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Economics / Business - Computer Science - 20.01.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 20.01.2021
Thomas Eiter named ACM Fellow
For his fundamental contributions to contemporary computing, the ACM Fellows program recognized Thomas Eiter among the top 1 % of ACM members.

Economics / Business - 20.01.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 19.01.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 19.01.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 18.01.2021

Politics - Economics / Business - 14.01.2021

Economics / Business - Physics - 14.01.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 13.01.2021
Putting climate-positive business ideas into practice
Putting climate-positive business ideas into practice
More and more ETH Zurich researchers are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. By launching spin-offs, they hope to turn their lab findings into solutions that can help stem the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. There is no shortage of evidence for what the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes as an "unequivocal warming of the climate system".

Environment - Economics / Business - 12.01.2021
Tackle climate emergency with same urgency as Covid, experts urge PM
Business, academic and civil society leaders have jointly written to the Prime Minister to highlight the need to rapidly catalyse green innovation, with solutions to climate change needing to be rolled out with the same focus and urgency as the development of Covid vaccines.

Economics / Business - 10.01.2021

Campus - Economics / Business - 08.01.2021

Economics / Business - 07.01.2021
Keep it simple: Exploring the precarious world of economic forecasting with Prof Michael Gasiorek
“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable', the US economist John Kenneth Galbraith once famously and savagely stated.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 06.01.2021

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 06.01.2021

Economics / Business - Pedagogy - 05.01.2021
Poorest face dilemma in Africa's cities
Poorest face dilemma in Africa’s cities
A recent study in South Africa and Ghana shows people support government steps to combat Covid-19 but lack the infrastructure and financial security required to maintain social distancing.

Economics / Business - 23.12.2020
Surveys of Consumers: Economic gains on the distant horizon
Consumer sentiment improved in the December 2020 survey despite the ongoing surge in covid infections and deaths, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Campus - Economics / Business - 22.12.2020

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 21.12.2020

Economics / Business - Innovation - 18.12.2020
Everledger seals agreement with UofG to combat counterfeit Scotch whiskies
Everledger and the Scottish Universities Environment Research Centre (SUERC) of the University of Glasgow have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to join forces to tackle fraud within the whisky industry. The agreement will see SUERC researchers at the University of Glasgow fit intelligent Everledger anti-tamper bottle closures to rare whiskies of which they have been tasked with authenticating the provenance by leading brands, retailers, auction houses and collectors.

Campus - Economics / Business - 18.12.2020

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 17.12.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 17.12.2020
One-year launch anniversary of CHEOPS
One-year launch anniversary of CHEOPS
In its first year in orbit, the CHEOPS space telescope has already revealed details of one of the most extreme exoplanets and showed its maneuverability by evading space debris.

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 17.12.2020

Economics / Business - Innovation - 17.12.2020
End of Brexit transition period marks "period of significant disruption" for Welsh economy
Businesses in some key sectors of the Welsh economy need increased support to operate beyond the Brexit transition period, academics at Cardiff University say.

Chemistry - Economics / Business - 17.12.2020
Upcycling: Turning plastic bags into adhesives
While plastic bags clog the waste stream, recycling them isn't financially attractive, since they're usually turned into very low-value products. If polyethylene packaging could be processed into high-value products, more of them would be recycled instead of ending up in landfills. (iStock photo) While many cities and eight states have banned single-use plastics, bags and other polyethylene packaging still clog landfills and pollute rivers and oceans.

Economics / Business - Career - 16.12.2020

Economics / Business - Career - 15.12.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.12.2020
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