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Social Sciences - Health - 08.07.2020

Earth Sciences - Social Sciences - 08.07.2020
Engineers pioneer project to protect Nepal's future generations from earthquakes
Engineers pioneer project to protect Nepal’s future generations from earthquakes
In 2015, a devastating earthquake in Nepal resulted in the loss of 9,000 lives, 3.5 million people left homeless and entire neighbourhoods flattened.

Social Sciences - Pharmacology - 08.07.2020
New guidance launched to help people from Punjabi community with alcohol problems
New guidance on setting up a specialist project for people from the Punjabi community with alcohol problems has been published.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 07.07.2020

Administration - Social Sciences - 07.07.2020

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 07.07.2020
Welcome, Robin the AI robot
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital launches an innovative project to support the emotional needs of children In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCLA Mattel Child

Social Sciences - Religions - 07.07.2020

Social Sciences - Health - 07.07.2020
Safe gaming - new guidelines will support children online
Research into how young people can be supported to use online gaming safely to enhance their mental wellbeing has been launched at the University of Birmingham.

Social Sciences - Health - 06.07.2020
COVID-19 shows fraying U.S. safety net, Berkeley panel of scholars say
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty, and despite strong government efforts to address human needs, continued support and bold policy are essential for the months ahead, top scholars said during a recent event at UC Berkeley.

Social Sciences - Health - 06.07.2020
As teens delay driver licensing, they miss key safety instruction
Teens are getting licensed to drive later than they used to and missing critical safety training as a result, according to Yale researchers. In a study in the July 2 edition of the Journal of Adolescent Medicine (PDF) , researchers at Yale identified some of the factors contributing to delaying driving licensure, or DDL, and pointed to policy changes that could expand safety training regardless of age.

Health - Social Sciences - 06.07.2020
Syphilitic city: One in five Georgian Londoners had syphilis by their mid-30s
250 years ago, over one-fifth of Londoners had contracted syphilis by their 35th birthday, historians have calculated.

Health - Social Sciences - 02.07.2020
Launched on Antibody Prevalence and Impact of Coronavirus in Basel
Launched on Antibody Prevalence and Impact of Coronavirus in Basel
A long-term study on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is being carried out in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020

Social Sciences - Administration - 01.07.2020

Research Management - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
Swissuniversities and Springer Nature sign a new Open Access agreement
Swissuniversities has adopted a new transformative Open Access agreement with Springer Nature.

Health - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
Black and Native American youth experience more family deaths, may reduce likelihood of graduating college
The premature death of a parent or sibling can have many direct effects on family members, including hindering their future health and education. University of Minnesota School of Public Health (SPH) researchers studied who among a group of young adults was most likely to have a sibling or parent die and how often students experiencing such deaths obtain a college education.

Computer Science - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
Opinion: Privacy is not the problem with the Apple-Google contact-tracing app
Dr Michael Veale (UCL Laws) explains the 'decentralised' approach of the Apple-Google contact-tracing system, the problems with the NHSX app, and why contact-tracing tools need to align their focus more for respecting individual privacy.

Environment - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
‘Gatekeepers' of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
‘Gatekeepers’ of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
Due to historical inequalities, communities in the country's Andean lowlands are economically poorer and more vulnerable than those in the high Andes.

Health - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020

Career - Social Sciences - 30.06.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 30.06.2020
Global scientific cooperation needed in pandemic fight
Global scientific cooperation needed in pandemic fight
A working group of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, led by two Stanford physicists, calls greater global cooperation "increasingly essential.

Social Sciences - Health - 30.06.2020
Shows surge in e-cigarette and marijuana use among state’s young adults
The use of marijuana and electronic cigarettes jumped dramatically among young adult Californians between 2017 and 2018, with large proportions of users of both products being underage, according to a new study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Health - Social Sciences - 30.06.2020
Unemployment remains steadily high in Detroit
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn As everyday activities in Detroit begin to resume, four out of 10 working Detroiters remain temporarily or permanently laid off, and many residents say they feel the state is reopening too soon.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 30.06.2020

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 30.06.2020
Complex and long-standing disadvantages exposed by coronavirus pandemic, report finds
A major report reveals the complex and long-standing factors contributing to the disproportionate impact coronavirus is having on Wales' black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities. Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna of Cardiff University chaired the subgroup from the BAME Covid-19 expert advisory group, which was set up by First Minister Mark Drakeford.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 30.06.2020
Socially-distanced archaeological dig brings community together
Socially-distanced archaeological dig brings community together
People living near one of Cardiff's most ancient monuments are being invited to help unearth further insights into the area's rich archaeology and history.

Event - Social Sciences - 29.06.2020

Social Sciences - Criminology / Forensics - 29.06.2020
Students’ expertise helps map 11 days, 125 acts of U.S. police violence
A recent report by Amnesty International tracked, with UC Berkeley students' help, dozens of cases across the country of police violence against protesters, from May 26 - the day after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis while in police custody - to June 5.

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
Showing pro-diversity feelings are the norm makes individuals more tolerant
Showing people how their peers feel about diversity in their community can make their actions more inclusive, make members of marginalized groups feel more like they belong, and even help close racial achievement gaps in education, according to a new study.

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
UW Tacoma’s Eric Madfis explores curbing school violence in new book
A new book by Eric Madfis of UW Tacoma argues that by studying situations where school violence was successfully avoided, school leaders can help prevent future violent acts.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 29.06.2020
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Preventing online harms, an issue at the forefront of health and digital policymaking, was the focus of The Forum's first ever online panel event.

Health - Social Sciences - 29.06.2020

Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
Analysis: How Indonesia’s LGBT community is making a difference amid COVID-19
PhD researcher Diego Garcia Rodriguez (UCL Gender & Sexuality Studies) and Khanis Suvianita from the Universitas Gadjah Mada examine the efforts of transgender groups in Indonesia helping those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Event - Social Sciences - 26.06.2020

Environment - Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
UNESCO projects leads the way on sustainable development and creates values for local communities 
Published today by the UK National Commission for UNESCO, new research shows UNESCO projects can help build a greener, more equal and more peaceful world, while also creating financial value.

Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
Many families must ’dance’ their way to COVID-19 survival - study
Marketing managers and academics have been studying how families plan ahead and make decisions about family care and family consumption for a long time - but what happens when planning ahead is not possible? When consumers can't plan ahead...they ‘dance'.

Social Sciences - Politics - 26.06.2020
10 ways an arts degree can change the world
Passion, new perspectives, and an understanding of the past and the future are some of the best ways to make a difference to our world, writes Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison.
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