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Microtechnics - Computer Science / Telecom - 25.01.2019
Team Uses Drones To Inspect Irrigation Canals for Japanese Rice Farms
Kenji Shimada, professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, and his team of engineers are using unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, to detect damage to agricultural water canals in a town in Niigata, an agricultural district on the northwest coast of Japan's main island.

Microtechnics - 22.01.2019
Increasing Skepticism Against Robots
01/22/2019 In Europe, people are more reserved regarding robots than they were five years ago. This is shown in a new study published by scientists from Linz and Würzburg.

Microtechnics - Life Sciences - 16.01.2019
Stanford’s Robot Makers: David Lentink
David Lentink is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University. His lab is known for its work on aerial vehicles - drones and winged robots - that are inspired by birds, bats and flying insects.

Microtechnics - 16.01.2019

Microtechnics - Transport - 09.01.2019
NREC Building Its Largest Robot
Massive machine will use automated system to protect Mighty Mississippi with concrete mats A yellow, steel structure constructed this fall in front of Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics E

Microtechnics - Veterinary Science - 05.11.2018
Great honor for research on vehicle emissions
This year's Swiss Aerosol Award goes to Maria Muñoz. The Empa researcher investigated the emission behavior of so-called GDI engines (gasoline-direct injection).

Microtechnics - 25.10.2018
Creating curious robots: UW researchers get Honda grant to build a mathematical model of curiosity
Creating curious robots: UW researchers get Honda grant to build a mathematical model of curiosity
Administrative affairs Arts and entertainment Buildings and grounds For UW employees Health and medicine Honors and awards Official notices Politics and government UW and the community Curious Minded Machine is a new initiative by Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. to design a system that learns continuously in a humanlike, curiosity-driven way.

Microtechnics - 24.10.2018
Small flying robots haul heavy loads
Small flying robots can perch and move objects 40 times their weight with the help of powerful winches and two previous inventions - gecko adhesives and microspines.

Microtechnics - 19.09.2018
Hocus pocus with a robotic focus
UCLA roboticist Dennis Hong and his robot magician, MAGI, shine on the Netflix show 'Magic for Humans' Amy Akmal Dennis Hong, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and director of RoMeLa

Environment - Microtechnics - 21.08.2018
An underwater glider for measuring turbulence in Lake Geneva
An underwater glider for measuring turbulence in Lake Geneva
Huge systems of rotating water masses - called gyres - form in oceans and large lakes. Two EPFL laboratories, working with the University of California, Davis, are using an underwater glider to explore one such gyre in Lake Geneva and learn more about how it affects the three-dimensional structure of the aquatic ecosystem.

Microtechnics - 02.08.2018