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Social Sciences - 18.10.2019
Local role models launch new campaign to change young people’s life stories in Birmingham
Birmingham is one of the most vulnerable areas to literacy challenges in the entire country, with 50% of wards in the city ranking in the top 10% of need in England, and 41% of young people in Birmingham failing to achieve good GCSE grades in English language and maths in 2018.

Social Sciences - 17.10.2019
President, provost address campus climate survey, university budget in conversation with the Stanford community
President, provost address campus climate survey, university budget in conversation with the Stanford community
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell addressed many issues of concern to Stanford community members, including the results of the AAU 2019 Campus Climate Survey and the 2019-20 university budget.

Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 17.10.2019
The Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice
The Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice
GPs should prescribe participation in communal singing activities to patients to raise self-esteem and overcome loneliness, a tuneful event at the University of Sussex was told this week. Dr Sarah Andersen, a practicing GP and former masters' student at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School , told the Singing for Wellbeing event held at the University of Sussex that academic studies indicated significant benefits if more doctors used community choirs as part of their social prescribing.

Social Sciences - 17.10.2019

Music - Social Sciences - 17.10.2019
The impact of music
Frost School of Music faculty member Carlos Abril highlights how demographic characteristics influence enrollment in specific types of high school music courses. High school is perhaps the most impactful time in a person's life-for Carlos Abril, it was a time in his life when he discovered his love for music.

Politics - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019
Bridging political divides
Bridging political divides
"America in One Room" was a historic gathering organized under the supervision of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy that brought 500 American voters together for a nonpartisan discussion about the major issues of the 2020 presidential election.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019

Social Sciences - Innovation / Technology - 16.10.2019
What’s next for the University of Chicago Crime Lab?
Editor's note: The following is part of  Urban October at UChicago -an initiative of the  University of Chicago Urban Network .

Health - Social Sciences - 16.10.2019
Rapid response research centre to predict and prevent global health crises
Rapid response research centre to predict and prevent global health crises
The world's most advanced institute for disease and emergency analytics is opening in London this week.

Social Sciences - 15.10.2019
Letter from the Provost on the AAU’s Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Misconduct
Content note: This letter references a recent survey on sexual violence and sexual harassment. We feel that it is important to share this information with our community.

Environment - Social Sciences - 14.10.2019
Colombian River Guardians rally support in Scotland
Guardians of a unique river in Colombia with its own legal rights have travelled to Scotland to work with academics at the University of Glasgow to help protect and rehabilitate their waterway.

Social Sciences - 14.10.2019

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 11.10.2019
Faculty Senate votes, listens to ASSU leaders, gets update on long-range vision
Faculty Senate votes, listens to ASSU leaders, gets update on long-range vision
During its first meeting of the academic year, the Faculty Senate approved the charge to the Ad Hoc Committee on the Stanford University Press, heard presentations from ASSU leaders and received an update on the university's long-range vision from President Marc Tessier-Lavigne.

Social Sciences - 09.10.2019
Spotlight on Christoph Lindner
This week we meet Christoph Lindner, Dean and Professor in Urban Studies at The Bartlett, who talks to us about his faculty's efforts to mobilise expertise to address climate change and his role in leading the initiative to create the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis.

Social Sciences - 09.10.2019
Vice-Provost’s View: The future of research is... open
The start of a new academic year (in an increasingly turbulent external context) provides a good opportunity to reflect on the future of research at UCL, writes Professor David Price, Vice Provost (Research).

Social Sciences - 08.10.2019
Teeter totters as activism: How the border wall became a playground
When UC Berkeley architect Ronald Rael took his bright pink teeter totters to the U.S.-Mexico border wall, he didn't know what he and his team did next would go viral.

Social Sciences - 08.10.2019
Unique online platform engages youth in suicide prevention: study
A one-stop-shop digital disruptor developed by Sydney researchers - which initially focused on at risk youth - reports on its first trials.

Social Sciences - Environment - 07.10.2019

Career - Social Sciences - 07.10.2019
UK needs bold new direction to solve social inequalities
The UK Government's current approach to tackling inequality should urgently address the multiple levels of disadvantage that some people face, according to a new UCL report.

Business / Economics - Social Sciences - 07.10.2019
Millions struggling to pay council tax and other essential bills, says new Financial Inclusion Study
Poverty is rising for all groups - even those in work - according to a new financial inclusion monitor report.

Social Sciences - 04.10.2019
Seven Questions with Laure Montangerand
This week we catch up with anthropologist Laure, who tells us about her experiences as a student rep - and her love of salsa dancing! What are you studying, why are you interested in this subject and what do you plan to do in the future?

Social Sciences - 03.10.2019
From Mississippi to Chicago to Belarus, ancestors guide her way
"My ancestors give me a sense of profound empathy and also a sense that humans have dealt with racism, xenophobia, for so long.

Social Sciences - Music - 01.10.2019
Class of 2023 embarks on its intellectual journey
As the Class of 2023 joins the University of Chicago's intellectual community, five incoming students share their diverse personal stories and what they're looking forward to at UChicago: While many s

Social Sciences - Health - 26.09.2019
Stanford announces newest cohort of DARE fellows
Twenty-four Stanford doctoral students have been named to the newest cohort of the Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Doctoral Fellowship Program.

Politics - Social Sciences - 26.09.2019
Examines why liberty blossoms in some states but wilts in others
In The Narrow Corridor, Prof. James Robinson examines struggle between state and society Nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, University of Chicago scholar James A. R

Social Sciences - 26.09.2019
Joining Stanford: A passionate activist
Joining Stanford: A passionate activist
Since surviving one of the country's worst mass shootings, Tyah-Amoy Roberts has become a prominent and passionate advocate for safer communities.

Social Sciences - 25.09.2019
Affirmative action needed to protect young carers’ human rights
Academics want affirmative action for young carers and are calling for policies that go beyond simply levelling the playing field in a new study launched at the EU parliament today. The new study, the largest ever of young carers across six European countries, warns that governments' failure to take proactive action on behalf of young carers could be in breach of their human rights.

Social Sciences - 25.09.2019

Environment - Social Sciences - 24.09.2019
Urban October at University of Chicago to focus on urgent challenges facing global cities | University of Chicago News
Events include 10th anniversary of Crime Lab and UN-sponsored gathering of international leaders The University of Chicago is preparing to host Urban October at UChicago in collaboration with UN-Habitat.

Social Sciences - 24.09.2019

Social Sciences - 24.09.2019
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