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Health - Politics - 27.03.2020
Opinion: Coronavirus derails Russia’s constitutional reform vote
Vladimir Putin has postponed the public vote on constitutional reform amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Politics - 19.03.2020
Opinion: The French are finally observing lockdown advice - but is it too late?
After initially ignoring the national lockdown, people are now heeding the president's guidance in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Professor Philippe Marliere (UCL School of European Languages, Culture & Society).

Politics - Administration - 11.03.2020
Populism jeopardizes democracies around the world
Populism jeopardizes democracies around the world
The failure of mainstream political parties to address a fast-spreading ideology intent on sowing government mistrust and excluding marginalized people is putting democracies around the world at risk, say Stanford scholars in a new white paper.

Business / Economics - Politics - 09.03.2020
Why do banking crises occur?
Why do banking crises occur?
In a new book, political scientist David Singer finds two key factors connected to financial-sector collapses around the globe.

Politics - 02.03.2020
Coronavirus a chance to ease Indo-Pacific strategic tension
Coronavirus a chance to ease Indo-Pacific strategic tension
The coronavirus crisis highlights the risks of China's grand strategic ambitions and is an opportunity for nations, including Australia, to reduce tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, says a prominent security expert from The Australian National University (ANU).

Politics - Social Sciences - 02.03.2020

Politics - Social Sciences - 27.02.2020

Politics - 22.02.2020
"It’s much more meaningful to connect people in an open-ended way than to just start communicating about what you’ve found at the end of your research."
Interview with Julie Carlier, co-ordinator of the interdisciplinary research consortium Ghent Centre for Global Studies.

Politics - Law - 13.02.2020
Trump, Barr raise ’enormous red flags’ over Justice Department neutrality
U.S. President Donald Trump (left) congratulates Attorney General William Barr in February 2019 after Barr was sworn in as the 85th U.S. Attorney General at a White House ceremony.

Politics - 10.02.2020
Hidden Donors Play Significant Role in Political Campaigns
A new Caltech study reveals that so-called hidden donors in a political campaign-those contributors who donate less than $200-can make up a sizable fraction of a candidate's campaign funds.

Politics - 07.02.2020
Opinion: Grassroots members should not choose party leaders
With the race for the Labour Party leadership continuing Professor Meg Russell (UCL Political Science) argues that the wider membership of political parties should not necessarily choose the leader.

Politics - Administration - 04.02.2020

Administration - Politics - 31.01.2020
Israeli West Bank settlements may have dangerous consequences, experts say
Israeli West Bank settlements may have dangerous consequences, experts say
As President Donald Trump unveils his new Middle East peace plan , experts in the Center for the Middle East at Rice's Baker Institute for Public Policy say the administration's green light for the e

Politics - Law - 30.01.2020
Opinion: Myanmar ruling sets important precedent for genocide prevention
The ruling by the International Court of Justice that the Rohingya minority in Myanmar remains at serious risk of genocide sets an important precedent and could help prevent genocide in the future, argues Dr Julie Norman (UCL Political Science).

Politics - 30.01.2020
Shared power, more satisfied people
The attack by authoritarian governments on their own political institutions is pushing many democracies to their limits.

Politics - Business / Economics - 28.01.2020
New podcast explores pressing policy issues through data and research-not punditry
Do contentious primaries have an effect on general election results' How does bigotry permeate public policy?

Politics - Social Sciences - 21.01.2020
Blood and politics in India
Blood and politics in India
New book explores the use of blood in political rhetoric, imagery, and activism, and even the politics of blood drives.

Business / Economics - Politics - 15.01.2020

Politics - Administration - 14.01.2020
What will shape our world in 2020?
In 2020, unrest in Hong Kong, political turbulence in Australia, and spats over social media will continue to dominate the news.

Politics - 13.01.2020
Preparing for the legislature
Preparing for the legislature
Separation of powers, foreign policy, economic policy and climate change - at a two-day event in the Bern region, ETH imparted expertise to newly elected parliamentarians.

Politics - 10.01.2020

Administration - Politics - 08.01.2020

Politics - 08.01.2020
Future of U.S./Iran relations
Stanford scholars warn that instability in Iraq and Arab Gulf states would be the result of continuing conflicts between the United States and Iran.

Politics - 18.12.2019

Politics - Administration - 17.12.2019
Impeachment puts GOP’s divisive tactics center-stage, says Berkeley expert
Thomas Mann is a resident scholar at Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies.

Politics - Environment - 12.12.2019
What’s the point of impeachment in hyper-polarized America?
Because Congress and the public are locked in extreme partisan polarization, the impeachment process will not change many minds, according to a panel of experts.

Politics - 12.12.2019
His Excellency Jack to represent Queensland’s youth
University of Queensland graduand Jack Hill has been appointed Youth Governor of Queensland for 2020, working to amplify the voice of young people across the state.

Politics - Philosophy - 09.12.2019
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse war criminals
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse war criminals
Almost half of Americans are willing to allow a war crime - a massacre of innocent women and children - go unpunished when they believe the act was committed by soldiers fighting for a just cause.

Politics - 06.12.2019
Oxford interviews explained
Oxford interviews explained
Over the next two weeks Oxford will welcome thousands of prospective undergraduate students as they take part in the University's annual admissions interviews.

Business / Economics - Politics - 06.12.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - Politics - 28.11.2019
ESA Ministerial Council Meeting: Switzerland to participate in new programmes and play a leading role in the removal of space debris
On 27 and 28 November 2019, State Secretary Martina Hirayama attended the European Space Agency's ESA Ministerial Council meeting in Seville ("Space 19+").
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