on chemical modification of DNA circulating in blood.

Pedagogy Mar 28

If at first you don't succeed: Why repetition may hold key to helping children with specific language impairment.