Physics - Dec 11
[ Florian Aigner - "Frequency combs" are optimally suited for chemical sensors. A revolutionary technology developed at TU Wien (Vienna) now produces these laser frequencies in a much easier and more robust way. Most lasers have only one color. All the photons it emits have exactly the same wavelength.
Health - Dec 11

Scientists have identified and modelled a distinct biology for paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia, one of the major causes of death in children.‌ ‌‌ The breakthrough research, from the

Health - Dec 11

Epilepsy researchers from around the world have examined the DNA of more than 45 000 people, leading to the discovery of 11 genes associated with the disorder and pointing the way to drugs that might benefit millions of patients who do not respond to existing treatments.

Environment - Dec 11

Volcanic carbon dioxide vents off the coast of Italy are rapidly acidifying nearby waters. This natural laboratory provides a crystal ball-view into potential future marine biodiversity impacts around the world.

Health - Dec 11

University of Glasgow engineers have secured funding to develop new medical diagnostic technologies to help treat infectious diseases in Africa and Vietnam.

Health - Dec 11

Changing language in job advertisements and de-identifying CVs during recruitment can significantly boost a person's prospects of landing a job by overcoming unconscious bias, new University of Melbourne research shows.

Health - Dec 10

Researchers have found that incidence of heart failure was around two-fold higher in people with diabetes.

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