Medicine May 24
New research suggests graphic warnings on junk food packaging would prove an effective deterrent to consumers when deciding what to eat - and it appears the more graphic and negative the message the better.
Life Sciences May 23

A newly discovered species Cifelliodon wahkarmoosuch (image of skull left, CT scan of skull right), is evidence that the Pangea split happened later than previously believed.

Astronomy May 23

As the International Space Station flew over the Indonesian coast of Sumatra on an April night, lightning from a thunderstorm reached the upper layers of the atmosphere and its light show was captured by ESA's latest observatory in space.

Medicine May 23

A team of Yale researchers has developed a statistical tool that can improve predictions of whether patients with advanced cancer are likely to die in the near term.

Earth Sciences May 23
Earth Sciences

Ice cores offer a window into the history of Earth's climate. Layers of ice reveal past temperatures, and gases trapped in bubbles reveal past atmospheric composition.

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