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Media - 01.07.2019
"Science journalists help bring science to the masses"
The 11 th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) is being held in Lausanne this week, attracting some 1,200 visitors to our city.

Media - Innovation / Technology - 13.06.2019
Trading STEM for storytelling
Stanford scientist and graduating doctoral student Irena Fischer-Hwang made a new discovery during her studies at Stanford: a passion for data-driven news.

Media - 07.06.2019
Documenting mass grave relocation in China
Stanford historian Tom Mullaney's interactive website, The Chinese Deathscape: Grave Reform in Modern China , shows the locations of thousands of gravesites that have been relocated in China over the past two decades.

Media - Linguistics / Literature - 05.05.2019

Media - 02.04.2019

Media - 22.03.2019
Official comment on recent media coverage
ETH Zurich provides an official comment on articles published recently in the online magazine Republik.

Media - 29.01.2019
Watergate, the scandal that predates Trump and Russia, on exhibit at IGS Library
Watergate, the scandal that predates Trump and Russia, on exhibit at IGS Library
For those of a certain age, Nixon and Watergate were and are linked together every bit as menacingly as Trump and Russia are today.

Media - Innovation / Technology - 11.01.2019
Subscriptions, subsidies and pressure on platforms: media trends in 2019
Subscription and membership models will become the key revenue focus for the news industry this year, according to a new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.

Media - 18.12.2018

Media - 27.11.2018
Digital Democracy Project to examine online disinformation
Source: Max Bell School of Public Policy Public Policy Forum President & CEO Edward Greenspon and recently appointed Max Bell School of Public Policy professor Taylor Owen announced the launch of

Media - History / Archeology - 13.11.2018
Historical parallels between the press and the president
Stanford communication scholar James Hamilton looks at how presidents - past and present - have navigated relationships with the White House press corps.

Media - 01.11.2018
Junk news dominating coverage of US midterms on social media
Twenty-five per cent of content shared around US midterms is junk news, despite efforts by social media platforms to curb the problem. Social media is now a vital platform for news consumption in the United States, particularly during important moments in political life such as elections, according to new Oxford University research.

Media - 30.10.2018
What do Canadians want from their news?
The Max Bell School of Public Policy commissioned a study examining whether or not there are significant differences in what facts Canadians believe, what media types they consume, and how much Canadians trust traditional media sources, compared to new ones.

Media - 17.10.2018
Support for authoritarian leaders in Australia on the rise
Support for authoritarian leaders in Australia on the rise
Australians are increasingly attracted to the idea of having a strong leader who does not have to bother with parliament and elections, as trust in political parties and national institutions continues to drop, according to the new Australian Values Study.

Health - Media - 15.10.2018
Dr Google is no panacea when it comes to patient empowerment
We willen graag cookies gebruiken We maken gebruik van cookies op onze website. Deze helpen ons om u iets beter te leren kennen en te zien hoe u onze website gebruikt. Dit helpt ons een waardevollere en op maat gemaakte ervaring te bieden voor u en anderen. VUB thesis exposes power dynamic in doctor-patient relations Maandag 15 oktober 2018 — The internet as a source of information about health is no panacea for creating patient empowerment.

Media - Career - 15.10.2018
Helping journalists use data for investigative reporting
A team of Stanford University scholars are launching a data-driven initiative to help journalists find stories at a lower cost, to support local newsrooms explore public interest issues and fight against misinformation.

Art and Design - Media - 29.08.2018
Stanford musicologist reflects on "multimusical" Aretha Franklin
As family, friends and fans pay their final respects to Aretha Franklin, whose funeral is Aug. 31, Stanford musicologist Charles Kronengold discusses with  Stanford Report  the ways that Franklin defined her time.

Media - 31.07.2018
Is Cardiff a creative world leader?
Cardiff is a key driver for the creative industries in Wales but how does it compete with creative hubs across the UK and make an impact on the wider world?

Health - Media - 30.07.2018
Supreme Court judgement "will benefit thousands of patients and families"
Doctors and families of patients in a vegetative or minimally conscious state no longer need to go to court to be allowed to remove life support - where a robust decision-making procedure has been fo

Innovation / Technology - Media - 25.07.2018
C4CJ secures Google hyperlocal funding
Cardiff University's Centre for Community Journalism (C4CJ) has secured ¤250,000 (approx. £223,000) of funding from the Google Digital News Innovation Fund to create new revenue streams for the community and hyperlocal news sector.
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