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Philosophy - 03.10.2022
Does mask-wearing affect behavior?
New research, set in China, suggests that using masks for health reasons also leads people to behave more ethically. Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a global increase in the number of people wearing masks to limit the spread of illness. Now, new research co-authored by MIT scholars suggests that, in China at least, wearing masks also influences how people act.

Philosophy - 22.09.2022
Ethics of humanitarian data need improving
Researchers at the University of Warwick and its partners have published a report. Data and Displacement: Assessing the Practical and Ethical Implications of Data-Driven Humanitarianism for Internally Displaced Persons in Camp-Like Settings reveals that, as new ways to collect data continue to grow, humanitarian actors need to improve ethical and operational data practices for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Innovation - Philosophy - 16.05.2022
TU Delft has launched the Digital Ethics Centre for fair and safe AI
Back to (previous) overview TU Delft's latest news Our society is digitising itself more and more. That offers opportunities, such as more efficient working, but it also raises many ethical questions - the sort of questions now being addressed by TU Delft's new Digital Ethics Centre. Together with government agencies and companies, the centre's researchers are looking at the ethical side of AI and digitalisation, such as fairness, safety and transparency, and seeking to develop the best solutions and applications.