Medicine Apr 27
A breakthrough in stroke medical research found a drug, traditionally used for heart attacks, dissolves blood clots in the brain faster and more effectively than standard stroke drugs. The EXTEND-IA TNK randomised clinical trial, led by The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and the University of Melbourne, compared the effectiveness of two drugs, Tenecteplase and Alteplase, in dissolving stroke-causing blood clots in the brain, before patients went on to have clot retrieval surgery.
Life Sciences Apr 27

This technique allows us to resurrect, in a sense, proteins that have been extinct for millions of years, so they can be studied in the lab.

Medicine Apr 27

Exposure to general anaesthetic up to age 4 raises the risk of poor child development and reduced literacy and numeracy as measured by school tests, new research led by the University of Sydney reveals.

Life Sciences Apr 27

The biggest study of its kind has allowed researchers to identify genetic risk factors associated with major depression, providing new insights for prevention and treatment.

Physics Apr 26

Physicists from the University of Basel have observed the quantum mechanical Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox in a system of several hundred interacting atoms for the first time.

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