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History / Archeology - Linguistics / Literature - 09.04.2021
Clay tablets reveal styles of governance
Clay tablets reveal styles of governance
Quite a few of the antique clay tablets which Prof. Kristin Kleber works with look as if a chicken has walked across damp clay.

Linguistics / Literature - Pedagogy - 09.04.2021

Linguistics / Literature - 25.03.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Career - 17.03.2021

Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 08.03.2021
Bryher's poetry gets translated for the first time
Bryher’s poetry gets translated for the first time
Cultura Rosanna Rion, lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and English Studies of the Faculty of Philology and Communication, has translated for the first time into another language -Spanishthe book Arrow Music (Animal Sospechoso, 2021), by the poetess Bryher.

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 02.03.2021
Neubauer Collegium announces new research projects for 2021-22
The University of Chicago has long championed collaborative research as a promising strategy for addressing complex questions.

Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 25.02.2021
UC San Diego Library’s Special Collections and Archives Acquires First African Americana Collection
Collection chronicles the African American experience post-Civil War and documents migration West The UC San Diego Library announced today the addition of its first African Americana collection—the Turner Collection—to its Special Collections & Archives (SC&A).

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 24.02.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Life Sciences - 19.02.2021
Odd Find Rattles Reader
Readers expect to find tales, not tails, in books. This story is about the latter. A Carnegie Mellon University Libraries patron discovered a bagged, flattened snake in a copy of Brenda Shaughnessy's "The Octopus Museum." Samuel L. Jackson would not be pleased.

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 21.01.2021

Linguistics / Literature - 14.01.2021
Endangered linguistic heritage: a new website for the Pangloss Collection
Endangered linguistic heritage: a new website for the Pangloss Collection
Like certain animal and plant species, some of the world's languages are in danger of extinction.

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 11.12.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 09.12.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 07.12.2020

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 30.11.2020
What We Don’t Have In Our Archives
CMU Libraries expands initiatives to document more inclusive history Most people consider library archives - records of old materials, categorized and easy to search - as the definitive records of an institution's history.

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 20.11.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 20.11.2020

Life Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 17.11.2020

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 16.11.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 13.11.2020
UW Libraries expands online resources during pandemic, emphasizing arts, equity
UW Libraries has made significant investments in electronic material to equitably support online learning, opening access to more than 250,000 new e-resources, including many to support the arts.

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 10.11.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 08.11.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 23.10.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 20.10.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 09.10.2020
SURF Student Translates East German Sci-Fi
Wilson Ekern opens the PDF copy of the 1984 East German collection of short science fiction stories "Windschiefe Geraden" on his laptop side-by-side with the translation he's been working on all summer. He stares at the line: "Mein Arm", flüsterte Dart erneut, "der Computer hat meinen Arm gestohlen!" With painstaking precision, he begins to translate.

Linguistics / Literature - 08.10.2020
Using UCL Libraries this term
You can book study space, collect and return print books and access online resources this term through Library Services.

Linguistics / Literature - 07.10.2020

Linguistics / Literature - Economics / Business - 06.10.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 25.09.2020
True or false? What a UChicago linguist will look for during the presidential debates
On Sept. 29 in Cleveland, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will face each other on stage for the first time.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 15.09.2020
UChicago scholar finds unexpected kinship in Jane Austen’s works
In new book Austen Years , Prof. Rachel Cohen processes grief, life transitions through writing Rachel Cohen had never thought of herself as a Jane Austenite.

Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 14.09.2020
University of Glasgow launches unique Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic
With its turrets, vaulted cloisters and ornate decorations, the iconic University of Glasgow has a touch of magic about it.

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 02.09.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 01.09.2020
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