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Environment - Chemistry - 11.08.2020
Florian Breider: a passion for all things Japanese
Florian Breider: a passion for all things Japanese
Summer series: Careers in research. Florian Breider, who heads EPFL's Central Environmental Laboratory (CEL), knew from a young age that he wanted to become a scientist.

Environment - 11.08.2020
Revised UCL Statement on research Integrity 2020
Read about the latest revisions to the UCL Statement on Research Integrity, which sets out UCL's commitment to ensuring the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of its research activities.

Environment - Life Sciences - 11.08.2020
How fish stocks will change in warming seas
The Celtic Sea, English Channel and southern North Sea have experienced significant warming over the past 40 years and further increases in sea temperatures are expected over the coming decades. Projecting future changes can help prepare the fishing industry and management systems for resulting ecological, social and economic effects.

Environment - 10.08.2020
Scientists Say: Expect More Rainfall Variability for California
Scientists Say: Expect More Rainfall Variability for California
California's winter precipitation is expected to become 50% more variable by century's end, based on a Berkeley Lab-led study of the impact of future greenhouse gas emissions on the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), a rainfall pattern that covers a quarter of the globe.

Environment - Social Sciences - 10.08.2020
The intersection of race and the environment
The racial justice and environmental justice movements have functioned independently for far too long, according to three UC Berkeley scholars.

Environment - Transport - 10.08.2020
3 Questions: Asegun Henry on five
3 Questions: Asegun Henry on five "grand thermal challenges" to stem the tide of global warming
"Our mission here is to save humanity from extinction due to climate change," says MIT professor.

Environment - Health - 07.08.2020
British and Indian experts join forces to battle ’superbugs’
University of Birmingham experts are joining forces with their counterparts in India to investigate the impact that antibiotic manufacturing has on the spread of potentially fatal drug-resistant infections or ‘superbugs'.

Environment - 07.08.2020
New funding to unlock the power of ammonia
Cardiff University scientists are making strides towards the large-scale generation of electricity from ammonia thanks to new funding.

Environment - Life Sciences - 06.08.2020
UC San Diego Forging a Sustainable Future with Renewable Products
Cutting-edge science and new center for biodegradable goods target environmental scourge of plastic waste Although they were introduced back in the 1950s, the true dawn of plastics is rooted in the 1970s.

Environment - 06.08.2020
Koala survival post-bushfires given major boost
Koala survival post-bushfires given major boost
ANU researchers say new growth offers new hope for koalas surviving in burnt habitats.

Environment - Computer Science - 06.08.2020
SDSC’s ’Comet’ Supercomputer Used to Simulate Environmental Changes in Chesapeake Bay
This map depicts the study area (Chesapeake Bay) with key tributaries labeled. Blue circles indicate the location of instruments used in the study while red circles indicate the 10 rivers represented in the computer simulations.

Environment - Pharmacology - 06.08.2020
India-UK team tackles Antimicrobial Resistance spread in waterways
British and Indian experts are joining forces to investigate the impact that releasing antibiotics from antibiotic manufacturing into India's waterways has on the spread of potentially fatal drug-resistant infections.

Environment - Economics / Business - 06.08.2020

Environment - Transport - 05.08.2020
Bay Area coastal flooding triggers regionwide commute disruptions
Researchers have modeled how coastal flooding will impact commutes in the Bay Area over the next 20 years. Regions with sparse road networks will have some of the worst commute delays, regardless of their distances from the coast. For decades, the low-lying neighborhoods along the San Francisco Bay have experienced coastal flooding and the subsequent traffic disruptions.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 05.08.2020
Geothermal Brines Could Propel California's Green Economy
Geothermal Brines Could Propel California’s Green Economy
Berkeley Lab scientists to help advance lithium extraction, geothermal energy, thanks to California Energy Commission grants Deep beneath the surface of the Salton Sea, a shallow lake in California's

Computer Science - Environment - 04.08.2020
New app to implement social distancing on public transport
An app that allows companies to optimise social distancing measures on public transport has been created by a group of Cardiff University students.

