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Media - 17.05.2019
Understanding journalists and what they do
Photo credit: Lucía Vergara and Article 19-Mexico City, Mexico Photo credit: Lucía Vergara and Article 19-Mexico City, Mexico Researchers from 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries, hosted by the Institute for the Advanced Study of the Americas, will share information on the challenges journalists face and their contributions to society.

Media - 01.05.2019
Is Wikipedia stealing the news?
While the influence of Facebook and Google on the news landscape has been well examined, Wikipedia's role as a source of breaking news has not received enough attention, says a University of Sydney expert. Dr Bunty Avieson  from the University's  Department of Media and Communications  has examined Wikipedia as a breaking news source, in a new research paper published today in prestigious internet studies journal  First Monday .

Media - 05.03.2019
Sparks calls for tougher enforcement on social media companies
Research into the use of Russian-linked social media accounts following the 2017 UK terrorist attacks has led to calls for greater regulation of technology companies. In their report on Disinformation and ‘fake news' , the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee described how work by the Crime and Security Research Institute was among “strong evidence” which, “detailed ways in which the Kremlin attempted to influence attitudes in UK politics”.