Health - Sep 16
By combining epidemiology, mathematical modelling and historical investigation, researchers in Geneva, Switzerland and France confirm Jeanne Calment's exceptional longevity, invalidating the conspiracy theories surrounding her. Jeanne Calment, who passed away in 1997 at 122 years and 165 days, still is today the human being who had the longest life.
Life Sciences - Sep 16

Developing diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer and finding better treatments for schizophrenia are among the pursuits of five University of Queensland researchers honoured in the 2019 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

Life Sciences - Sep 13

The second annual Aging, Research, and Technology Innovation Summit on Tuesday will gather researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and health care workers to address some of the biggest challenges posed by neurodegenerative diseases.

Social Sciences - Sep 13

Most British adults, including a majority of Leave voters, think existing EU rules would provide "enough control" over EU immigration, according to a UCL and University of Cambridge survey conducted by YouGov.

Music - Sep 13

How do our senses, like vision, hearing, and touch, work together to create the perception of the world around us' A new study by scientists at Universität Hamburg finds that commonly found associations between shapes and sounds might rely on childhood vision.

Health - Sep 13

E very year, tens thousands of men in the United States are diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer. Most are told that they don't need treatment other than “active surveillance” to monitor their slow-growing tumors.

Psychology - Sep 13

Distressed rape complainants are perceived to be more credible than those who control their emotions, a University of Queensland study has found. UQ School of Psychology PhD candidate Faye Nitschke said the findings were alarming, given that emotion is not related to honesty or accuracy.

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