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Pedagogy - 21.11.2018
The Missing Numbers: Remembering Totterdown before the road that never was
The Missing Numbers: Remembering Totterdown before the road that never was
Back in the 1970s, hundreds of homes and businesses in the Totterdown area of Bristol were cleared to make way for a new ring road which was never built.

Pedagogy - 18.10.2018
Experts raise safety concerns about cardboard baby boxes
18 October 2018 Cardboard baby boxes are being promoted for infant sleep as a safe alternative to more traditional cots, bassinets, or Moses baskets, without any evidence in place, warn experts from the Universities of Bristol and Durham and published in The BMJ.

Pedagogy - Careers / Employment - 11.07.2018

Pedagogy - 10.07.2018
How well-meaning statements can spread stereotypes unintentionally
New Stanford research shows that sentences that frame one gender as the standard for the other can unintentionally perpetuate biases. A Stanford study shows that comparisons of boys and girls in math ability can imply subtle biases. (Image credit: Ridofranz / Getty Images) Although well-meaning, the statement commonly expressed by parents and teachers can subtly perpetuate the stereotypes they are trying to debunk, said Stanford scholars Eleanor Chestnut and Ellen Markman in a new paper published in Cognitive Science .

Pedagogy - 06.07.2018
Nouvel article de Nahema El Ghaziri et JoŽlle Darwiche du FADO
Nouvel article de Nahema El Ghaziri et JoŽlle Darwiche du FADO Dans un article paru dans le dernier numťro du Swiss Journal of Psychology, les deux auteurs font le point sur les liens entre estime de soi et relations familiales.

Sport Sciences - Pedagogy - 25.06.2018
Rugby league players make it to the top
As New South Wales celebrates Origin victory it's likely some parents have hopes for their own children's sporting careers.

Health - Pedagogy - 08.06.2018
Childhood poverty worse in school holidays
The summer holidays are supposed to be a happy and carefree time for school children but the reality is they are often stressful for children from low income families.

Pedagogy - 17.05.2018
Dads: Speak Positively with Your Kids About Race
"Father knows best" - a saying so popular that a midcentury television sitcom was named for it - means something different today. Dads in this day and age tackle child rearing, domestic experiences and tough conversations with their children more than ever before. But there are some issues that many dads know a lot about from firsthand experience and are hesitant to address.

Pedagogy - Media - 04.04.2018
Potential power of VR and kids
As virtual reality expands into family homes, Stanford researchers help parents better understand the potential impacts this emerging technology has on children in a new report.

Pedagogy - 23.02.2018
Parents stop nagging and set reminders
Setting reminders and visual cues for forgetful children could be a solution for parents frustrated over missed chores and homework.

Pedagogy - 23.02.2018
Parents stop nagging and set reminders
Setting reminders and visual cues for forgetful children could be a solution for parents frustrated over missed chores and homework.

Health - Pedagogy - 07.02.2018
UQ's Triple P program shows families have the power to transform society
UQ’s Triple P program shows families have the power to transform society
Policy makers, practitioners and researchers can now draw on parenting interventions that have changed the lives of millions of families across the globe in a single reference - The Power of Positive Parenting .

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 05.02.2018
Premature babies make fewer friends – but not for long
Premature babies make fewer friends and spend less time socialising in early childhood - but this improves when they get to school - according to new University of Warwick research At the age of 6, very preterm children reported 4 friends, compared with children born full-term who had 5 friends Very preterm children see their friends 15% less than those born full-term Interventions should be available to encourage social interaction skills in pr

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 29.01.2018

Pedagogy - Continuing Education - 23.01.2018

Pedagogy - 22.01.2018
Warning follows report into online child sexual abuse risk
Warning follows report into online child sexual abuse risk
If the public are serious about wanting to protect children from online sexual abuse more investment in skilled professionals is needed now.

Pedagogy - Continuing Education - 17.01.2018
Relentless private school fee hikes
Relentless private school fee hikes "have not put off parents"
Huge rises in the cost of private schooling in the UK in recent decades have had little impact on the number of parents choosing the sector for their children, according to a†new analysis from UCL.

