Health - Feb 26
People who have previously had COVID-19 have an enhanced antibody response with a single dose of RNA vaccine, finds new research co-led by UCL researchers. These are the findings of a study, published as a research letter* in the Lancet , of 51 UK healthcare workers, around half of whom had a previous laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Innovation - Feb 26

New EPFL research on whether handwriting skills transfer when a child writes in two different alphabetic scripts may pave the way for cross-lingual digital tools for the detection of handwriting difficulties.

Life Sciences - Feb 26

Am 05. März 2021 hält Univ. Prof. John W. C. Dunlop einen Vortrag zum Thema "Swarming Behaviour in Confinement - How curved surfaces influence pattern formation in biology." Der Vortrag findet um 14 Uhr online via Webex statt.

Health - Feb 25

New evidence that opioid agonists such as methadone and buprenorphine could substantially reduce drug related deaths if more widely used in the community and prison, and for longer, has been published in Lancet Psychiatry today [25 February].

Environment - Feb 25

Researchers have analysed decades' worth of data on the impact of repeated fires on ecosystems across the world.

Environment - Feb 26

Researchers find asteroid dust in impact crater that signalled end of dinosaurs. VUB professor Steven Goderis and his team have published unique evidence linking the extinction of dinosaurs to the impact of an asteroid 66 million years ago.

Health - Feb 26

As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out, a roadmap for unlocking Britain is announced, new research which looked at data from over 28,000 users of the website 'Germ Defence' since May 2020 highlights the continued, critical importance of breaking chains of virus transmission within our homes.

Health - Feb 25

An international consortium, led by scientists in Scotland, have devised a Coronavirus Toolkit which gives researchers from across the world open access to materials, including antibodies and genetic tools, which can be easily and immediately ordered via an online portal - to further research into COVID-19.

Life Sciences - Feb 25
Life Sciences

A computer network closely modelled on part of the human brain is enabling new insights into the way our brains process moving images - and explains some perplexing optical illusions.

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