Life Sciences May 25
Life Sciences
In the world's largest study into the genetic causes of endometriosis, University of Queensland researchers have helped identify five new gene regions linked to the disease. The genome-wide study analysed data from more than 200,000 women to help uncover genetic causes of the disease – a discovery that will help pave the way for future treatments.
Careers May 25

The received wisdom that migrant workers have a stronger ‘work ethic' than UK-born workers is proven for the first time, in a new study of Central and East European migrants, from the University of Bath's School of Management.

Astronomy May 24

The supernova is about 970 million light years away, meaning that it exploded before the dinosaurs were even on the Earth.

Medicine May 25

The brain waves of healthy newborns – which appear more abnormal than those of severe stroke victims – could be used to accurately predict which babies will have neurodevelopmental disorders.

Life Sciences May 24

Image 1) Zibra Natal - Ingra Morales (University of Sao Paulo) and Josh Quick (University of Birmingham - UK) use Oxford Nanopore MinION device.