Astronomy - May 27
27 May 2019 Europe has been in orbit around Mars for more than 15 years and is almost a year away from launching its first rover mission, but ambitions are already running high to go one step further: returning a sample from the Red Planet. Has there ever been life on Mars' Reconstructing the history of our neighbouring planet and understanding how its evolution diverged from that of Earth is at the heart of Mars exploration missions.
Life Sciences - May 27

Teenage girls with problematic social behavior display reduced brain activity and weaker connectivity between the brain regions implicated in emotion regulation.

Astronomy - May 24

Space vehicles like SpaceX's Falcon 9 are designed to be reusable. But this means that, like Olympic gymnasts hoping for a gold medal, they have to stick their landings.

Life Sciences - May 24

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has received a $19.48 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to design a noninvasive neural interface that can be used as a wearable device.

Chemistry - May 24

FINDINGS. A study by researchers from the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute describes a molecular pathway that helps our eyes see continuously in bright light. The findings help answer a longstanding question about mammalian vision: Why don't our eyes become less sensitive when they're bombarded with bright light?

Transport - May 24

FINDINGS. Waze, the crowdsourced traffic application, could potentially help first responders reach a car crash in half the time it currently takes. A study by UCLA and UC Irvine researchers found that crash-related reports from Waze users came an average of two minutes and 41 seconds earlier than reports received by California Highway Patrol emergency personnel.

Materials Science - May 24

A team of polymer chemists and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new methodology that can be used to create a class of stretchable polymer composites with enhanced electrical and thermal properties.

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