Environment - 04.08.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 04.08.2020
Exploring the sustainability of the Indian sugar industry
Latest Stanford Health Alerts on COVID-19 COVID-19 Info for Stanford Earth Freshly cut pieces of sugarcane. (Image credit: iStock / Getty Images) Researchers analyzed the interconnected food, water and energy challenges that arise from the sugar industry in India - the second-largest producer of sugar worldwide - and how the political economy drives those challenges.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.08.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 03.08.2020
To save parasites and why it’s important
The parasite Ribeiroia ondatrae can cause amphibian limb malformations. Pieter Johnson/University of Colorado Boulder Parasites have a public relations problem. Unlike the many charismatic mammals, fishes and birds that receive our attention (and our conservation dollars), parasites are thought of as something to eradicate - and certainly not something to protect.

Chemistry - Environment - 30.07.2020
Berkeley Lab Part of Team Awarded $60M for Solar Fuels Research
Berkeley Lab Part of Team Awarded $60M for Solar Fuels Research
New partnership between DOE national labs and universities builds on JCAP's advances in artificial photosynthesis, renewable fuels ( Adapted from news release by Robert Perkins, Caltech) The quest fo

Life Sciences - Environment - 30.07.2020
One quarter of native mammals now at risk of extinction in Britain
One quarter of native mammals now at risk of extinction in Britain
The first official Red List for British Mammals, led by a University of Sussex Professor shows that 11 of the 47 mammals native to Britain are classified as being at imminent risk of extinction.

Environment - 30.07.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 29.07.2020
The key to long-term CO2 storage in the soil
The key to long-term CO2 storage in the soil
Microbial interactions stabilize carbon in the soil Soils play a major role when it comes to the long-term storage of CO2 and the resulting reduction of this gas in the atmosphere - therefore they can contribute to slowing down climate change.

Environment - Economics / Business - 29.07.2020
$25 million gift launches ambitious new effort tackling poverty and climate change
$25 million gift launches ambitious new effort tackling poverty and climate change
The King Climate Action Initiative at J-PAL will develop large-scale climate-response programs for some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 28.07.2020
Thallium: highly toxic, but little studied
Thallium: highly toxic, but little studied
In Agatha Christie's novel The Pale Horse, the victims die of thallium poisoning.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 28.07.2020
Mars 2020 mission launch - Perseverance rover and its SuperCam instrument safely on their way to Mars
Mars 2020 mission launch - Perseverance rover and its SuperCam instrument safely on their way to Mars
Thursday 30 July, the Mars 2020 mission successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida atop an Atlas V launcher.

Law - Environment - 28.07.2020
Graduate elevates young voices in the fight for climate justice
University of Queensland Arts/Law graduate Briana Collins is determined to change the world through her work with the Queensland Environmental Defenders Office (EDO).

Economics / Business - Environment - 28.07.2020
Opinion: We urgently need new tools to measure economic recovery after coronavirus
With world economic GDP figures estimated to face the biggest drop since 2008, Dr Al'ah Shehabi (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity) explains why new tools are needed for countries to measure their welfare following times of crisis.

Environment - Social Sciences - 27.07.2020
To end King Coal’s reign, must his loyal subjects get paid? Compensating phase-out losers for a just transition
The huge task of phasing out coal requires a detailed roadmap to sequence coal plant retirement with a range of policy instruments and support for key stakeholders which will expand current notions of a just transition, leading energy experts have said.

Environment - 27.07.2020
Pristine air over Southern Ocean suggests early industrial era’s clouds not so different from today’s
Southern Ocean clouds observed above the RV Investigator , which was conducting companion surface measurements during the  SOCRATES  campaign. Image captured from the NSF High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research ( HIAPER ). Isabel McCoy/University of Washington A new study uses satellite data over the Southern Hemisphere to understand the makeup of global clouds since the Industrial Revolution.

Economics / Business - Environment - 27.07.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 24.07.2020

Environment - Social Sciences - 24.07.2020
Q&A: Upscaling sustainability
Stanford scientists discuss obstacles for large-scale green initiatives and what it takes for sustainability efforts to deliver lasting benefits across borders, sectors and communities.

Environment - Economics / Business - 24.07.2020

Earth Sciences - Environment - 23.07.2020
Desert mosses use quartz rocks as sun shades
In the Mojave Desert, a translucent quartz rock keeps the soil moist, the moss green and cuts the intensity of sunlight.

Environment - 23.07.2020
Letter from President Reif: Tackling the grand challenges of climate change
The following letter was sent to the MIT community today by President L. Rafael Reif. To the members of the MIT community, I am delighted to share an important step in MIT's ongoing efforts to take action against climate change.
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