Physics - Apr 23
Quantum systems consisting of several particles can be used to measure magnetic or electric fields more precisely. A young physicist at the University of Basel has now proposed a new scheme for such measurements that uses a particular kind of correlation between quantum particles. In quantum information, the fictitious agents Alice and Bob are often used to illustrate complex communication tasks.
Life Sciences - Apr 23
Life Sciences

Central metabolic pathway runs "backwards" at high carbon dioxide concentrations - A research team from the University of Münster and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has gained new insights into the citric acid cycle: At very high carbon dio

Astronomy - Apr 23

An international team of scientists has reconstructed the 22-million-year journey of an asteroid through the Solar System to its impact on Earth.    The research on the flight path of the asteroid, which landed in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana o

Health - Apr 23

A team of scientists at the University of Glasgow has identified two known cases of human-to-cat COVID-19 transmission in the UK. In the study, led by the University of Glasgow and published today in the Veterinary Record, researchers describe two cases of human-to-cat SARS-CoV-2 transmission, found as part of a COVID-19 screening programme of the feline population in the UK.

Physics - Apr 22

Stars spin faster than expected as they age according to a new study led by scientists at the University of Birmingham which uses asteroseismology to shed new light on this emerging theory.

Pharmacology - Apr 23

Doctors need more evidence to help patients stop taking antidepressants safely and effectively, a collaborative study with The University of Queensland has found. UQ Emeritus Professor of General Practice Mieke van Driel said long-term antidepressant use was on the rise because people took antidepressants for much longer than recommended by guidelines.

Life Sciences - Apr 23
Life Sciences

The Philippines was once home to three previously unknown species of an unusual group of rodents with fluffy tails known as "giant cloud rats", according to a new fossil discovery.

Health - Apr 22

A stroke rehabilitation system, developed by MicroTransponder Inc and studied by a team at the University of Glasgow, has been shown to significantly improve arm impairment and function in people with long-term arm weakness after ischaemic stroke.

Health - Apr 22

Novel nanoparticles developed by researchers at ETH Zurich and Empa detect multi-resistant bacteria hiding in body cells and kill them.

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