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Environment - 21.01.2021
Antarctica: the ocean cools at the surface but warms up at depth
Scientists from the CNRS, CNES, IRD, Sorbonne Université, l'Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier and their Australian colleagues 1 , with the support of the IPEV, have provided a comprehensive analysis on the evolution of Southern Ocean temperatures over the last 25 years.

Environment - Life Sciences - 21.01.2021
Indigenous lands: a haven for wildlife
Indigenous lands: a haven for wildlife
Indigenous peoples' lands may harbour a significant proportion of threatened and endangered species globally, according to University of Queensland-led research.

Environment - Social Sciences - 21.01.2021
President Biden's busy first day
President Biden’s busy first day
Stanford scholars reflect on the sweeping number of executive actions President Biden ordered on his first day in office, including pledges to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration, the climate crisis and racial injustice.

Transport - Environment - 20.01.2021
The Impact of Rideshare Apps
Uber and Lyft increase average vehicle ownership in urban areas The landscape of individual transportation has changed drastically since the rise of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.

Environment - 19.01.2021
New strategy for assessing sediment quality
New strategy for assessing sediment quality
The Ecotox Centre presents a new strategy to assess the quality of sediments. Sediments are of great significance in water protection.

Campus - Environment - 18.01.2021

Transport - Environment - 18.01.2021

Environment - 14.01.2021
Primer on Carbon Dioxide Removal Provides Vital Resource at Critical Time
Primer on Carbon Dioxide Removal Provides Vital Resource at Critical Time
Berkeley Lab scientist is a co-author of new comprehensive guide on ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere Scientists say that any serious plan to address climate change should include carbon dioxide

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.01.2021

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.01.2021
Making organic waste management sustainable
Making organic waste management sustainable
Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) treatment of organic waste offers a sustainable and economic solution to the need for organic waste management in Indonesia.

Environment - 14.01.2021
Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts
Professor Mark Maslin and Professor Simon Lewis (both UCL Geography) discuss the findings of their recent report, which found that the carbon credit system needs an overhaul to effectively help in reducing climate change.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 13.01.2021
Wetland methane cycling increased during ancient global warming event
Wetland methane cycling increased during ancient global warming event
New research provides a stark warning of the need to address emissions from one of the most potent greenhouse gases - methane. Wetland methane cycling increased during a rapid global warming event 56 million years ago and could foreshadow changes the methane cycle will experience in the future, according to new research led by the University of Bristol.

Environment - Economics / Business - 13.01.2021
Putting climate-positive business ideas into practice
Putting climate-positive business ideas into practice
More and more ETH Zurich researchers are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. By launching spin-offs, they hope to turn their lab findings into solutions that can help stem the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. There is no shortage of evidence for what the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes as an "unequivocal warming of the climate system".

Environment - Materials Science - 13.01.2021

Life Sciences - Environment - 13.01.2021
As oceans warm, large fish struggle
Warming ocean waters could reduce the ability of fish, especially large ones, to extract the oxygen they need from their environment.

Environment - Economics / Business - 12.01.2021
Tackle climate emergency with same urgency as Covid, experts urge PM
Business, academic and civil society leaders have jointly written to the Prime Minister to highlight the need to rapidly catalyse green innovation, with solutions to climate change needing to be rolled out with the same focus and urgency as the development of Covid vaccines.

Administration - Environment - 12.01.2021

Environment - Earth Sciences - 12.01.2021
Could the ocean hold the key to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
Most experts agree that halting climate change — and the global warming, extreme heat events and stronger storms that come with it — will require the removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 11.01.2021
Extreme weather from the stratosphere
Extreme weather from the stratosphere
ETH climate researcher Daniela Domeisen has documented how the stratosphere influences extreme weather events.

Environment - 08.01.2021
Australia's Black Summer a climate wake-up call
Australia’s Black Summer a climate wake-up call
The 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires are a "wake up call" demonstrating the extreme effects of climate change in Australia, according to a group of experts who've published a new study examining the factors that caused the disaster. The study concludes that improving the methods used to adapt to the now inevitable increase in fire risk here in Australia, while also pursuing urgent global climate change mitigation efforts is the best strategy for limiting further increases in fire risk.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 07.01.2021
More Root Carbon in Extensive Cultivation Systems - the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Is Optimised
Soils possess great potential for sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere in the form of carbon, and thus for mitigating global warming.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 04.01.2021
2 months at sea to explore the Southern Ocean's contribution to climate regulation
2 months at sea to explore the Southern Ocean’s contribution to climate regulation
To better understand the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 in the ocean, and especially how the chemical elements essential to this storage are supplied, transported and transformed by the oceans, is the goal of the SWINGS oceanographic cruise.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 30.12.2020
The World War II-era Chicago school of meteorology that decoded weather forecasting
Ever since the Wright Brothers called up the weather bureau to find the right place to launch the world's first plane ride in 1903, pilots and meteorologists have been in a symbiotic relationship.

Environment - Event - 23.12.2020
The UB takes part in the first assessment report on climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean
Recerca The final version of the first Mediterranean Assessment Report ( MAR1 ) has been published recently.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 23.12.2020
We’ve got a lot on our plate
There is little to suggest we'll be eating less meat any time soon. In the last post of 2020, Lukas Fesenfeld explains why a sustainable food supply system is still possible. Christmas is just around the corner, along with a string of festive meals - though probably on a smaller scale this year. I promise, I don't want to deny you your Christmas roast! However, the end of the year is a good opportunity to reflect on some fundamental questions and to become aware of one's own attitudes.

Environment - Life Sciences - 23.12.2020
Bait and switch: Mislabeled salmon, shrimp have biggest environmental toll
Seafood is the world's most highly traded food commodity, by value, and the product is hard to track from source to market.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 22.12.2020
Research Network Opens Window into the Earth’s Interior
Each seismic wave that travels through the Earth's crust slightly changes this layer. Cutting-edge sensor technology now allows us to re-evaluate risks such as landslides or the stability of bridges and buildings.

Environment - 22.12.2020
Crikey! Massive prehistoric croc emerges from South East Queensland
A prehistoric croc measuring more than five metres long - dubbed the ‘swamp king' - ruled south eastern Queensland waterways only a few million years ago.

Environment - Innovation - 19.12.2020
Get ready for the cleantech race!
Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement means embracing a sustainable transition to renewables. Yet analyses suggest that decarbonisation can only be achieved with targeted government support for the right technologies. Tobias Schmidt vividly recalls attending the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen as a doctoral candidate.

Administration - Environment - 18.12.2020

Materials Science - Environment - 17.12.2020
Yi Cui named director of Precourt Institute for Energy
Yi Cui , a preeminent researcher of nanotechnologies for better batteries and other sustainability technologies, as well as an educator and entrepreneur, will become the next director of Stanford University's Precourt Institute for Energy.

Computer Science - Environment - 17.12.2020
The Salad Days of AI
Students create digital green thumbs to nurture vegetables in automated greenhouses Nidhi Jain has never had much luck growing plants.

Environment - Life Sciences - 16.12.2020
'There's this whole unknown and hidden world inside all of us - and it can tell us so much'
’There’s this whole unknown and hidden world inside all of us - and it can tell us so much’
When Sophie Watson tells family and friends what she does for a living she tends to keep it simple; “I just say I work with polar bears and wolverines.

Environment - Computer Science - 15.12.2020
Charting the evolution of U.S. energy since 1800--from horsepower to renewables
From wood-burning stoves to coal-fired factories to the gas and oil of the Automobile Age, the history of energy in the United States is marked by many shifts.

Environment - Materials Science - 15.12.2020
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