Innovation Jul 18
A new system for monitoring fetal movements in the womb, developed by Imperial researchers, could make keeping an eye on high-risk pregnancies easier. Our device is the first to use acoustic sensors to detect movements. Dr Niamh Nolan Department of Bioengineering Monitoring the movements of babies in the womb is crucial to providing medical help when it's needed.
Astronomy Jul 18

New research using a decade of data from ESA's Mars Express has found clear signs of the complex martian atmosphere acting as a single, interconnected system, with processes occurring at low and mid levels significantly affecting those seen higher up.

Chemistry Jul 18

MIT researchers have designed a polymer material that can change its structure in response to light, converting from a rigid substance to a softer one that can heal itself when damaged.

Life Sciences Jul 18

Attacking the outer membrane of infectious bacteria will weaken them for targeting with antibiotic treatments.

Astronomy Jul 18

For nearly a century, astronomers have puzzled over the curious variability of young stars residing in the Taurus-Auriga constellation some 450 light years from Earth.

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