Researchers control electronic properties of moiré crystals

Physics - Jul 24

Team led by physicist Ursula Wurstbauer demonstrates collective behaviour of electrons in two-dimensional crystals for the first time. If you make a material thinner and thinner, there comes a point when it undergoes a seemingly miraculous transformation: A two-dimensional material that consists of only one or two layers of a crystalline solid sometimes takes on completely different properties than the same material with greater thickness.

Health - Jul 24

Large genetic study on severe COVID-19


Bonn researchers confirm three other genes for increased risk in addition to the known TLR7 gene.

Health - Jul 24

New study on compassion in Alberta emergency departments linked to quality care

UCalgary Nursing professor Shane Sinclair says results show compassion cannot be considered 'optional' The news is rife these days about the quality of health care in Alberta.

Environment - Jul 23

Researchers warn of unprecedented arsenic release from wildfires


The wildfire season of 2023 was the most destructive ever recorded in Canada and a new study suggests the impact was unprecedented.

Hot Traces in Rock

Earth Sciences

Rocks undergo changes over millions of years. Yet it is possible to extract information from them about the climate at the time of their formation.

Supercomputer and quantum computer in a duet

Computer Science

Together, the University of Innsbruck and the spin-off AQT have integrated a quantum computer into a high-performance computing (HPC) environment for the first time in Austria. This hybrid of supercomputer and quantum computer enables the solution of complex tasks in chemistry, materials science or optimization and is already being tested by users in research and industry

Artificial intelligence with guaranteed safety and fairness

Computer Science

Many decisions are being made by neural networks. But are they rational and fair? Methods to ensure this are being developed at TU Wien.

Physics - Jul 23

A New Way to Make Element 116 Opens the Door to Heavier Atoms

Key Takeaways. Scientists at Berkeley Lab have successfully made known element 116 (livermorium) using a titanium beam for the first time, a breakthrough that enables the lab to try to make new element 120.

Environment - Jul 23

Lethal Climate Destruction: Linguistics Researcher Makes the Case for Using Medical Language in Climate Discourse

A new study on climate communication has just been published in the journal "Frontiers in Climate". "Global warming," "greenhouse effect," and "climate catastrophe" are all terms we are familiar with from international public discourse on the looming effects of climate change.

Environment - Jul 23

Non-Exhaust Emissions from Trains Are Not Negligible


One of the first major studies on abrasion emissions from rail vehicles shows that a lot of particulate matter contaminated with heavy metals is produced especially along railway lines.

Health - Jul 23

Stress granules play an unsuspected role in blood vessel formation

A study published in Nature Communications raises new hope for the development of treatments for vascular disease, cancer and diabetic retinopathy. The behaviour of the cells that make up our blood vessels is crucial to our well-being.

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