Health - Feb 22
It is still a mystery why a blow to the chest can kill some people yet save others. We may be one step closer to an answer, however, thanks to a device developed by researchers at EPFL and the University of Bern that can replicate the experience in the laboratory. A blow to the chest can have highly contrasting effects.
Physics - Feb 22

The particle's core withstands pressures higher than those inside a neutron star, according to a new study.

Environment - Feb 21

A new Centre at the University of Cambridge will develop AI techniques to help address some of the biggest threats facing the planet.

Earth Sciences - Feb 21
Earth Sciences

Based on new data published today in the journal Science , it seems increasingly likely that an asteroid or comet impact 66 million years ago reignited massive volcanic eruptions in India, half a world away from the impact site in the Caribbean Sea.

Health - Feb 21

Since the early 2000s Venezuela has faced severe economic crisis caused by political instability and declining oil revenue. In particular, public health provision has suffered with an exodus of trained medical professionals and long-term shortages in medicines and medical supplies.

Life Sciences - Feb 21
Life Sciences

Palaeobiologists from the University of Bristol have shed new light on a jaw-snapping species of prehistoric worm using half-a-billion-year-old fossils kept at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Health - Feb 21

Consumption of sugary drinks in Berkeley's diverse and low-income neighborhoods dropped precipitously in 2015, just months after the city levied the nation's first soda tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

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