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Sport - 10.09.2020
Virtually Engaging Student Voters
The new Civic Engagement Office is working to register and engage as many UC San Diego student voters as they can for the upcoming presidential election With the excitement surrounding fall move-in,

Sport - 09.09.2020
"Lifting the rule would reduce participation"
The new Bundesliga season kicks off on 18 September. One subject that never fails to spark debate in German professional football is whether the so-called 50+1 rule should be abolished - something favoured by Uli Hoene and others.

Sport - Social Sciences - 04.09.2020

Sport - Economics / Business - 18.08.2020

Sport - Health - 05.08.2020
Grad student’s research focuses on ’cutting’ from sports teams
When high schools cut athletes from sports teams it can be a painful for those who didn't make the team.

Sport - Psychology - 27.07.2020
Pro Sports Return to the Sound of Silence
CMU auditory neuroscientists discuss how sound influences the gameday experience At Heinz Field, only seconds remain in the fourth quarter.

Sport - Administration - 02.07.2020

Sport - Economics / Business - 22.06.2020

Sport - Economics / Business - 17.06.2020

Sport - Innovation - 16.06.2020
The future of women's football is under threat
The future of women’s football is under threat
New research by Dr Stacey Pope has found that Covid-19 is impacting men's and women's football differently.

Sport - Health - 10.06.2020

Health - Sport - 28.05.2020
Sports and the corona epidemic
Sports and the corona epidemic
For sports, the current corona epidemic is the biggest challenge of the last 100 years.

Sport - 23.04.2020

Health - Sport - 27.03.2020
How to stay fit and active at home during self-isolation
It's easy to get some exercise in your daily routine if you are working from home or are in self-isolation, writes Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis and Associate Professor Kate Edwards.

Sport - 13.03.2020
Finding the positives
Finding the positives
Heinz Frei is one of the most successful Swiss athletes of all time. He has been in a wheelchair since an accident over 40 years ago.

Sport - 12.03.2020

Sport - Research Management - 10.03.2020

Sport - Physics - 08.03.2020
Safety Top of Mind for Baranowski
CMU students Joanna Baranowski and Ian Suzuki discuss their work on goalie helmets during internships at Covestro.

Sport - Health - 27.02.2020
Brain disease found in former Australian rules player
Brain disease found in former Australian rules player
A degenerative brain disease linked with repetitive head injury has been identified in a former Australian rules football player for the first time.

Sport - Social Sciences - 25.02.2020
Charmin Smith challenges the norm of the white college coach
Berkeley women's head basketball coach Charmin Smith on the sidelines during a game. Smith has been a vocal supporter of diversity in college coaching.

Sport - Economics / Business - 22.01.2020
Berkeley’s basketball coaches build a winning culture, on and off the court
The success of UC Berkeley's student-athletes should be measured by their accomplishments off the court as much as by their accomplishments on the court, according to Cal basketball coaches Mark Fox and Charmin Smith, who spoke Tuesday at the first of this year's Campus Conversations.

Sport - Life Sciences - 13.01.2020
New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns
As a neurologist, Robert Knight has seen what happens when the brain crashes around violently inside the skull.

Sport - Innovation - 09.01.2020
2020 Youth Olympic Games: a testing ground for new technologies
Almost 2,000 athletes aged 18 and under will descend on Lausanne and the surrounding area for the Youth Olympic Games.

Sport - 06.01.2020

Sport - Event - 11.12.2019

Sport - Computer Science - 10.12.2019
Inclusive play: U-M art professor leads creation of interactive game for kids with and without disabilities
Inclusive play: U-M art professor leads creation of interactive game for kids with and without disabilities
oe中文 हिन्दी Portugus Español Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn While adaptive sports like powerchair football provide invaluable opportunities for
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