Pharmacology - Jun 5
Cystic fibrosis is the most frequent severe inherited disorder worldwide. Every year, hundreds of families are confronted with this diagnosis - and to date, there is no cure for this disease that mainly affects the respiratory system. Besides supportive treatments, a lung transplant is often the only option to save a patient's live.
Health - Jun 5

A review of , published in JAMA Psychiatry, also show that cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, is superior to other psychotherapies at boosting the immune system.

Chemistry - Jun 5

New roll-to-roll production method could enable lightweight, flexible solar devices and a new generation of display screens.

Life Sciences - Jun 5

Protecting nerve cells from losing their characteristic extensions, the dendrites, can reduce brain damage after a stroke. Neurobiologists from Heidelberg University have demonstrated this by means of research on a mouse model. The team, led by Hilmar Bading in cooperation with Junior Professor Dr Daniela Mauceri, is investigating the protection of neuronal architecture to develop new approaches to treating neurodegenerative diseases. The current research findings were published in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences".

Life Sciences - Jun 5

Metabolic processes are especially complex in plants due to their obligate sessile life style - which is why scientists discover more and more new and surprising connections that occur within their cells.

Life Sciences - Jun 5
Life Sciences

A new study from researchers at Oxford University's Departments of Zoology and Biochemistry shows that warring bacteria will engage in suicidal attacks in vast numbers to take down competitors.

Physics - Jun 5

To answer a question crucial to technologies such as energy conversion, a team of researchers at the University of Michigan, Purdue University and the University of Liverpool in the U.K. have figured out a way to measure how many "hot charge carriers”-for example, electrons with extra energy-are present in a metal nanostructure.

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