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Music - 13.08.2020
Jazz improv class, lecturer produce COVID-19 era albums
Maggie Camillos, a student vocalist last semester in "Jazz Theory and Performance,” a Department of Music course, led the design of this cover for "Cool It,” an album she and her classmates co-produced while attending Berkeley remotely.

Music - Physics - 12.08.2020
Live from the Lab
Musicians from the Conservatorium of Music have been working alongside scientists and engineers from the Sydney Nano Institute, composing new music inspired by their emotional response to the Grand Challenges; the flagship projects at Sydney Nano.

Music - Social Sciences - 03.08.2020
Music’s Effect on the Aging Brain
Jennie Dorris, a research associate at CMU, delivers hope for older adults experiencing cognitive decline Jennie Dorris stood behind her marimba calling out the name of each musical note as she struc

Linguistics / Literature - Music - 30.07.2020

Music - 23.07.2020
UCLA Library’s online publishing of music scores makes history
Composers from 86 countries have submitted more than 7,800 musical compositions as part of a collaborative project by the UCLA Music Library and the Los Angeles-based Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra t

Music - Art and Design - 16.07.2020

Health - Music - 26.05.2020
Rice’s COVID-19 research fund awards final grants
Third round backs research in , psychological and political effects, genetic tools, ventilator design, nursing needs and protocols for musicians The Rice University COVID-19 Research Fund Oversight a

Linguistics / Literature - Music - 06.05.2020

Economics / Business - Music - 26.02.2020

Music - Event - 11.02.2020

Music - 15.01.2020
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
Understanding the behaviour of the Internet with its inherent complexity and scale is essential when designing new Internet systems and applications.

Music - Event - 14.01.2020

Music - History / Archeology - 13.01.2020

Music - 26.12.2019

Linguistics / Literature - Music - 24.12.2019
Rosanna Warren on why poetry matters: ’If it discovers nothing, it’s worthless.’
The place  Rosanna Warren  calls her "writing shack" is a tiny box of a building deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont that sits on a hillside at the edge of a vast, tumbling woods.

Music - 20.12.2019
Christmas bells ring in Canberra thanks to musical AI
An ANU researcher has combined the power of music and computer science, to create an instrument to spread Christmas joy throughout the Canberra community.
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