Environment - Jul 28
University of Birmingham experts are part of a new research programme investigating how air pollutants in indoor spaces such as homes, schools and workplaces can adversely affect human health. Researchers have received a share of £9 million funding from UK Research and Innovation across three separate four-year projects, each aimed at better understanding the composition, concentration and exposures of air pollutants and how these affect different health conditions.
Health - Jul 28

More than one in three British adults are suffering from two or more chronic health conditions in middle age, such as recurrent back problems, mental ill-health, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high-risk drinking, according to UCL researchers.

Health - Jul 28

Australians living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) could know five years in advance whether they are at high risk of developing Alzheimer's disease - the most common form of dementia - according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).

Environment - Jul 28

Scientists have developed a new method for chemical analysis of fine particles that they plan to extend on a large scale - including in developing countries - through an Innosuisse innovation grant award and a new startup.

Astronomy - Jul 27

Black holes, detected by their gravitational wave signal as they collide with other black holes, could be the product of much earlier parent collisions.

Health - Jul 28

Researchers at UCL have developed a new way to deliver drugs that can shut down cancer-promoting mutations in neuroblastoma. The findings in mice, show the method, which uses tiny bubbles to deliver therapies directly to tumour cells, reduced tumour growth and improved survival.

Chemistry - Jul 28

Three-dimensional (3D) configurations of atoms dictate all materials properties. Quantitative predictions of accurate equilibrium structures, 3D coordinates of all atoms, from a chemical graph, a representation of the structural formula, is a challenging and computationally expensive task which is at the beginning of practically every computational chemistry workflow.

Health - Jul 28

Importantly, the study found that in women who suffer from insomnia symptoms during pregnancy, the benefits of CBT in enhancing the quality of their sleep lasted throughout the first two years post-birth.

Materials Science - Jul 27
Materials Science

Researchers investigate which material properties support vessel formation / Study published in the journal "Nature Communications".

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