Astronomy / Space Science

Study by the Universities of Bonn and St. Andrews proposes a solution to one of the great mysteries of cosmology. The universe is expanding. How fast it does so is described by the so-called Hubble-Lemaitre constant. But there is a dispute about how big this constant actually is: Different measurement methods provide contradictory values.

Health - Dec 1

Inserm press room - Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale press room Certain treatments to combat the Ebola virus, notably those based on monoclonal antibodies 1, have increased the survival rate of patients suffering from the disease and are now recommended.


In a step toward more autonomous soft robots and wearable technologies, researchers have created a device that uses color to simultaneously sense multiple mechanical and temperature stimuli.

Environment - Dec 1

A new study from Simon Fraser researchers examines the Canadian military's efforts to reduce the impacts of underwater noise pollution on species during training exercises in the Pacific Ocean but caveat that more can still be done.

Researchers are working to advance the field of glycoscience, illuminating the essential role of carbohydrates for human health and disease.

Life Sciences - Nov 30
Life Sciences

Researchers find that babies don't begin to process phonetic information reliably until seven months old which they say is too late to form the foundation of language.

Life Sciences

New genetic research has revealed how British otters were able to recover from species loss in the 1950s with the help of their counterparts from Asia.

Life Sciences

Good news for researchers working with high-resolution fluorescence microscopy: Biocompatible molecular rulers are available for the first time to calibrate the latest super-resolution microscopy methods.

Materials Science

Modelled on nature: researchers have developed a new material that replicates the structure responsible for the blue feathers of the North American song bird, among many other birds. It also has other striking advantages.

Campus - Nov 30

School students experience a wide range of achievement emotions during the years they spend attending school. Some of those emotions, such as joy and pride, are positive. Yet students also experience boredom and anger when they find achievement activities too difficult or too easy.

Health - Nov 30

Patients given transitional care before and during discharge from hospital - such as joint discharge planning follow up visits or phone calls - are less likely to be readmitted according to University of Manchester researchers.

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