Life Sciences

When bumblebees move, their vision improves. Scientists at the University of Würzburg have now been able to prove this . It was already known from other insects that running or flying accelerates the processing of visual information in the brain. However, whether active behavior also has an influence on the processing of stimuli in the eye had not yet been researched.

Team of neurobiologists from Münster University publish their findings on the evolution of the glial sheath and rapid transmission of signals in neurons.

Media - Jun 7

Researchers used Linkedin data to track where professionals want to move within the EU. For professionals looking for a new job, Eastern European countries have not been very attractive so far.

Physics - Jun 7

Scientists have developed a new research instrument for observing biological tissue samples prepared using a method discovered about forty years ago by Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet, emeritus professor at the University of Lausanne. Their instrument - the only one of its kind in the world - opens up promising new avenues of research.

Health - Jun 6

The bacterium Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) can cause severe meningitis in young children. Our researchers now have a way to make the Hib vaccine cheaply and more easily.

How do today's indigenous communities of South America trace back to the history of human migration and contact in the continent? An international team has worked to reconstruct the legacy of Chile's largest indigenous community, the Mapuche, in a quest to strengthen their representation in the history of the continent.

Psychology - Jun 7

In everyday life, our emotions often change from moment to moment, and people experience these fluctuations to varying degrees. Psychologists at the University of Leipzig have investigated the connection between the personality trait neuroticism - a potential risk factor for mental health - and emotional experience. They found that neurotic people experience negative emotions not only more intensely, but also with more mood swings than others. They have now published their findings in the journal -Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences- (PNAS).

Health - Jun 7

A research team led by the Medical University of Vienna and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna has analysed the actual prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Austria for the first time as part of a study. In addition to identifying clear regional differences, an alarming and previously unknown figure came to light: one in three people suddenly stop treatment and go without medication and/or medical check-ups for at least a year. And, as the study also showed, this group had a higher mortality rate than patients with diabetes who regularly access the care available to them. The results have just been published in the latest edition of Scientific Reports.

Pharmacology - Jun 6

Researchers have developed intelligent hydrogel materials for use as a reusable wound dressing One of the challenges in treating burn victims is the frequency of dressing changes, which can be extremely painful.

Media - Jun 6

The addition of 'trust' and 'distrust' buttons on social media, alongside standard 'like' buttons, could help to reduce the spread of misinformation, finds a new experimental study led by UCL researchers.

Health - Jun 6

Receptor proteins serve as the -eyes and ears- of the cell. The largest receptor family are the so-called G protein-coupled receptors. They respond to highly diverse stimuli ranging from photons to hormones and odorants. Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered a unique recognition pattern that works like a barcode and tags the receptor for desensitization. By this mechanism, signaling in cells is rapidly switched off when it is no longer needed.

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