Pedagogy - 17.01.2018
The economic legacy of the Great Migration
ANN ARBOR-When black Americans migrated out of the South in the 1930s and '40s, their children benefited by leaps and bounds, according to a University of Michigan study using U.S. Census data.

Health - Pedagogy - 16.01.2018
When do girls need a gynecologist?
Most parents are well-versed in schedules for their kids. They know to schedule an annual physical-or else the school nurse will call, or their child can't join the soccer team.

Health - Pedagogy - 11.01.2018
Report on vaccine preventable deaths a reminder to parents
A new report reveals how successful immunisation has been in dramatically reducing the number of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in Australia.

Pedagogy - 28.12.2017
Tien wetenschappelijke specialisten inzake onderwijs
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Health - Pedagogy - 21.12.2017
5 things to know about coughing kids
Parents know the drill. First comes the sniffles, followed by congestion-and then finally, a persistent, hacking cough.

Pedagogy - 06.12.2017
City researchers play role in anti-bullying campaign
Researchers at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow are contributing to a national campaign to tackle bullying of people with learning disabilities.

Health - Pedagogy - 14.11.2017
Grandparent behaviour appears to have a negative impact on children’s long-term cancer risks
The behaviour of grandparents may inadvertently be having a negative impact on the health of their grandchildren, according to a new study.‌‌ Researchers from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, published the results of the review - which looked at 56 studies with data from 18 countries, concerning the care provided by grandparents who are not the primary carer of their grandchildren - today in the journal PLOS ONE.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 17.10.2017
Children more likely to receive welfare benefits if their parents do
Young people are almost twice as likely to need social welfare payments if their parents have a history of receiving such assistance themselves, according to new research from the University of Melbourne. Researchers Dr NicolŠs Salamanca and Dr Anna Zhu from the Melbourne Institute, Applied Economic and Social Research and Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark and Dr Sarah Dahmann, from the University of Sydney, analysed 18 years of Centrelink records which delved into †various social assistance programs, including health-related disability payments and unemployment benefits.

Pedagogy - 27.09.2017
'They sailed away, for a year and a day': why learning poetry by heart is good for you
’They sailed away, for a year and a day’: why learning poetry by heart is good for you
Today (28 September 2017) is National Poetry Day. Most of us can quote snatches of poetry - but which poems can we recite in their entirety? In a survey of memorised poetry, Lear's The Owl and the Pussy-cat came top, and some people know all 143 verses of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner .

Pedagogy - 27.09.2017
Free Training Offered to Parents of Children with Autism
AUSTIN, Texas - Free training is available to Texans to enhance language and communication skills of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through a continuing program at The University of Texas at Austin.

Health - Pedagogy - 25.09.2017
How can we get more people to vaccinate?
People may say they never get the flu so they don't need the vaccine, but you can pass on the virus without knowing you have it, writes Associate Professor Julie Leask and Samantha Carlson.

Religions - Pedagogy - 21.09.2017
18 - 23 September: European Herpetologists' Congress 2017
18 - 23 September: European Herpetologists’ Congress 2017
Every two years, researchers and conservationists from the field of Amphibian and Reptile conservation (Herpetology) meet to present new insights, to discuss measures, and to exchange ideas.

Pedagogy - 20.09.2017
Can a smartphone app for parents help toddlers' development?
Can a smartphone app for parents help toddlers’ development?
A new trial will find out if a smartphone app that sends activities and tips to parents can help improve toddlers' language and communication skills. The trial, which will be carried out by researchers in the School of Education at Durham University, will involve parents and guardians of 1,500 children.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 19.09.2017
Wisconsin children unequally ready for kindergarten
Study Finds Wisconsin Children Unequally Ready for Kindergarten Early Skills Catch-Up May Close Achievement Gaps WCER's new statewide study of literacy skills among Wisconsin children finds inequity at the kindergarten door. The class of 2030 has just started kindergarten. As four million youngsters across the country begin the first step of education, a new study provides a first-time look at inequalities in school readiness among Wisconsin's kindergarten students.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 18.09.2017
27 September: Book Presentation
27 September: Book Presentation "Is our democracy in danger?"
For a long time, a democratic society was considered self-evident. But globalization, economic crises, populist movements, social tensions and (inter-) cultural conflicts, as well as extremists, question them.

