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History / Archeology - Art and Design - 27.05.2022
More than ten artistic manifestations between 1338 and 1538 spawned the myth of James I as the founding king
Francesc Granell Sales, a researcher at the University of Valencia, has analysed the representation of King James I in visual culture during the period 1338-1538.

Art and Design - Economics / Business - 28.03.2022
And the Oscar goes to... LGBTQI+ inclusion
As Hollywood rolls out the red carpet and our biggest stars come together to celebrate 94th Academy Awards , researchers from Monash University Australia have released the findings of extensive research into LGBTQI+ inclusion in films and what it means at the box office. A team led by a Monash Business School researcher analysed 4216 contemporary Hollywood films from 2007-2014 and found that movies with LGBTQI+ representation significantly outperform those with no representation at the box office.