New mathematical proof helps to solve equations with random components

Mathematics - Jun 21

Researcher at the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics finds an approach that can be used flexibly. Whether it's physical phenomena, share prices or climate models - many dynamic processes in our world can be described mathematically with the aid of partial differential equations. Thanks to stochastics - an area of mathematics which deals with probabilities - this is even possible when randomness plays a role in these processes.

Health - Jun 21

Avoiding kidney transplant rejection using liquid biopsy?

The teams from the kidney transplantation department of Necker-Enfants Malades AP-HP hospital, Inserm and Paris Cité University, as part of the Paris Translational Research Center for Organ Transplantation (PARCC), coordin

Age of organic carbon important factor in ocean carbon storage

Earth Sciences

The ocean can store carbon and act as a carbon sink, and it can be a carbon source.

Life Sciences - Jun 21

Leipzig biophysicists decipher functionality of adrenaline-binding receptor

Life Sciences

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are found throughout the human body and are involved in many complex signalling pathways.

Physics - Jun 21

Intricate processes in photosynthesis decoded using advanced electron microscopy technique

An international team of researchers visualises atomic interactions in the protein structure called photosystem II and thus uncovers fundamental biochemical processes.

Environment - Jun 21

Supporting the right small changes can have big impacts

Small changes in our everyday actions can trigger significant, rapid societal shifts especially when it comes to climate action. A new IIASA-led study highlights the importance of analyzing these dynamics with a comprehensive framework to harness their full potential for reducing carbon emissions.

Health - Jun 21

Insight into the molecular mechanisms of ALS


Newly discovered subtypes and sex differences create new approaches for drugs. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS for short, is a mysterious neurodegenerative disease that is almost always fatal.

Life Sciences - Jun 21

Unifying behavioral analysis through animal foundation models

Life Sciences

Behavioral analysis can provide a lot of information about the health status or motivations of a living being. A new technology developed at EPFL makes it possible for a single deep learning model to detect animal motion across many species and environments. This -foundational model-, called SuperAnimal, can be used for animal conservation, biomedicine, and neuroscience research.

Life Sciences - Jun 21

How a Biocatalyst Might Boost the Growth of Microalgae

Life Sciences

A sensor for nitrogen could be hidden behind the extension of an enzyme for the breakdown of starch. If this sensor detects a high level of nitrogen, algal growth switches into turbo mode.

The ’15-minute city’ might not be realistic for North America, researchers find

McGill study suggests a '30-minute city' is more attainable, though would still require urban design changes In the "15-minute city," a concept popularized in Europe, everything a resident might need on a daily basis is a short walk or bicycle ride away.

No black holes from light

For the last seven decades, astrophysicists have theorized the existence of "kugelblitze," black holes caused by extremely high concentrations of light.

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