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Politics - 06.12.2019
Oxford interviews explained
Oxford interviews explained
Over the next two weeks Oxford will welcome thousands of prospective undergraduate students as they take part in the University's annual admissions interviews.

Astronomy / Space Science - Politics - 28.11.2019
ESA Ministerial Council Meeting: Switzerland to participate in new programmes and play a leading role in the removal of space debris
On 27 and 28 November 2019, State Secretary Martina Hirayama attended the European Space Agency's ESA Ministerial Council meeting in Seville ("Space 19+").

Politics - 26.11.2019
Symposium: Critical Turns in the Study of Modern Turkey
11:00 - 18:00 VeranstalterIn Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien Veranstaltungsort Ort: Meerscheinschlössl, Mozartgasse 3 8010 Teilnahme Termin vormerken: Termin vormerken Turkey's recent history abounds with epic critical turns and junctures.

Administration - Politics - 01.11.2019
Q&A with Vice Provost and Dean of Research Kathryn Moler on undue foreign interference in academic research
Q&A with Vice Provost and Dean of Research Kathryn Moler on undue foreign interference in academic research
Two faculty committees recently provided recommendations for how Stanford should address federal concerns about undue foreign interference in research.

Politics - Environment - 29.10.2019
Opinion: Greta Thunberg highlights the problematic way both the right and left view child activists
Dr Diana Georgescu, Lecturer at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, writes that Greta Thunberg divides opinion due to deep-seated beliefs that childhood is an age of innocence and being dependent on adults.

Politics - 29.10.2019
How violence unfolded during China's Cultural Revolution
How violence unfolded during China’s Cultural Revolution
Contrary to many published narratives, China's Cultural Revolution was a rebellion that unfolded from within the party state, with party cadres seizing power from their superiors, Stanford sociologist finds.

Politics - 24.10.2019
Suspicions of Internet Monitoring Lead to Self-Censorship
Suspicions of Internet Monitoring Lead to Self-Censorship
More than half of internet users in Switzerland avoid searching for certain terms or expressing certain views online because they believe they are being monitored.

Politics - 18.10.2019
Offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England
New book offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England A new book by a Professor at the University of Sussex offers a new interpretation o

Politics - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019
Bridging political divides
Bridging political divides
"America in One Room" was a historic gathering organized under the supervision of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy that brought 500 American voters together for a nonpartisan discussion about the major issues of the 2020 presidential election.

Politics - 15.10.2019
Border walls don’t make us safer or stronger, says political scientist
A family looks towards metal bars marking the U.S. border where it meets the Pacific Ocean on March 2, 2016, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Administration - Politics - 15.10.2019
Mideast energy subsidy reforms succeed against the odds
Mideast energy subsidy reforms succeed against the odds
As government reforms of energy subsidies trigger chaos in OPEC-member Ecuador, similar reforms are quietly succeeding in other oil-exporting countries.

Politics - 11.10.2019
Why 1619 should matter as much to America as 1776
Finding evidence of slavery's impact on modern America isn't difficult. What's challenging, said journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, is centering that evidence within the national memory.

Politics - 08.10.2019
New paper explores race, representation in campaign finance
In politics as in life, money talks. And in American politics, the question of "Who donates?” is closely linked to the crucial question of "Who governs?” By far, most campaign donations historically have come from white voters.

Politics - Event - 08.10.2019
Pearson Global Forum in Berlin to focus on deconstructing conflict
Renowned experts from politics, academia and civil society will gather Oct.

Career - Politics - 04.10.2019
Stanford Drell Lecturer advises rethinking U.S. national security in an age of global disruptions
Stanford Drell Lecturer advises rethinking U.S. national security in an age of global disruptions
At Stanford, former Pentagon leader Michèle Flournoy advises rethinking U.S. national security and defense in an era where great-power rivalries and geopolitical and technological change have shifted the strategic landscape.

Politics - Social Sciences - 26.09.2019
Examines why liberty blossoms in some states but wilts in others
In The Narrow Corridor, Prof. James Robinson examines struggle between state and society Nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, University of Chicago scholar James A. R

Politics - Linguistics / Literature - 02.09.2019
A new home for the archive of ’Radical Jack’
A political firebrand, a radical reformist and a leading society figure - the life and times of John George Lambton, first Earl of Durham, were truly captivating.

Politics - 30.08.2019
The implications of Boris Johnson’s parliamentary suspension for Brexit
Tightened parliamentary timeframes have made the prospect of Britain exiting the European Union on 31 October without a deal in place far more likely, writes Professor Anne Twomey for The Conversation.

Innovation - Politics - 18.07.2019
Understanding and shaping the digital transformation
Understanding and shaping the digital transformation
Together with Bavarian Minister of State for Science and the Arts Bernd Sibler, the president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities Prof. Thomas O. Höllmann inaugurated the BIT today.

Politics - Social Sciences - 15.07.2019
The path to peace through gender equality
The horrifying outcomes of war in Africa motivated former Kenyan occupational therapist, Mohamed Sheikh Yussuf, to change career paths and study at The University of Queensland.

Event - Politics - 09.07.2019
The legacy of the Bretton Woods Conference
The exchange rate system agreed 75 years ago at a conference in Bretton Woods in the US state of New Hampshire collapsed around 30 years later.

Politics - 28.06.2019
Why is America’s government broken, a new paper asks
President Donald Trump listens to Fox News' Sean Hannity speak during a rally in 2018. Both Trump and Hannity have played a role in the rightward shift of the Republican Party, according to a new article. (AP photo by Carolyn Kaster) America's political system isn't working and there's one clear culprit, according to a new article from a Berkeley political scientist: the contemporary Republican Party.

Politics - 28.06.2019
Berkeley moves to the forefront in California political polling
In just the last three years, the Berkeley IGS Poll has risen to the forefront of a new era in polling, tapping into information that Californians may choose to provide - their age, race, ethnicity, gender and political affiliation - when they register to vote.

Politics - 26.06.2019
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