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Career - Business / Economics - 18.02.2020
German minimum wage drove workers to more productive firms
The introduction of the minimum wage for the first time in Germany in 2015 drove workers from smaller to larger and more productive businesses that pay higher wages, according to a UCL and Institute for Employment Research (IAB) Nuremberg study. The study, published as a CReAM discussion paper, is the most comprehensive analysis of the wider implications of Germany's minimum wage policy.

Environment - Career - 12.02.2020
Fighting climate change at the sink: A guide to greener dishwashing
If you're an environmentally conscious consumer, you've probably heard that today's highly efficient dishwashers use less energy and water than traditional hand-washing techniques. While that's true in most cases, there's one manual washing technique-the two-basin method, in which dishes are soaked and scrubbed in hot water and then rinsed in cold water-that is associated with fewer greenhouse gas emissions than machine dishwashing.

Career - 23.01.2020
Major Decisions
New research finds the time of day when a student takes a class can affect the major selected later in the academic career A major can have a significant impact on a student's future. One would think that this decision would warrant thoughtful deliberation, but for many students this decision may hinge on the time of day a class is taken.

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