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Environment - Politics - 07:00
To cut food waste, we may need to pay more for what we eat
How can we reduce food waste? Although the Swiss population are aware of the problem, they misjudge where most food waste is generated, ETH political scientists conclude.

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.09.2020
Less than half of Welsh prisoners return to settled accommodation on release, report says
Hundreds of prisoners are being released into homelessness in Wales, new research indicates. The report, from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, shows 543 people were released from Welsh prisons without a fixed address to return to in 2018/19*.

Politics - Campus - 15.09.2020

Politics - Campus - 15.09.2020

Career - Politics - 02.09.2020
How the Swiss fared under partial lockdown
A joint study by EPFL, the Idiap Research Institute and the University of Lausanne's Institute of Psychology has provided us with a unique snapshot of how Swiss residents experienced the partial lockdown measures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The findings include gender disparities, doubts about the future and hopes for change.

Politics - 27.08.2020

Politics - 24.08.2020

Politics - 21.08.2020
Opinion: Alexei Navalny suspected poisoning - why opposition figure stands out in Russian politics
Following the suspected poisoning of Alexei Navalny, a prominent opposition activist in Russia, Dr Ben Noble (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies) explains why the 'charismatic, anti-Kremlin' may have been targeted.

Social Sciences - Politics - 21.08.2020

Social Sciences - Politics - 20.08.2020
Children’s fiction on terror is leading a youth ’write-back’ against post-9/11 paranoia
A wave of children's fiction which tackles subjects such as suicide terrorism, militant jihadism and counter-terror violence is helping young readers to rethink and resist extremism and Islamophobia, new research suggests.

Politics - 17.08.2020
Women's suffrage remembered at 100
Women’s suffrage remembered at 100
FACULTY Q&A Tuesday (Aug. 18) marks the 100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th Amendment, which allowed white women and black women outside of the South to vote.

Politics - Social Sciences - 17.08.2020
Opinion: Countries around the world are using border surveillance systems against their own citizens
Dr Keren Weitzberg (UCL History) comments on the plight of stateless citizens who struggle to move outside refugee status, and on the harms of data-driven surveillance in the UK and Kenya.

Politics - Economics / Business - 12.08.2020
Food for the waste bin
Food for the waste bin
Everyone in Germany wastes around 75 kilos of food every year, according to the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Politics - Administration - 12.08.2020

Politics - Social Sciences - 12.08.2020
Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris: U-M experts can discuss
EXPERTS ADVISORY University of Michigan experts are available to discuss presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's selection of Sen.

Politics - History / Archeology - 12.08.2020

Economics / Business - Politics - 10.08.2020
Applications for financial aid lagging among low-income students
Applications for financial aid lagging among low-income students
Amid pandemic, difficulties in accessing resources needed to navigate the complex financial aid process Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn The economic hardship for low-in

Politics - 10.08.2020
Facial recognition technology in schools presents many problems, recommends ban
Facial recognition technology in schools presents many problems, recommends ban
U-M study finds facial recognition technology in schools presents many problems, recommends ban Research reveals inaccuracy, racial inequity and increased surveillance are the touchstones of a flawed

Politics - Social Sciences - 10.08.2020

Politics - 05.08.2020
Wales has the lowest proportion of jobs in the UK that could be done from home
Welsh workers have fewer opportunities to work from home compared to those in the rest of the UK, analysis suggests.

Politics - 04.08.2020
Overseas voters' decisive Brexit-fuelled shift from Conservatives casts doubt on government Votes For Life pledge
Overseas voters’ decisive Brexit-fuelled shift from Conservatives casts doubt on government Votes For Life pledge
Overseas voters abandoned the Conservatives in droves after Brexit but this shift in political allegiance could ultimately deter the government from keeping its promise to grant them votes for life, warns a new study by the University of Sussex.

Health - Politics - 27.07.2020
Battling misinformation when health is at stake
As a researcher and mother of a child with autism, PhD student Kristin Lunz Trujillo was appalled by the harmful misinformation being spread about vaccines causing autism.

Politics - 23.07.2020
From Arabian Gulf to Horn of Africa: the politics of port infrastructures
Experts are launching a $500,000 research project that will examine how the increase in Gulf investments in port infrastructures in the Horn of Africa has shaped its political landscape.

Politics - Economics / Business - 10.07.2020
How plutocrats, populists are driving a precarious moment in U.S. history
The presidency of Donald Trump is the culmination of a 40-year effort by the Republican Party to advance the interests of the super-rich in the United States, co-authors Paul Pierson and Jacob S&perio

Computer Science - Politics - 09.07.2020

Politics - Environment - 03.07.2020
Influx from the SP helps the Greens to win elections
Due to widespread concerns about the climate, the environmental parties made significant gains in the 2019 federal elections, especially among young voters.

Politics - 02.07.2020
Analysis: Vladimir Putin secures constitutional changes allowing him to rule until 2036
With allegations of ballot stuffing and vote fraud, Dr Ben Noble (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies) explains what the nationwide vote means, now that Russian president Vladimir Putin can legally run for re-election in 2024 and potentially remain in power until 2036.

History / Archeology - Politics - 01.07.2020
How the meaning of the Declaration of Independence changed over time
When the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, it was a call for the right to statehood rather than individual liberties, says Stanford historian Jack Rakove.

Health - Politics - 27.06.2020
Neil Ferguson on scientific advice, lockdown and countering new outbreaks
The UK may need "targeted" interventions to suppress coronavirus flare-ups as lockdown eases, says the head of Imperial's COVID-19 Response Team.

Social Sciences - Politics - 26.06.2020
10 ways an arts degree can change the world
Passion, new perspectives, and an understanding of the past and the future are some of the best ways to make a difference to our world, writes Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison.

Politics - Social Sciences - 25.06.2020
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