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Economics - Health - 18.04.2024
CEOs' Human Concern Translates into Higher Stock Price
CEOs’ Human Concern Translates into Higher Stock Price
Compassionate leadership has tangible benefits: CEOs' expressions of empathy correlate with positive stock performance, a study led by the University of Zurich shows. The researchers analyzed data from conference calls between CEOs and financial analysts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an unprecedented financial crisis.

Environment - Economics - 16.04.2024
For more sustainable palm oil production
For more sustainable palm oil production
Research team outlines ways to make oil palm cultivation more ecologically and economically sustainable Palm oil is a widely used ingredient in many foods and cosmetics. The boom in oil palm cultivation in Indonesia in recent decades has improved the living conditions of many farmers, but has led to a loss of biodiversity and the large-scale destruction of rainforests.

Environment - Economics - 16.04.2024
Most countries struggle to meet climate pledges from 2009
Nineteen out of 34 countries surveyed failed to fully meet their 2020 climate commitments set 15 years ago in Copenhagen, according to a new study led by UCL researchers. The study, published in Nature Climate Change , compared the actual net carbon emissions of more than 30 nations to their 2009 pledged emission reduction targets set during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Economics - Pedagogy - 28.03.2024
Is it the school, or the students?
Study shows perceptions of "good" schools are heavily dependent on the preparation of the students entering them. Are schools that feature strong test scores highly effective, or do they mostly enroll students who are already well-prepared for success? A study co-authored by MIT scholars concludes that widely disseminated school quality ratings reflect the preparation and family background of their students as much or more than a school's contribution to learning gains.

Economics - 27.03.2024
Avoiding the gifts-in-kind trap - new research shows how influencers can make their work pay
Avoiding the gifts-in-kind trap - new research shows how influencers can make their work pay
#Knowyourworth - study identifies three key elements to commercial success and meaningful work. Published on Wednesday 27 March 2024 Last updated on Wednesday 3 April 2024 Social media influencers who want to be paid money for their content must focus on three key areas to lift themselves out of the gifts-in-kind trap and to protect their pursuit of meaningful work, new research from the University of Bath shows.

Pharmacology - Economics - 26.03.2024
How to prevent social desirability bias in surveys
Marketing researcher Rik Pieters has developed, together with colleagues from other universities, a new, indirect questioning technique to improve the chance that people answer truthfully. The technique can be used, for instance, in conducting surveys or in making policies. Chances are that people tend to give socially desirable answers to direct survey questions on sensitive subjects, like watching porn, smoking during pregnancy, theft in the supermarket or illegal acquisition of prescription drugs.

Environment - Economics - 22.03.2024
All Countries' Agri-Environmental Policies at a Glance
All Countries’ Agri-Environmental Policies at a Glance
University of Bonn researchers publish dataset of over 6,000 policies from all'over the world There can be no analysis without data. In this spirit, researchers from the University of Bonn and the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology (ETH) Zurich have published a database containing over 6,000 agri-environmental policies, thus enabling their peers as well as policymakers and businesses to seek answers to all manner of different questions.

Economics - 21.03.2024
How comparison options affect stock buys
How comparison options affect stock buys
Should I invest my money with a small chance of big returns? Or is it better to pick investments that promise a series of modest returns? A psychologist from the University of Basel conducted a scientific experiment to study when people prefer certain types of investments. When a company first goes public on the stock exchange, the corresponding securities are referred to as IPO (initial public offering) shares.

Economics - 20.03.2024
Using AI to price loans could boost profits at lenders by over a third
Using AI to price loans could boost profits at lenders by over a third
Study of car lenders shows AI could mitigate bias and open lending to marginalised customers. Published on Wednesday 20 March 2024 Last updated on Thursday 21 March 2024 Lenders operating in indirect retail channels such as car dealerships could improve their profit margins by over a third by using artificial intelligence to support the retailers' salespeople rather than rely on salespeople alone to price loans at their discretion, new research from the University of Bath shows.

