Life Sciences Apr 28
Life Sciences
Gold could be discovered and extracted more quickly and recycled more efficiently, thanks to research into “nugget-producing” bacteria. Professor Gordon Southam from The University of Queensland's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences led the study, which gained insights into gold's biogeochemical cycle.
Astronomy Apr 28

Astronauts in space are valuable sources of scientific data. Researchers collect blood and urine samples to understand what effects living in weightlessness has on their bodies.

Chemistry Apr 28

EPFL scientists have combined 3D-printing with electroplating to easily produce high-quality metal electrodes that can be used as a molecular beam-splitter.

Microtechnics Apr 28

Cornelius Senn, a measurement engineer in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (D-BAUG), and his post-doctoral colleague Silvan Leinss have developed a new reflector for radar measurements.

Earth Sciences Apr 28

New research shows that a volcano in northeastern Australia last erupted around 7000 years ago – and stories passed down by the Gugu Badhun Aboriginal people suggest they were there to see it happen.