Health - Jul 30
Immune response stronger than after two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine - People under the age of 60 who initially received a vaccine from AstraZeneca should be given an mRNA vaccine at their second appointment. This is recommended by the German Standing Committee on Vaccination. However, up until now, there were no data available to indicate to what extent the human organism would react to such a combined vaccination and start to form antibodies.
Life Sciences - Jul 30

A multidisciplinary team has managed to create a genetic circuit that allows living cells to reach critical states, stimulating new patterns of behavior. This study, published , may help to better understand the origin of cognition, and even improve the administration of drugs against tumors.

Physics - Jul 30

VUB leads pioneering project to search for cosmic particles from space with radio antennas . Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) are part of a unique installation on the Greenland ice cap that will try to observe almost elusive particles from space.

Life Sciences - Jul 30

University of Queensland researchers are refuting claims that COVID-19 can enter a person's DNA. The researchers from UQ's Queensland Brain Institute say the claims have led to "scaremongering" and people should not hesitate to be vaccinated.

Materials Science - Jul 29
Materials Science

Crystallization studies conducted in space laboratories, which are costly and unaffordable for most research laboratories, showed the valuable effects of microgravity during the crystal growth process and the morphogenesis of materials. Now, a research study led by a scientific team of the University of Barcelona, has created an easy and efficient method to achieve experimentation conditions of microgravity on Earth that simulate those in space. The results were published in the journal Advanced Materials in an article highlighted on its front cover.

Social Sciences - Jul 30

Children who live in the most deprived UK areas see far higher increases in body fat between the ages of seven and 17 compared to those from most advantaged areas, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

Economics - Jul 30

Australia is one of only three countries in the world to 'break the glass ceiling' and exceed 30 per cent of women on top-listed company boards without legislated quotas, according to University of Queensland research.

Environment - Jul 30

International research team shows that protein from microbes uses a fraction of the resources of conventional farming Microbes have played a key role in our food and drinks - from cheese to beer - for millennia but their impact on our nutrition may soon become even more important.

Physics - Jul 29

A team of German and American researchers from Augsburg, Münster, Edmonton, West Lafayette and Munich have detected the rolling movement of a nano-acoustic wave predicted by the famous physicist and Nobel prize-winner Lord Rayleigh in 1885.

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