Health - Economics - 13.03.2024
One million adults smoke menthol-flavoured cigarettes despite ban
One million adults smoke menthol-flavoured cigarettes despite ban
One in seven adults who smoke in Great Britain report using menthol-flavoured cigarettes despite UK legislation that aimed to curb their use, according to a new study by UCL researchers. The study, published in the journal Tobacco Control and part-funded by Cancer Research UK, looked at survey responses from 66,868 adults in England, Wales and Scotland between October 2020, five months after the ban was introduced, and March 2023.

Economics - Agronomy / Food Science - 12.03.2024
Shopping study in a virtual supermarket
A study by the University of Bonn shows: Banners with information on animal welfare have no influence on purchasing behavior How can we encourage consumers to pay more attention to animal welfare aspects when they purchase meat? It now appears that this cannot be achieved solely by making the animal husbandry labels more visible.

Economics - 11.03.2024
Increases in suicide rate linked to ’shocks’ in the economy
A study by the University of Southampton has shown a link between unexpected economic performance and a rise in the suicide rate. Researchers have found a strong connection between daily suicides, people's expectations formed by professional economic forecasts and the subsequent outcome of actual economic performance.

Innovation - Economics - 11.03.2024
Prepayment technology is socially and financially isolating UK asylum seekers
A research team from the University of Oxford and the University of Glasgow has found that prepayment cards provided to UK asylum seekers by the Home Office are collecting their data and controlling their behaviours in ways that have highly detrimental impacts on their wellbeing. The research details the restrictive and isolating impacts of the Asylum Support Enablement (ASPEN) card: the prepayment card UK asylum seekers are issued with.

Environment - Economics - 06.03.2024
Forestry in a changing climate: extreme weather increases investment risk
Research team investigates adaptation strategies from a forestry perspective . Climate change is altering our forests. Increased storms and drought have significant consequences for ecosystems and their sustainable use. Forests are important for wood production, carbon storage and local recreation, for example.

Economics - 01.03.2024
TU Graz Develops Digital Twin for Flexible Parcel Postage
TU Graz Develops Digital Twin for Flexible Parcel Postage
Non-rigid postal items with flexible packaging - such as poly bags - pose problems for logistics companies during automatic sorting. Thanks to modern simulation methods, there is now a widely applicable solution. Anyone who orders something online would like to have the parcel delivered reliably, quickly and undamaged.

Economics - 29.02.2024
How to survive the arrival of a mega-retailer like Walmart
How to survive the arrival of a mega-retailer like Walmart
Study shows that new, small retail businesses in non-metropolitan cities can hold their own against a giant by selling complementary products and offering personalized service Walmart stores need no introduction. This American banner has established itself as the world champion in the retail category.

Health - Economics - 26.02.2024
No-claim settlement can be an alternative to the deductible
The deductible and patient costs are important topics in the political debate in the Netherlands. According to health economics professor Martin Salm, a viable alternative could be the no-claim scheme, which was previously abolished in the Netherlands. He researched how no-claim refunds influence claiming behavior at a large German health insurer.

Economics - 09.02.2024
More work performance through transparent incentives
More work performance through transparent incentives
Research team investigates the effectiveness of promised rewards . Bonuses and promotions - companies use incentives like these to motivate their employees to perform well. At the same time, many managers exercise discretion as to whom they reward, when and how. Researchers from the University of Göttingen, Bard College Berlin and the University of Frankfurt have investigated how the willingness of employees to perform changes when they expect a possible disappointment when a reward is promised.

Environment - Economics - 05.02.2024
Researchers map the energy transition’s effects on jobs
A county-by-county study shows where the U.S. job market will evolve most during the move to clean energy. A new analysis by MIT researchers shows the places in the U.S. where jobs are most linked to fossil fuels. The research could help policymakers better identify and support areas affected over time by a switch to renewable energy.

Economics - Career - 30.01.2024
Family businesses lay off fewer workers, according to a study
Family businesses have stronger incentives to avoid practices such as workforce reductions, which can damage their emotional attachment and negatively affect their reputation and image in the community. This is one of the conclusions of an international research project, in which the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has participated, which explores whether family-controlled firms offer greater job security compared to non-family firms.
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