Pedagogy - Health - 31.08.2017
Children's sleep quality is related to mothers' insomnia symptoms
Children’s sleep quality is related to mothers’ insomnia symptoms
Children more often sleep poorly if their mothers suffer from insomnia symptoms. This report researchers from the University of Basel and the University of Warwick in the journal Sleep Medicine based on a study with nearly 200 school-aged children and their parents. Sleep plays an essential role for adults' and children's well-being.

Astronomy / Space Science - Pedagogy - 17.08.2017
Stanford educators suggest lessons for solar eclipse | Stanford News
Stanford education faculty suggest ways for teachers and parents to take advantage of the solar eclipse on Aug.

Pedagogy - Administration - 15.08.2017
$5.35m boost will help Queensland parents
$5.35m boost will help Queensland parents
Families will continue to have access to an international parenting program developed at The University of Queensland, thanks to $5.35 million in Queensland Government funding.

Pedagogy - Health - 10.08.2017
Parents of premature babies as happy as other parents by adulthood
Parents of premature and very low birth weight babies have same life satisfaction as parents of full-term babies, when their children reach adulthood - new University of Warwick research - Pioneeri

Health - Pedagogy - 08.08.2017
A spoonful of parenting support might help the medicine go down
A spoonful of parenting support might help the medicine go down
An “alarming” number of families do not stick to treatment plans for their children's long-term health conditions - and University of Queensland researchers are determined to help turn the trend around. Associate Professor Alina Morawska from UQ's Parenting and Family Support Centre said rates of treatment adherence for conditions including asthma and eczema were “stubbornly low” at between 40 and 60 per cent.

Pedagogy - 31.07.2017
Research results for the everyday classroom
Research results for the everyday classroom
Research news The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has launched an online platform that provides the status quo of educational research in an easily understandable and transparent fashion.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 24.07.2017
Fearing surveillance, dads with a record avoid kids’ schools
In the past 10 years, a boom in research has documented the many ways in which a parent's incarceration has negative consequences for their kids. Children whose parents have spent time behind bars have worse social, economic, cognitive, behavior and health outcomes than kids whose parents haven't. But researchers know less about why that is.

Life Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.07.2017
Can we shape kids’ genetic exposure to behaviour problems?
Children with difficult behaviour sought for study exploring the epigenetic impact of successful parenting program. The creators of a successful, free program for children with behavioural problems have received new funding to test whether the program can influence children's exposure to ongoing behavioural issues at the genetic level.

Pedagogy - Literature / Linguistics - 21.06.2017
Examining mixed-race identity in literature
English doctoral student Vanessa Seals studies contemporary American novels and memoirs about multiracial people's experiences to examine the role families play in their search for identity.

Pedagogy - Business / Economics - 01.06.2017
Link between family breakdown and homelessness
Disadvantaged children in Australia who are subject to family breakdown are more likely to experience homelessness later in life than disadvantaged children whose parents stay together, according to new‚? research ‚?by the University of Melbourne.

Pedagogy - 29.05.2017
Research taps into teen conflict years
Research taps into teen conflict years
An online program designed to short circuit the conflict cycle between teens and parents is being evaluated by University of Queensland researchers. The Teen Triple P Online program , developed as part of the world-renowned Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, is available for families around Australia willing to participate in the research trial.

Pedagogy - Life Sciences - 26.05.2017
Speed of animal evolution enhanced by cooperative behaviour
Speed of animal evolution enhanced by cooperative behaviour
A study by scientists from the University of Cambridge has revealed how cooperative behaviour between insect family members changes how rapidly body size evolves - with the speed of evolution increasing when individual animals help one another. In some populations, we allowed parents to help their offspring, but in other populations we removed the parents.
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