- Jan 18
Iny elastic robots that can change shape depending on their surroundings© 2019 E
Scientists at EPFL and ETH Zurich have developed tiny elastic robots that can change shape depending on their surroundings. Modeled after bacteria and fully biocompatible, these robots optimize their movements so as to get to hard-to-reach areas of the human body. They stand to revolutionize targeted drug delivery.
- Jan 18
MIT chemists have enhanced the resolution of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), w

Technique could yield insights into complex proteins involved in Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Health - Jan 18

Obstetricians, midwives and women who've had babies by Caesarean section are taking part in a new study to find out which technique is best used by the surgeon if the baby's head is found to be stuck in the pelvis at the time of Caesarean delivery.

Physics - Jan 18

Molecules are usually formed in reaction vessels or laboratory flasks. An Empa research team has now succeeded in producing molecules between two microscopically small, movable gold tips - in a sense as a "hand-knitted" unique specimen.

- Jan 18

Veterans who sought compensation for service-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were more likely to attend PTSD-related treatment sessions before their compensation exams than after, but only if the veterans had strong beliefs about a treatment-compensation connection, according to a new study by Yale Department of Psychiatry researchers.

Chemistry - Jan 18

Dr Clotilde Cucinotta is trying to solve the combined electrical and chemical problem, paving the way for next-generation energy sources.

Earth Sciences - Jan 18

New research outlines a more accurate and consistent way to warn coastal residents when and where tsunami waves are likely to hit. On a Friday afternoon in the spring of 2011, the T'hoku-Oki earthquake shook northeastern Japan for six minutes and shifted the country's main island by 8 feet.

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